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Because not just anyone can wear a purple zoot suit with a funky hat and do a song about Mary Had a Little Lamb, and make it sound like a million bucks.

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Science or Fraud?

Noel Sheppard at the outstanding NewsBusters website has a great piece which provides more evidence that the global warming “consensus” is anything but settled science.

According to Swedish paleogeophysicist Nils-Axel Mörner, who’s been studying and writing about sea levels for four decades, the scientists working for the IPCC have falsified data and destroyed evidence to incorrectly prove their point.

Falsified data?

Destroyed evidence?

Who do the IPCC think they are, Democrats?

As they say….Read it all

Shepard Cooper

shep.jpgIt was a tough week for the metrosexual twins of cable TV news.

Fox News Channel’s Shepard Smith gave pointers to the Chicago Fox affiliate, and left them with these pearls of wisdom:

“I’m not here to talk to you about journalism,” one witness recalled him saying. “I’m here to talk to you about good TV.” source

At CNN {cue James Earl Jones} , Anderson Cooper flunked Middle East geography with this flashy graphic: source


Should somebody tell him?


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4 UN peacekeepers killed by IED

map.gifAt least four Spanish soldiers serving with the UN peacekeeping force in Lebanon (Unifil) have been killed by an explosion in the south of the country.

The remote-controlled blast occurred at Khiyam near the border with Israel, Lebanese security sources said.

No-one has said they were behind the attack. Radical groups in Lebanon have threatened to attack peacekeepers.

For the last five weeks, the Lebanese army has been battling militants from the Fatah al-Islam group.

Authorities have said that Fatah al-Islam militants who have been arrested and interrogated have confessed there was a plan to attack the UN, says the BBC’s Kim Ghattas in Beirut.

note:  There are now around 13,000 UN peacekeepers deployed in the area, including French, Spanish and Indian soldiers. 

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Bring your marshmallows (updated)

vikingmanThe Vikings are at it again.

The Baron is reporting that the annual custom of a Midsummer witch-burning (in effigy) in Denmark to banish evil from the land will have a new guest of honor.

This year’s honoree? An effigy of Mohammed “to symbolize the need to rid Western Europe of a new kind of evil.” The group will release a video of the Midsummer bonfire.

The Baron has promised updates when available. I have a feeling that we will hear more about this.

As promised: Here is an update from Gates of Vienna


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