Hillary’s got a secret

hillary-picking.jpgMSNBC is reporting that Bill Clinton has begun the first stage of his campaign on behalf of his better half with a curious email fundraising pitch:

“She’s also the best candidate to beat the Republican machine. You know Hillary will never let a swift boat-style attack go unanswered.”

The Clintons have enough in their collective skeleton closets to keep any number of would-be muckrakers busy for the next 20 years. So, what is it that has the former President’s panties in a wad? The typical Carville-Begala play would be to try and get out in front of any damaging information, and try to frame the issue as a “personal attack”, claiming the victim’s mantle at the hands of the evil vast right wing conspiracy.

It’s just a hunch, but I think the Paul v. Clinton lawsuit is starting to worry the Clinton machine. Not familiar with this case? Not surprisingly, it has been largely ignored by the major media.

A website called the Hillary Clinton Accountability Project purports to document the “largest campaign finance fraud in America’s history.” Just last week, a “smoking gun” video was introduced as evidence in the lawsuit. According to HILLCAP,

This tape was withheld by the U.S. Attorney in New York from 2001 until April 11, 2007, when it was released to Paul’s attorneys at the US Justice Foundation, depriving three federal investigations of this evidence of Hillary Clinton’s role in the campaign finance frauds for which her finance director David Rosen was indicted in 2005.

In the last Presidential election, the Swiftboat Veterans for Truth began a shoestring effort to reveal the truth about Lt. John F. Kerry’s record of service during the Vietnam War. Largely ignored by the major media, the internet based crusade ultimately had a devastating effect on the Kerry campaign, in a way that only the truth can.

If former President Clinton wishes to compare the Paul v. Clinton case to the Swiftboat Veterans for Truth, then he does so at great peril. The Clintons know that they can count on their allies in the major media to continue to ignore the story, but much like the Swiftboat Veterans, the truth has a way of being heard. For the Clintons, confronting the case this close to the election is a high stakes gamble, but the Clintons have never been one to shy away from a fight. Besides, if the case is true, then they really have no other choice.

Doug Ross has more. So does Gateway Pundit.


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Poetic Justice

More from Britain: UK Mirror

hamzahook.jpgAbu Hamza has refused any more treatment from his prison nurse after finding out the man is gay.

The nurse, nickname Queenie, has been helping to wash and dress the convicted terrorist for more than two years.

A prison source told the Mirror the full-time staffer is openly gay and has a camp voice.

Officers at Belmarsh jail are said to be surprised Hamza, 48, has not noticed before.

Linkfest Haven, the Blogger's OasisNow the cleric is claiming it is against his religion and human rights to be treated by a homosexual. The source said Hamza’s solicitor wrote to the governor demanding his client is given a new regular nurse….
The source said: “The nurse is upset about it. He has spent the last couple of years doing everything for Hamza, even wiping his bottom.” …

Egyptian-born Hamza, serving seven years for inciting murder and racial hatred, requires care because he is limited by his hook hands.

There is a kind of poetic justice in this situation for Hamza. It reminds me of an old Buddy Hackett joke. “Any time I start to feel sorry for myself, I think about about the Siamese twin, whose brother is gay, they share the same azzhole, and the boyfriend is coming over.” Heh.


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Here come the Brits!

Global warming is such a threat to security that military planners must build it into their calculations, the head of the armed forces said on Monday.

Jock Stirrup, chief of the defence staff, said risks that climate change could cause weakened states to disintegrate and produce major humanitarian disasters or exploitation by armed groups had to become a feature of military planning.

But he said first analyses showed planners would not have to switch their geographical focus, because the areas most vulnerable to climate change are those where security risks are already high.

“Just glance at a map of the areas most likely to be affected and you are struck at once by the fact that they are exactly those parts of the world where we see fragility, instability and weak governance today.

“It seems to me rather like pouring petrol onto a burning fire,” Stirrup told the Chatham House think-tank in London.

So that’s O.K. then….and with Tony Blair the world’s Middle East envoy we are all safe and can sleep soundly.

America, the Brits have world covered, disarm and take a peace dividend! Long live the Empire!


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