Sutton should resign

In the last six months, agents along the Southwest border caught 15 people from Iran, 35 from Pakistan, 12 from Jordan, two from Syria and five from Lebanon. Conservatives have been deeply disappointed with the Administration’s half-hearted efforts to provide Border Security. We’ve also been more than just a little puzzled with the actions of US Attorney Johnny Sutton, whose over-zealous prosecution of Border Agents has led to the controversial imprisonment of Agents Compean and Ramos, and the prosecution of a Sheriff’s Deputy, while protecting dope dealers and illegal immigrants.

It’s time for Sutton to go.

On June 30, the San Antonio and Austin Chapters of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps. and hundreds of bikers from American Freedom Riders — a group dedicated to stopping illegal immigration from coming across the border — will surround Sutton’s office at high noon and call for him to resign.

More than 1,000 people are expected to rally Saturday outside the offices of U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton in San Antonio to demand his termination and protest his “malicious prosecution” of law-enforcement officers who sought to arrest illegal aliens.

That’s what I’m talking about! Read more

Floods mess with Texas


Heavy rains and high winds belted parts of the state early Tuesday, causing flooding, forcing street closures and damaging houses and other structures…

Gov. Rick Perry has ordered search and rescue teams to be at a high state of readiness to provide rapid responses when necessary, according to a state emergency situation report.

The severe weather shows no sign of letting up, according to the National Weather Service.

Hang in there, y’all.

Here’s SRV live from the Mocambo Room, doing Texas Flood.

Coulter v Edwards on Hardball

I used to watch Chris Matthews’ Hardball regularly. That was before the entire MSNBC network went over to the darkside of BDS. Now, I generally see a few clips a month, but seldom watch an entire program.

In all of that time, I’ve never seen Matthews try to ambush a guest before. He is manner is often brusque, combative, opinionated, rude, and interrupting, but as I said, I’ve never seen the 60-minutes style ambush interview before. He tried it yesterday with his on-air guest, Ann Coulter. Unknown to Ms. Coulter, Matthews had previously invited the Elizabeth Edwards to call in and confront Ann over so-called “hate” speech. Ms. Coulter more than held her own. As a matter of fact, it was a smackdown. h/t to Dr. Zoo (FR) for the video.


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Tony’s gone!!!!

So it’s farewell then Tony. What did you do for the British Isles – or did you in fact do anything? Charles Moore in the Telegraph has a few interesting, and for me, accurate remarks.


When Margaret Thatcher was forced out in November 1990, almost everyone could have given an account – favourable or unfavourable – of what she had done. “She’s put the Great back in Britain,” said some. “She’s destroyed the social fabric,” said others.

It is much harder to sum up Tony Blair in terms of what he has actually done, for good or ill. He inherited a successful, but over-regulated and overtaxed economy. That is what he leaves behind. He inherited educational failure. No change there, either. He inherited a health service struggling half-heartedly with reform. That is still the case.

In 1997, there was economic inequality, too much crime, anxiety about immigration, a battle about “multi-culturalism”, and indecision about Europe. Ten years later, snap. Even the famed peace process in Northern Ireland flowed naturally from the earlier work of John Major.

Oddly enough, it is only in the field of the constitution, in which Tony Blair never expressed much interest, that huge changes have taken place. The relationship between the judges, government and Parliament is now dangerously in flux. The United Kingdom, thanks to Europe from above and devolution from below, is starting to unpick.

True – he did the right thing on Iraq and I will always thank him for that. But at what expense to his homeland in neglecting other things needful?


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