Break out the sackcloth and ashes

Linkfest Haven, the Blogger's OasisIt’s dead, Jim. Again.

Cloture on the immigration bill failed 46-53.

On the other side of Capitol Hill, House Speaker Pelosi made the following statement, noteworthy only for its breathtaking arrogance and hebetude :

“Today, Republicans in the Senate had an historic chance to act in the interests of the American people, but chose not to.”

Umm-kay Miz Pelosi. Three out of four Americans opposed this bill. Three quarters! almost as many as opposed your trip to Syria. According to you and your ilk, the tail is supposed to wag the dog.

SwampWoman provided us with live-blogging of the voting:

10:04 – Cloture vote begins. Does Reid have a couple of Democrats ready to switch from Nay to Yea? He’ll need them.

10:11 – Webb votes against cloture, and I count 22 so far overall against, with 20 for.

10:15 – Landrieu votes no, another Democrat against, although that’s not a switch. Rockefeller stayed as a no, as well.

10:19 – Bernie Sanders and Tom Harkin voted against cloture, as did Nelson of Nebraska. Robert Byrd stayed a No, while Olympia Snowe stayed an Aye. Mark Pryor voted against cloture. Sam Brownback switched to No — very interesting.

10:20 – Norm Coleman voted against cloture. Wow.

10:26 – A majority, 53 Senators, have rejected cloture. It’s dead … again.

And now, please stand for the closing hymn and then we will proceed to cemetery….



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  1. Thank you Nuke! Thank you SwampWoman!
    There is hope. The American people have spoken.

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  3. Paris Hilton is still the lead story…or is she? With video….

    Funniest clip I have seen in days. 

    Watch as MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski refuses to run the lead story on Paris.

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    Truth and Hope Report 
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    Amnesty died for this Congress, though our Senator, Larry Craig did his darnedst to shove it through. The House overwhelmingly slapped down the fairness doctrine. And to top it all off, the Su…

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  20. The US Is No Longer Number One

    It would appear thathe United States has lost it’s Number One place as the Greatest Evil in the World. Now that we are Number Two, I guess we will just have to try harder.

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