Friday Night Tight

Carlos Santana and the Tower of Power

h/t bonz

6 Responses

  1. I’d love to have me one o’ them zebra/horses.

  2. That would make such a pretty rug…..

  3. Hamas tv kills off Mickey Mouse double or, it was the Jooooooos! And they kill children, too!

    /cognitive dissonance.

  4. Glasgow airport closed, evacuated after a car on fire tries to ram terminal.

    Screw rescuing them, I say burn, baby, burn.

  5. Just heard about that sitch at Glasgow. People better wake their sleepy a$$es up…I’m tellin’ya’!!
    If you have guns, oil them, and inventory your ammo. If you don’t, you better step up, ain’t nobody gonna be there just for your sorry a$$ when things get weird. Prepare to fight, or go away.

  6. Yeah, I made a quick trip to the grocery store for dog food, and on the way there and back was listening to Rusty somebody playing interviews with people in actual mosques in England. The people there really should pay attention to what those people are saying, and understand that they really do mean it.

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