W…He Still Got Game!

For the record, the full statement from President Bush on his grant of executive clemency can be found here.
It’s worth reading in it’s entirety, but for me, the money quote is:

I respect the jury’s verdict. But I have concluded that the prison sentence given to Mr. Libby is excessive. Therefore, I am commuting the portion of Mr. Libby’s sentence that required him to spend thirty months in prison.

Then shortly after the President’s statement, Mr. Libby’s attorney, Ted Wells, issued his own statement:

Mr. Libby and his family wish to express their gratitude for the President’s decision today. We continue to believe in Mr. Libby’s innocence. Scooter and his family appreciate the many Americans who have supported them over the last two years.

The above statement can be found at scooterlibby dot com.
I have several thoughts on this matter, since hearing of the clemency.
Considering that the liberals in this country were always going to spin Mr. Libby’s fate to suit their purposes, having snatched the red meat of seeing Mr. Libby being processed into prison will obviously disturb them greatly. The liberals will rebound, then spin this to suit their claims of corruption, of cover up, of a denial of justice. Irrespective of the fact that the case should have never been brought forward, after Richard Armitage informed Fitzgerald he was the one that disclosed Plames employer.
President Bush showed sound judgement in his decision, from my perspective. I have heard the calls since Scooter’s conviction, that the President should pardon him, but I never thought that was the proper course, as Scooter could never be vindicated, be made whole again, with the return of his good name and reputation. This clemency allows Scooter to continue the fight he will win.
So, while liberal pointy little heads will be popping for days to come, Mr. Libby can now pursue his appeal, and eventual vindication, without sitting in a jail cell.
If you are so inclined, please make note of the donate button on Scooter’s website. Besides a still excessive fine that is to be paid, his legal fees continue to mount.
Now, if only there is some way we can punish two of the biggest criminals in this saga, Patrick Fitzgerald, and Chuck (the Shmuck) Shumer.

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  1. Got it now Bud. Good job…

  2. One thing I failed to mention in my post is, W completely blew the leftards minds. If he had given a full pardon, they would have used that to good effect in the run-up to the 08 election, about the corruption of the current administration. Now, Scooter is free to live with his family and move about, while fighting the wrongful charges against him.
    They will still stamp their feet, and scream about the clemency, but it just won’t have the same powerful effect as a pardon.

  3. You ain’t slow Robert, I snuck in from behind and slapped that bad boy up.

  4. They will howl and scream and pound their tiny little fists on the podiums, but in the end they will have to bow to the Super Power that is BUSH-ROVE-CHENY

  5. huh, is that Cheany? Just how long have I been away??

  6. It was a stroke of genius, by the C college student, that has beat their leftard candidates twice, and continues to outsmart them.
    They can’t have the complete outrage they would like, and they won’t have the visual effect of Libby being escorted to prison. To make it worse, he will be free to conduct interviews and speak publicly, while working on his appeal. Then, when he wins his appeal, and the case is either thrown out, or sent back for retrial, the leftard press will ignore it all.
    W wins again!

  7. Actually, it’s Cheney, and you’ve been away far too long.

  8. Well, good chatting with ya’, bruh!
    Just got back in from a couple of days at the lake, I’m whupped, and have to get up and work some.
    Don’t know where Swampie is, she last posted around four hours ago, according to her last comment.
    Come hang with us on Independence Day, if you have some time.
    /check new thread…henh

  9. 🙂

  10. I’ll be there.

  11. Hey, Robert D and n2L! I’ve been working, unfortunately. Still haven’t figured out how to get by on my good looks and charm, probably because I ain’t got none.

  12. Glad you’re both doin’ okay; I’m kinda worried about y’all now that Ma Nature has her knickers in a twist.

  13. Guess y’all are already asleep; since it’s later here than where y’all are, maybe I should head that way myself. G’nite.

  14. Hey Swamps!! I’m up for a bit.

  15. G’nite all, I’ll chat with with you later……

  16. Interview with Taliban comamnder Monsoor Dadullah Excerpt:

    Q. The Taliban ruled unmolested for years. Your government did not collapse until after the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001. Did you ever have doubts about the sense of supporting Bin Laden?
    A. No. We do not have any doubts, by the grace of Allah, we are proud of what we have done and will always be proud of it. History will prove us right. One day people will talk about the heroic people who sacrificed themselves for an Islamic state. We have not made our sacrifices for Bin Laden, but rather for the laws of Islam.

    Q. Don’t you think it is a mistake to support Bin Laden?
    A. It is not a mistake. It is the duty of every believer to help Osama Bin Laden. We are proud of it and will continue to do it.

    Q. Who decides about attacks on the Karzai government and on foreigners, the Taliban or al-Qaida?
    A. Jihad is the duty of every Muslim, and every Muslim is determined to take part in jihad. It doesn’t matter who gives the orders.

    Now see, there he goes misunderstanding jihad again. Guess we need to send ol’ Reid, Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Obama, and John Edwards to talk to him.

  17. D’OH! Sorry I missed you, Robert D, was busily putting up a quote from one of those peaceful-type folks that the Dems want to negotiate with.

  18. Just tell me your house ain’t burnt down or nothin’ like that. Dang, I took a double dose of antihistamines, and I need to go lie down. The floor under the desk would be good. G’night!

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