Kaziah Hancock. An American Original, And Lover Of Freedom!

The following video tells the story superbly, of this unique woman.
It’s people like her, that add so much more to the spirit of this great nation, while asking for nothing in return, but to honor the sacrifices our service men and women, and their families make, everyday.
God Bless You, Kaziah!

Here is a link to her entire Gallery:Portrait of Heroes.

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  1. What a wonderful cause! Thanks, n2l, for sharing it with us. I never knew about her.

  2. What a wonderful lady.
    Glad to share. Didn’t know anything about her until the other day, and after doing some research, found out she has been receiving some recognition for about four years, now.

  3. If there were one thing I would have liked to be blessed with, it would be the ability to transfer what I see to be faithfully reproduced by my fingers.

    Well, okay, and maybe being able to sing on key, too.

  4. Don’t stop now, Swampie.
    If we combined our lists of non-talents, I’m sure we could use up all of nuke’s bandwidth.
    Eventhough I lack many talents, I have always been appreciative of those that do have them, like Kaziah’s.

  5. Speaking of nuke’s blog, I’ve been experiencing some strange things.
    Are you getting the comment box on the right, with pics of wordpress users?
    And does the comment box seem stuck, and not listing the newest comments?

  6. Yep, same for me. I don’t see recent comments, only pics of wordpress users. I just figured it was some new feature.

  7. I’ve been spoiled by not having to search through and finding the active thread, too, because I keep getting lost!

  8. Um, another talent that I lack, a sense of direction.

    Maybe I should think about the talents that I HAVE, since it would make a much short list to enumerate.

    1. Well, dang. I can’t think of any.

  9. On the other hand, there are a lot of talents that I never cared to see if I had. Hitting a golf ball? Whatever. Figure skating? Yawn. Competitive eating? Ick.

  10. I don’t know what happened to the comment box. I don’t think I could have broken something that I don’t have access to.
    I keep going to the back room, checking on the reverse osmosis scum filter, and can see all of the comments, so I know who said what to whom and when, so we ain’t missing noboby…yet.

  11. I was watching all the versions of Ray Charles’ America the Beautiful which I think is an appropriate way for me to end the 4th.

  12. Yeah, go ahead and while you’re there, kick the tires, check the fluid levels, I’ll wait.

  13. Of course, Fanfare for the common man always gives me chills, too.

  14. Better Fanfare here. I never really liked the ELP version and prefer the full orchestral version.

  15. There were so many good tunes I could have used for the July 4th thread, but the beautiful fluttering and waving Old Glory caught my eye.

    Uh…Swampie, you might just want to read this.

  16. I have loved the quiet strength, dignity, and ultimately majesty of Fanfare since I first heard it as a child.

  17. It’s a good’un, fo’sho’.

    Check this, dudes taking delivery of numerous propane tanks, but they ain’t terrorist.

  18. Well, snap, looks like I went into the scum catcher.

  19. Anyway, thanks for the heads up. The spam thing must not have liked the film of the Big John decomissioning ceremony.

  20. Heh. One of the few cases where “oh, thank God, it’s only a drug growing/smuggling/selling operation” is heard.

  21. Well, you’re right about the simplicity not distracting from the song. But, thanks to you posting it, I got to watch several people’s ideas of what that song embodied.

  22. Hate to tell ya’, Swampie, but your post wasn’t found in the scum catcher.
    Yeah, there were a bunch of tributes. This one was just…clean.
    Well, if you gotta work, I’ll leave you to it. I gotta crash, PDQ.
    Where did Ol’Robert D. go, thought he might be around. He may keep looking at the comment box, which is stuck on stupid, and thinks we aren’t around.

  23. That may be it, or he may not be here yet…it’s only 9:30 where he’s at. Gotta work tomorrow, and gotta be up and at ’em fairly early because ol’ SwampMan needs my weak mind/strong back to help him move something in his shop at school before I go to work Thursday. I doubt that I’ll be very busy tomorrow; not a lot of work after a mid-week holiday.

  24. I have enough work for tomorrow to make it worth my while to get up early.
    Should be home fairly early tomorrow afternoon, though.
    Do you have R.D.’s email?
    If he says it’s cool, I can send it to ya’.

  25. Well, hell, I guess that post just vanished into cyberspace, then.

    I know that, due to the huge mosque (near daughter AND Mayport) full of CAIR supporter people with their women completely covered in black in the summer heat, we have a big nasty nest of potential terrorists here.

  26. Anyway, I’m outta here for tonight.
    Stay rain soaked, Swamps. We most certainly will…maybe as much as four inches tomorrow.

  27. No, I don’t have the first clue how to get in touch with Robert D, and he probably likes it that way.

  28. I saw that and feel so bad for the people that are evacuating and worse, losing their lives. Well, a sizeable drought always breaks with severe flooding and y’all been dry for a long time.

  29. Mare was still unhappy and carrying on. I ended up sleeping in the den with the window open so that she could stand on the patio with her head at the window, softly nickering to me occasionally through the rest of the night and more forcefully as feeding time approached in the morning.

    Dang, SwampMan does not like my critters.

  30. thanks N2L!..what a character she is!..heh:)

  31. Wow — I cannot think of anything I’d value more than one of this lady’s paintings of my loved one that sacrificed their all for our nation. Thanks a ton for sharing it.

  32. Hey Angel and wytammic!
    Ain’t she sumpin’?
    I was surprised to see how long she has been receiving kudos, and I had never heard of her. Glad to see she is getting recognition from those who appreciate what she is doing, and that also hadn’t heard of her.

  33. Wow. Just wow. Thanks for bringing that to our attention, Dog.

  34. Hey G.
    I was afraid when I posted this, everybody was going to say…”YOU JUST NOW HEARING ABOUT HER?”
    Glad to know there are others that want to appreciate her for what she is doing.

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