Ziggy nuke dust and the spider lillies from mars


Last year at this time, I thought I would give this blogging thing a try. So, I opened a Blogger™ account, and experimented a little bit.

Here is my first entry.

Impressive, huh?

The past year has been quite an experience.  Blogging, as it turns out, takes up more time than I thought it would.  But the experiences have been worth it.  Especially the people.

N2l, SwampWoman, Vimto, Robert D:  y’all are da bomb.  Thanks for everything you do.

Oh, by the way, Mrs. Nuke’s spider lillies are looking pretty good.  Click on the picture to enlarge.

The party on the left is now parting on the left….

kos.pngI’ve been following developments which reflect a growing dissatisfaction among smaller blogs on the left with the direction and leadership of the more heavily trafficked left-blogs such as Kos and Huffington, for example:

“It seems odd that two of the biggest lefty blogs, Kos and Arianna, are run by former Republicans who will say anything to discredit our Democratic front-runner.”

Perhaps, even more damning is the 26-count “indictment” of Kos founder and internet guru Markos Moulitsas Zuniga by The Francis L. Holland Blog. Among the listing of offenses is the linkage of Mr. Zuniga to Salvadoran death squads!

…including that the poor family he claims he comes from is quite influential and wealthy in El Salvador, and that he trained for the CIA for 6 months in 2001.”

“Is Kos a Repug Mole?”

It does seem a bit far-fetched to me that Kos could be a Republican plant, but what do I know?

The article by Mr. Holland is well-researched and provides a myriad of interesting links to back his claims. Plus, his blog is remarkably free of the hate-speech and vulgarity that seems to be the coin of the realm of the left blogosphere.

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Popcorn anyone?


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