Thursday Night Axe

I enjoyed the Satch number last nite so much, I thought, “Hey, let’s do that again.”

This is Surfing with the Alien.


Bumper sticker serious

John “There is no war on terror” Edwards and Mrs. Bill Clinton were overheard at the NAACP convention conspiring to reduce the field of democrat candidates to a smaller, “more serious” group. Don’t these folks realize that there are open mikes everywhere? Heh™.

Bradblog has the video…


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Feel the love

When moonbats attack…

Tucker Carlson on msnbc….. whatever happened to the bow tie?

Michael Rechtenwald begins the show very calm, but once he starts throwing bombs at Christians and “family values” people he just can’t contain his passionate hate, from Beyond the News

Wish I had said that

Here is the quote of the day,

(courtesy of Varifrank)

images.jpgThe Democrats in the Senate need to explain how making Iraq into a “Darfur” is good for Iraqis or Americans.

Joseph Lieberman. Statesman.

Interim Benchmark Report

Here is a link to the pdf of the “Initial Benchmark Assessment Report” for your review.

Nobel laureate moonbat wants to kill George Bush

For the second time, Nobel Peace laureate Betty Williams has joked about wanting to kill President Bush. This is audio from her speech in Dallas this week. She made similar comments to Australian school children last summer.

From Breitbart,

And, here is The Wall Street Journal’s Bret Stephens, as he sheds some light on why 1976 Nobel Peace Price winner, Betty Williams, would announce to hundreds of Australian school children (on 7/25/06) that she would love to kill George Bush, also from Breitbart.

Absolutely disgusting!

Live TV toolbar, how cool is this?

260px-lucyfootball.jpgI stumbled across this website from a link at popurls, which is a pretty cool site itself, btw.

It’s called “live tv toolbar”, and it advertises some 1750 free televeision stations, 1500 radio stations, and several other useful links and gadgets. Plus, it’s compatible with Firefox and MS IE7.

Now, I prefer viewing my TV from the lazy-boy, and I don’t see this as a replacement by any means. But, video-heads are going to love this, as well as those of us who might want to see a local perspective on breaking world events. Of course, that means you’re going to have to brush up on the language skills, at least until the universal translator browser is developed.

The download is free.

Check it out!


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