Dare to hope

president_reagan_giving_speech_on_the_centennial_of_the_statue_of_liberty_governors_island_new_york_1986.jpgWe sometimes forget that even those who came here first to settle the new land were also strangers. I’ve spoken before of the tiny Arabella, a ship at anchor just off the Massachusetts coast. A little group of Puritans huddled on the deck. And then John Winthrop, who would later become the first Governor of Massachusetts, reminded his fellow Puritans there on that tiny deck that they must keep faith with their God, that the eyes of all the world were upon them, and that they must not forsake the mission that God had sent them on, and they must be a light unto the nations of all the world — a shining city upon a hill.

Call it mysticism if you will, I have always believed there was some divine providence that placed this great land here between the two great oceans, to be found by a special kind of people from every corner of the world, who had a special love for freedom and a special courage that enabled them to leave their own land, leave their friends and their countrymen, and come to this new and strange land to build a New World of peace and freedom and hope.

Lincoln spoke about hope as he left the hometown he would never see again to take up the duties of the Presidency and bring America through a terrible Civil War. At each stop on his long train ride to Washington, the news grew worse: The Nation was dividing; his own life was in peril. On he pushed, undaunted. In Philadelphia he spoke in Independence Hall, where 85 years earlier the Declaration of Independence had been signed. He noted that much more had been achieved there than just independence from Great Britain. It was, he said, “hope to the world, future for all time.” […]

We’re bound together because, like them, we too dare to hope — hope that our children will always find here the land of liberty in a land that is free. We dare to hope too that we’ll understand our work can never be truly done until every man, woman, and child shares in our gift, in our hope, and stands with us in the light of liberty — the light that, tonight, will shortly cast its glow upon her, as it has upon us for two centuries, keeping faith with a dream of long ago and guiding millions still to a future of peace and freedom.

RWR, 7/3/86


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Saturday Night Stevie Ray

from Austin City Limits…one of my favorites

Army finds Iranian rockets

From Pat Dollard

20_48_194_19_04.jpgUS soldiers discovered a field of rocket launchers near a US army base south of Baghdad armed with 34 Iranian-made missiles, the military said Saturday.

“After several rockets hit FOB (Forward Operating Base) Hammer on July 11, the 3rd Heavy Brigade Combat Team manoeuvred to find the source of the attack,” a statement said.

The next morning an “unmanned aerial vehicle located 46 rocket launchers in the northern section of Besmaya Range Complex aimed at FOB Hammer. Thirty-four of the launchers were armed with Iranian 107mm rockets,” it added.

The US army believes the other twelve rockets were launched at the base the day before, killing one US soldier. The military announced the death on June 12 but provided no details at the time.

US commanders frequently accuse Iran of providing weapons, training and support to Shiite militias in Iraq, including many of the rockets launched at Baghdad’s heavily fortified Green Zone.

Earlier this month, US commanders stepped up the charges, claiming that senior leaders of Iran’s special forces and of the Lebanese Shiite Hezbollah militia have trained Iraqi fighters and provided other support.

Iran has always denied that it is fomenting unrest in its war-torn neighbour, insisting that the US occupation is the cause of Iraq’s woes.

Obama becomes war strategist

After eight years in the Illinois state legislature, and two years in the US Senate, Democrat Presidential hopeful Barack Obama now fancies himself as a war strategist.

“We cannot win a war against the terrorists if we’re on the wrong battlefield,” Obama said. “America must urgently begin deploying from Iraq and take the fight more effectively to the enemy’s home by destroying al-Qaida’s leadership along the Afghan-Pakistan border, eliminating their command and control networks and disrupting their funding.”

Obama has no military background. He has limited political experience. Despite this lack of gravitas, Obama has come to the conclusion that AQ in Iraq is not the enemy.

It is interesting that he would take this tack only days following a concerted effort by the elite media to make the claim that AQI is not really al Qaeda. It is also interesting that this very strategy was predicted by Bill Roggio at the 4th Rail:

The attempts to minimize the role played by al Qaeda in Iraq in the larger Sunni insurgency took a significant step over the past week. Clark Hoyt, the public editor of the New York Times, claimed that the media had become complicit in the government’s attempts to paint the entire Sunni insurgency with an al Qaeda brush. Also this week, Malcolm Nance published an article at the Small Wars Journal claiming al Qaeda is being given too much credit for the violence in Iraq. In the article, titled “Al Qaeda in Iraq–Heroes, Boogeymen or Puppets?,” Nance claims al Qaeda is but a bit player in the Iraqi insurgency and is largely controlled by the Baathist remnants of Saddam Hussein’s regime. To Nance, al Qaeda is both a U.S. Boogeyman and Baathist Puppet.

If taken seriously, these theories are likely to have a significant impact on the political battle over the war in Iraq as it is played out back here in the States.

Yesterday’s column from TIME‘s Joe Klein said much the same thing. The significant impact that Mr. Roggio wrote about has as a primary purpose, providing political cover for the democrat party to do what they have wanted to do for years: quit. My co-editor, n2l, had some choice words on this subject the other day:

Quitting is something much darker and uglier, than trying and losing. It’s the worst of all possible outcomes, and speaks clearly of the poor character of a man or a nation, that is willing to accept this as an outcome. My father told us boys, early on, that “once a quitter, always a quitter.” He was right. We are faced with threshold moments, all of our lives, and they are defined as those moments when our lives are irreversibly changed, and we can never be the person we were before, if we cross the threshold. Some examples are learning to ride a bike or drive a car, the first day of school, the first kiss, first love, and first child. Quitting has it’s own perilous threshold, and once it’s crossed, that person will find it much easier to quit, whenever faced with difficulty.

Obama seems like a nice enough fellow with a very promising political future, but he is not ready to be Commander In Chief. And, as I look at the democrat frontrunners, there is no one who is ready. John Edwards? Give me a break. Mrs. Clinton? An inexperienced opportunist.

How in the world do these people expect to be the leader of the Free World, and confront the threat posed by Iran, and al Qaeda when they are afraid to even appear on FOX News?

Norcoms shut down reactor

From Reuters, via Breitbart…

norcoms.jpgNorth Korea has told the United States it has shut down its Yongbyon nuclear facilities, the State Department said on Saturday.

“We welcome this development and look forward to the verification and monitoring of this shutdown by the International Atomic Energy Agency team that has arrived in” North Korea, said spokesman Sean McCormack.

North Korea said last week it would consider suspending the operation of its nuclear facilities as soon as it received the first shipment of oil from South Korea under the February 13 aid-for-disarmament deal.

A South Korean tanker carrying 6,200 metric tons of fuel oil arrived early on Saturday at the port of Sonbong on North Korea’s northeastern coast, the Unification Ministry in Seoul said.

North Korea has previously “committed to declaring all its nuclear programs and disabling all its existing nuclear facilities.”

This is a very promising first step.


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