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Stevie Winwood, works for me.

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90 year old man, 15 yr old bride

HAIL, 16 July 2007 — An elderly man in Ghazala, a northern Saudi Arabia town, insisted that his 15-year-old bride be given blood tests for sexually transmitted diseases, according to a report in a local newspaper.He said he didn’t want to risk his manhood with some “diseases of modern times.”

During the engagement ceremony, a bunch of men started singing and dancing to songs about the old man’s virility.

The man said he plans to take his 15-year-old bride to a hill resort in the southern region of Saudi Arabia, to which many of us might simply want to stop thinking about this story.

Arab News via Ummah News Links

He wants to be a Marine

sandiego-boot.jpgMy nephew just graduated from High School. He leaves home and family this week for Boot Camp in San Diego.

May God bless him. May God bless them all.

Democrats In Congress Want To Deny Care To A Sick Child!

Would you give up, if your child was critically ill?
Of course not, you would never give up, you would never just quit on your child, as long as treatment was still available, and certainly not when the treatment plan is working.
But that’s just what the Democrats in our Congress are doing, to a child that is less than four years old.
This child’s birth was difficult, but responded well at first, when the tumor was removed, and showed signs of recovery. Then it’s immune system came under attack, first from cells in it’s own body, then from bacterial and viral infections from without.
The treatment plan has undergone a number of changes during the past four years, with each having different effects, but with none proving to be the most efficacious.
Then, a few months ago, a new and improved milieu was developed and implemented, and has since shown great promise. Many of the cells in the child’s body have now begun to work with the immune system, and the invading bacterium and viruses have begun to be eradicated at a rapid pace. The new treatment plan is working!
And yet…some want to discontinue the treatment, and abandon the child. They now state that the cost of the plan is excessive, it isn’t working, and that the child should be left to it’s own fate. That it should either heal itself, or perish. They have access to all of the test results, and can see that the new milieu is effective, but yet, they refuse to acknowledge them. These same quitters even hired the current chief physician, and knew what his treatment plan would be. Many of them even supported the initial birth of this child, while some of their fraternity wanted to order an abortion, and now some who praised the birth, are calling for the suffering child to be abandoned.
I hate quitters!
Of course, the sick child is Iraq, and the quitters are the Congressional Defeatocrats, but the story is the same. Yes, this suffering child is getting better. Yes, it may require long term care, but isn’t the survival of Iraq, as a child of Democracy, as vital to our existence, as the survival of an ill human child to us as individuals?   Some may not like the question, or want to answer, but I believe we need to confront those that would quit, before everything has been tried.

Some evidence of improving health for the child of the Land of the Two Rivers, Iraq:
Letter from the Mayor of Tal Afar.
One Community Says It’s Time To Rebuild.
Keep On Surgin’.
Why Bush Will Be A Winner.
Terrorist Death Watch.

How much does algore cost?

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From The Buffalo News…

algore.jpgEver wonder what it takes to bring a former vice president of the United States to your event?

You’ll have to provide a generous lecture fee and meet a lengthy list of contractual requirements, as the University at Buffalo learned this spring.

Former veep and current environmentalist Al Gore spoke at UB in late April, and this prompted a few questions.

How much does Gore cost? Does he have to be picked up from the airport in a hybrid limousine? Does he insist on a hotel that runs on solar power?

UB gave the answers in response to a Freedom of Information Law request.

First, he doesn’t come cheap. Gore received a $100,000 fee.

The contract stipulated that UB pay for first-class airfare, a car service, accommodations and meals for Gore and an adviser.

Gore also approved in advance any related events, promotional material and “backdrops, banners, scenery, logos, settings, etc.”

It even spelled out the time Gore spent signing posters for sponsors — 10 minutes — and his need for 30 minutes of downtime before talking.

No hybrids or solar power specified, so UB was able to meet every requirement except one: Gore’s request for “absolute confidentiality” for the contract’s terms and conditions.

The article didn’t say if UB had to remove all of the brown M&M’s

(hat-tip n2l )


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