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From The Buffalo News…

algore.jpgEver wonder what it takes to bring a former vice president of the United States to your event?

You’ll have to provide a generous lecture fee and meet a lengthy list of contractual requirements, as the University at Buffalo learned this spring.

Former veep and current environmentalist Al Gore spoke at UB in late April, and this prompted a few questions.

How much does Gore cost? Does he have to be picked up from the airport in a hybrid limousine? Does he insist on a hotel that runs on solar power?

UB gave the answers in response to a Freedom of Information Law request.

First, he doesn’t come cheap. Gore received a $100,000 fee.

The contract stipulated that UB pay for first-class airfare, a car service, accommodations and meals for Gore and an adviser.

Gore also approved in advance any related events, promotional material and “backdrops, banners, scenery, logos, settings, etc.”

It even spelled out the time Gore spent signing posters for sponsors — 10 minutes — and his need for 30 minutes of downtime before talking.

No hybrids or solar power specified, so UB was able to meet every requirement except one: Gore’s request for “absolute confidentiality” for the contract’s terms and conditions.

The article didn’t say if UB had to remove all of the brown M&M’s

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  1. Interesting. I wonder how that compares to Bill Clinton?

  2. I think the Horny Hick charges something like $150K. As for riders, only his interns know for sure.

    Whoo-Hoo, nuke. BOTD!

  3. Liberal bloggers keep telling me to stop bringing up Al Gore, “he’s not a scientist.” Right, he is just a second rate politician also ran. He flunked out of divinity school.

    But that’s OK. What will he do with his money? At least it is not going to the Hillary/Obama machine.

  4. yeah, the other part of the meme goes, “don’t shoot the messenger”
    The guy ain’t worth shootin, and he ain’t worthy of the liberal worship either

  5. Oddly enough, I have not noticed Florida getting any warmer. Shouldn’t it be warming even more here due to global warming™?

  6. wow, thats basically like “You have to give me $$$ for me to spread my message” thats pretty messed up!

  7. If in the late 600 million years, only the middle to late Carboniferous age and the Quarternary age have seen CO2 ppm below 400, wouldn’t that indicate that CO2 levels are naturally higher and will rise (and fall) again over time? And since there have been ice ages with CO2 levels much higher than today, wouldn’t that seem to indicate that CO2 levels really have *nothing* to do with warming?

    The global warming people remind me of the folks that coined the term “malaria” and decided that bad air was responsible for the mosquito-borne disease.

  8. You got it selvar. Plus, if he wants to buy carbon credits, he buys them from a company that he owns. It’s a pretty slick racket.

  9. you know swamps, the global warming folks are the same folks who managed to kill hundreds of thousands in africa and asia from malaria by managing to get ddt banned. rachel carson (pbuh)

  10. Yep. Al Gore was a big fan of hers.

  11. He apparently has no problem with hundreds of thousands of people starving if agriculture and the economy are crippled (because a lot of people around the world survive by building products that we purchase and importing food that we grow).

  12. must get that cow flatulence under control

  13. You all should worship the Algore, because you can have this discussion here online. It was He who created the internet, not the engineers who designed the TCP/IP specifications, nor the ones who created operating systems and algorithms capable of serving, displaying, or routing the traffic which we thrive on and enjoy.

    Blessed be the Algore, who was crucified on a hanging chad, became our savior through his science fiction Film “An Inconvenient Truth” that whosoever believeth in this FUD shall not perish in this future hell on earth that is Man Made Global Warming, but have everlasting life (or at least it will seem like it) by cutting our carbon footprint through walking and biking everywhere, having less children, shivering in the winter with no heat, sweating profusely in the summer with no AC, and powering our homes with sunshine, drinking our own urine (water will be scarce or undrinkable), and never traveling by airline/jet.

    Of course these rules only apply to us, His sheeple, and not to Him, because His work is Holy and ours is only to feed and house our children and families, therefore he may use 10 times the power as us, travel wherever he pleaseth by any method he desires, and chargeth whatever wants, because He is doing this because He genuinely cares about the planet and not because it maketh him filthy rich.

    Amen and praise Gore

  14. I’m convinced.
    all hail the goracle

  15. Nobody in Africa died for a lack of DDT due to Carson’s book. If DDT didn’t get sprayed, it was because the local government couldn’t get it done.

    In any case, the overuse of DDT made it ineffective for most malaria control by the middle 1960s, 5 to 7 years before the U.S. acted against DDT.

    But since the rest of the rants here are fact free, you’re right in line.

    Al Gore at $100,000? You could use such a clue. It would be a bargain.

  16. Nuke, looks like you got the obligatory response from a representative from the EDF, and a devotee of the Prophet Profiteer algoreia.
    A fact based rep at that.

  17. As for the $100,000 price tags: I know it seems like a lot, but relatively speaking, it really isn’t. No-name anthropology professors get over $20,000 to give college talks.

  18. You’re right Ed. Carson’s book didn’t kill. The mosquitos did, or more precisely, the malaria did. Carson’s misrepresentations in her pseudo-science manifesto, and the hysteria driven campaign led by EDF against DDT had nothing at all to do with it. /sarc
    Thirty years later, WHO has lifted the ban on DDT to re-join the battle against malaria.
    An algore supporter ranting about facts is truly rich, indeed.

  19. One would assume, however, that no-name anthropology professor would actually be an expert in their field, have led excavations, and could contribute to our field of knowledge about the past and the climate that existed during their excavations. Al Gore, to anybody that knows about the glaciers that used to cover a significant amount of Canada and parts of North America, is a very silly man. The only way there could be any such thing as “climate change” would be if climate were static, which it definitely is not.

    If human CO2 levels are driving the engine of climate change, what melted the glaciers? And finally:

    The Carboniferous Period and the Ordovician Period were the only geological periods during the Paleozoic Era when global temperatures were as low as they are today. To the consternation of global warming proponents, the Late Ordovician Period was also an Ice Age while at the same time CO2 concentrations then were nearly 12 times higher than today– 4400 ppm. According to greenhouse theory, Earth should have been exceedingly hot. Instead, global temperatures were no warmer than today. Clearly, other factors besides atmospheric carbon influence earth temperatures and global warming.

    Al Gore is a one-trick pony, and his trick doesn’t have much relevance except enriching himself.


  21. Heh. Via Tim Blare is this little blurb about the wedding of Al Gore’s daughter and the rehearsal dinner featuring Chilean Sea Bass. Guess those endangered fish aren’t part of their ecological awareness.

    Pass on sea bass
    Pirate fishing fleets that disregard fishing limits are illegally catching this fish from Antarctica. Unless people stop eating Chilean sea bass, it may be commercially extinct within five years. So remember, however deliciously you prepare it, pirates probably poached it first.

  22. the rules don’t apply to the gores

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  25. You guys are really jealous! It must steam you no end that the guy keeps rising in public opinion solely on the power of his willingness to tell a straight story; that he can be the star of an Academy Award-winning movie that actually gets people to sit down and think hard about global climate change for more than three seconds; and that what he says rains all over your anti-science parade.

    Wouldn’t “sour grapes” be a better title for the post?

    Production of Academy Award winning movie: $2 million or so
    Cost of speaking to the University of Buffalo: They PAY $100,000
    Listening to the heathen howl: Priceless

  26. Nuke, you wouldn’t know a scientific misrepresentation if it bit you, mosquito-like, on the nose. Carson’s book was amazingly accurate for its day — and still is. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion, Pat Moynihan used to say, but not their own facts. DDT is toxic. DDT kills the birds that keep malaria away, and the bats that do the same thing. DDT causes cancer in mammals and probably in humans. DDT can’t be controlled once it’s released in the environment. Scientists have been arguing since 1955 that we need to find substitutes for DDT that are shorter-lived (that is, biodegradable quickly), more narrowly targeting by species, and less toxic generally.

    History shows that the rise of malaria accompanied ineffectiveness of DDT — caused by overuse on agricultural crops. The parasites that cause malaria also have become resistant to drugs, and that has nothing to do with DDT. In several nations, no spraying for mosquitoes was ever possible, because the governments just couldn’t get it together to do it.

    It’s appalling that Al Gore-ophobics are willing to sacrifice lives in the third world just to make a political rant. Environmental Defense has been campaigning for years to get the Bush administration to release funds for DDT to fight malaria in Africa. When are you guys going to ask Bush to stop killing kids in Africa? Send me copies of your letters.

    And, if you had any ethics in you, you’d lay off trying to insult Al Gore until you do get some facts and agitate for action. The old Greeks were right, though: The empty vessels make the loudest noise.

  27. HAAA!

    The empty vessels make the loudest noise.

    Pot…meet kettle.
    We’ve been discussing facts here for months, and you aren’t worth the trouble to go back and pull them up. Besides, facts are not friends with Algoreia.
    Here’s one you most certainly missed, visiting heathen.

  28. Mr. Ed, The term is Global Warming. It’s too late for you leftists to change the term to Climate Change. You goofed up at the beginning.

    Ideally you would have named it Climate Change that way you win either way the temps turn.

  29. Yeah, Mick.
    So what do the Algoreia worshipers think is causing the ice caps on Mars to melt, all those SUV’s and coal fired plants? My money is on the hot air emanating from Algoreia’s ignorant mouth.

  30. Mick, did you hear about the three surgeons from Arkansas?

  31. Oh..Ho-ha…ha-ha-ha-haaa!
    This is good…real good!
    Walking to the shops ‘damages planet more than going by car.’
    My question is, and has been for some time now, when will the enviro-whackjobs just admit they don’t know WTH they are talking about, STFD and STFU?

  32. Ed, you’re not bright enough to recognize a con-job any more sophisticated than a Nigerian email scam. Keep buying your carbon credits and bowing to the new age savior.

    In your arrogance you assume that conformity, common good, and “agitating” is the same as caring, with little or no regard for unintended consequences, and absolutely no respect for a dissenting opinion. You bore me.

  33. But I know the difference between hot air and data. And you’re right: Cool reason is wasted here among the hot air.

    Dissenting opinions are boring. Contrary data, those are exciting. Opinions I can get from any drunk at the liquor store. Data are much rarer.

  34. Mr. Ed, Read about geology to learn about global warming, not a fat, bastard liberal politician.

  35. Mick, isn’t Jesse Helms dead yet? Why would I want to read about him?

  36. […] of error, and even well-meaning suckers fall for spin on science, over and over again: On global warming (see this one, too), on DDT and malaria, teaching science in public schools, alternative medicine […]

  37. Heh. He doesn’t even have to go far back in time at that for the glaciers melting.

  38. Ed, did you ever read a text on geology? Do you understand the constant change the earth goes through?

    If you are mildly retarded I’m sorry. You really should have adult supervision.

  39. Hasn’t helped you, Mick — why would it help me?

  40. Wait a second? you mean that Al needs a first class seat? I guess with his 10,000 square foot house, he is used to needing extra space.

    If he and all his hollywood friends would fly coach instead of first class, the airline could fit in more seats and, thus, fly fewer planes …saving the world from the affects of fossil fuel emmissions.

    Oh, I forgot, he will PURCHASE some vouchers and that will conunter the negative impacts done unto the environment.

    Rumor is that Bill Clinton purchased some vouchers from hillary and the church, but that is a different subject altogether.

    Al, dont eat so much and save some food and the energy to cook that food for the rest of us(A).

  41. Geologists are the real experts on climate change. Weather or so called “climalogists” only have a short sighted look at climate change.

    It’s like comparing scientists who study fruit flys with archeologists in the study of evolution.

  42. […] How much does algore cost?    1,308 Views […]

  43. global warming is becoming such a obvious problem that someone somewhere other than Al Gore needs to step up to help drive the bus!

  44. When you find that person, send them down to the Caribbean to stop that hurricane. If they can do that, then maybe I’ll jump on board your bus!

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