There’s no such thing as islamophobia

Ayaan Hirsi Ali On the Map


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Japanese nuclear leak “much worse than initially announced”

japan_quakesff_xjk105_20070718024042.jpgAn earthquake-wracked nuclear power plant was ordered closed indefinitely Wednesday amid growing anger over revelations that damage was much worse than initially announced and mounting international concern about Japan’s nuclear stewardship.

Toyota and other Japanese automakers, meanwhile, suspended production at factories across the country because a major parts supplier sustained damage from Monday’s magnitude-6.8 quake, which killed 10 people and left tens of thousands without power or water.

Tokyo Electric Power Co. warned that the nuclear plant shutdown could lead to power shortages in Japan. It has asked six other power companies to consider providing emergency electricity to prepare for rising demand from summer air conditioning, spokesman Hiroshi Itagaki said.

More from AP

Obama undergoes race-change operation

File this story under, “I read it in the newspaper (or on the internet), so I know it must be true….”

Yesterday’s NY Daily News had this interesting story and picture. Notice the caption.


This will not help Obama with those critics who claim he isn’t “black enough.”

h/t Regret the Error


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Justice denied

teddyolds.jpgChappaquiddick has been called “the most brilliant cover-up ever achieved in a nation where investigative procedures are well developed and where the principles of equal justice prevail, at least during some of those moments where people are watching.”
~ The Last Kennedy by Robert Sherrill

The mysteries of the case continue to haunt Ted Kennedy as well as the authorities who investigated them. Charges of ineptitude and lack of diligence abounded, as did insinuations that the machinery of justice crumbled beneath the power and prestige of the Kennedy family. George Killen, former State Police Detective-Lieutenant, and chief of a never-revealed investigation, lamented that the failure to bring the case to a satisfactory conclusion was “the biggest mistake” of a long and distinguished police career. Senator Kennedy, he said, “killed that girl the same as if he put a gun to her head and pulled the trigger.”
~ Senatorial Privilege by Leo Damore–>>Read more

Update: The Boston Herald talks about last night’s all-nighter in the Senate, which occurred on the anniversary of another Kennedy all-nighter…


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