Lost in translation

The reports of the huge Baghdad bank heist last week were somewhat startling…….over one-quarter of a billion dollars……..funding for terrorism………an inside job………etc.

Turns out, it was 282 million Dinars, not Dollars…..or aproximately $590,000.

A tidy sum, to be sure, but nothing to lose any sleep over.

h/t Iraq slogger

Free Speech Friday

Late night observations from SwampWoman…….

ballpark.jpgI was out in my usual (futile) attempt to one day be mistaken for an anorexic tonight at the track. At 8 p.m., the air was a heavy humid blanket and the temperature was still above 90.In the next field over, the county’s most affluent town and a little rougher town from outside the county were playing a baseball game complete with lights for when the sun set and a good sound system that carried the announcements over to me.

The sea breeze started to stir and with it thunderclouds started to build and rumble to themselves off in the distance, and then I heard the crack of the bat and the announcer say “The score is 4-0 with zero outs and the bases loaded.” I gave up on exercise at that point and instead ambled over to watch the game as the sun set.

Watching a summer baseball game in a small town as the evening cools, eating a hot dog dripping mustard and relish (dripping down my T-shirt in this case)from the concession stand and washing it down with a can of Coke that had been cooling in a tub of ice, cheering wildly for all the players in the mostly empty bleachers because most of the people watching the game were sitting on the back of their pickup trucks…it was a couple hours of sheer enjoyment.

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