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Late night observations from SwampWoman…….

ballpark.jpgI was out in my usual (futile) attempt to one day be mistaken for an anorexic tonight at the track. At 8 p.m., the air was a heavy humid blanket and the temperature was still above 90.In the next field over, the county’s most affluent town and a little rougher town from outside the county were playing a baseball game complete with lights for when the sun set and a good sound system that carried the announcements over to me.

The sea breeze started to stir and with it thunderclouds started to build and rumble to themselves off in the distance, and then I heard the crack of the bat and the announcer say “The score is 4-0 with zero outs and the bases loaded.” I gave up on exercise at that point and instead ambled over to watch the game as the sun set.

Watching a summer baseball game in a small town as the evening cools, eating a hot dog dripping mustard and relish (dripping down my T-shirt in this case)from the concession stand and washing it down with a can of Coke that had been cooling in a tub of ice, cheering wildly for all the players in the mostly empty bleachers because most of the people watching the game were sitting on the back of their pickup trucks…it was a couple hours of sheer enjoyment.

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  1. The Doctor of Love is “IN”

    Weekend post, and first cross-post with a new, co-authored, blog on romance and relationships. Some of your favorite, and soon to become favorite, bloggers are involved. Have a great weekend!

  2. Friday Frivol: One Cheesy Story

    A tractor-trailer truck hauling cargo along California’s Interstate 80 (just north of Sacramento, for the locals) caught fire around 3:45a.m. Thursday.  The driver pulled over after noticing smoke billowing out from under the truck, only to dis…

  3. I was just out and about for a few minutes, and I listened to a few minutes of Laura Ingraham’s interview of Johnny Sutton. He is slick, in a Clintonesque sort of way.
    Laura did pretty good, but with Slick Johnny, it’s like trying to nail jello to the wall.
    I lose a little respect for President Bush every day this cretin remains in DOJ.

  4. “We’re Not Staying; You Don’t Have Much Time!”

    One of the of-size issues of “discussion” these days is what a “redeploy” order would be like for the U.S. and

  5. Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Neal Boortz, YOU, and Islam

    In the United States, free speech applies to everybody and everything, except if you speak out about Islam. Then you get accused of being Islamophobic, hate-filled, blah blah blah. It doesn’t matter if you are an average citizen or if

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  7. Dang, nuke. On the same page…again.
    I was listening to that same show and interview, and while he was obviously prepared, and slick, Laura ruined it for me again, for I don’t know how many times now.
    When she gets into a certain tone, volume level, and sing-songy mode, I have to turn her off, as I generally like her show, but today and yesterday she was repellant. I think I understand why she has never married. The “b” word comes to mind, on days like today and yesterday.
    Then I’m listening to Roger Hedgcox(sp?) filling in for Rush, and I generally like him to, then he makes a comment about Panama being such a successful democracy. Excuse me?

  8. “Man, We’re Running Out of Workers” – Open Trackbacks

    President Bush was grilled yesterday in Tennessee but he continued to dodge border security questions and stubbornly defended his failed amnesty bill…
    From The Washington Times:
    President Bush yesterday said Americans will soon realize they need …

  9. Jews and Latin Mass [Weekend Open Trackback]

    Italian Jewish leaders voiced satisfaction after the Vatican Secretary of State said that a Catholic prayer for the conversion of Jews could be eliminated from the recently re-introduced Latin Mass.
    Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, second only to the pope in…

  10. Irresponsible Confidentiality

    I understand that confidentiality is sometimes a useful and responsible tool for journalists. That said, does this example go too far? A female survivor of this month’s violent storming by Pakistani forces of Islamabad’s Red Mosque has spoken of how…

  11. The Pigeon on Windows Vista

    The people who buy MACs LOVE MACS, and arguably rightfully so. It’s ironic the sytem the works the best has the lowest marketshare.

  12. Byrd Savages Vick

    To be honest, I can’t disagree with the substance of these remarks by Senator Robert Byrd, clearly directed at Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick. “The Book of Proverbs in the Holy Bible, the King James Bible, tells us a righteous…

  13. Clinton Smacked Down

    I have a new hero — Under Secretary of Defense Eric S. Edelman. A Pentagon official has told Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton that questions she has raised about how the United States would withdraw from Iraq feed enemy propaganda. The…

  14. Friday Sermon from Iran

    Provisional Friday Prayer Leader of Tehran Ayatollah Seyyed Ahmad Khatami led the congregation with his usual flair and aplomb; speaking of the recent televised confessions of < …

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  16. Missing WWII Pilot To Be Buried With Military Honors Today

    78,000 servicemen and women are still missing from World War II. Of that number 35,000 are still deemed recoverable with the others being reported as lost at sea or entombed in sunken vessels.

  17. Clinton Plays the-Hurt Feelings Card

    Senator Hillary Clinton, currently one of the leading contenders for the 2008 Democratic Presidential nomination. is upset with the Pentagon. Essentially, she asked the Pentagon for a copy of the plan to withdraw from Iraq. The Pentagon’s reply to Sen…

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  21. FRI JULY 20 One Small Step – DogFighting in the NFL!

    “…”We’ve been saying for a while there seems to be a subculture of dogfighting in the NFL, and this …

  22. SwampMan mowed a small coastal bermuda pastures this morning as the grass was thick and nearly knee high, and the livestock were falling behind on grazing. It didn’t dry quite as much as I would like, but I loaded it up (loose) in the wagon anyway and parked it under shelter, as we’re supposed to get a frog strangler tonight. (This is good, because people just to the north of us were evacuated due to a wildfire this evening.)

    Normally I wouldn’t worry about making hay with those little acre-sized amounts of cut grass. I don’t know what is wrong with me, but I have an uneasy feeling that I should be storing as many supplies as possible. I need to see about getting the hand pump for the well repaired, too.

  23. Murtha Must Apologize

    Congressman John Murtha grabbed every microphone within reach to repeatedly trash U.S. Marines who had encountered and killed insurgents in Haditha, Iraq, to say the Marines were cold-blooded murderers when the INVESTIGATION HAD BARELY BEGUN! Now, the …

  24. Temptation. From working out to eating hot dogs? A girl after my own heart 😉

  25. getting ready for hurricane season, or something else?

  26. Stay prepared, Swampie.
    /and never go to a ball game without at least having one snow cone

  27. Dang!
    If y’all haven’t read Michael J. Totten’s latest piece, here it is.
    Might I recommend a bathroom break, and a replenished beverage, before you start?

  28. Barack Obama Supports Sex Education for Kindergart

    In a speech to a Planned Parenthood audience, Barack Obama (D-Il) said that teaching sex education in kindergarten is the right thing to do as long as its age appropriate.

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  30. Just watched Rob Zombie’s second movie, Devil’s Rejects. Henh.
    Quite the imagination Ol’Rob has, and his wife is hot!

  31. how wars are lost

    Assuming the existance of a time machine, go back and ask every major military thinker, from Sun Tzu to Hannibal to Napoleon to Von Clausewitz to Grant to Caesar to Yamamoto to Mahan to Fuller to God alone knows how…

  32. Yeah, I read Michael Totten’s piece. I could feel the heat beating down on my helmet just reading about it. I had to go get a cold drink.

    Looks like no rain, just lightning tonight. At the last news cast, 14 lightning fires were burning up in Charlton county, Georgia, and that one coming toward us is, I hope, controlled, although if the house were to burn down, I would finally have clothes in my size instead of fat clothes and skinny clothes and just right clothes, and variations thereof. Because you have to be prepared.

  33. Godly Wisdom — July 21, 2007

    Some People Have Lots Of Money But Little Happiness.

  34. Why, indeed…

  35. Drugs and the Never-ending War

    I thought Nixon’s idea of fighting a war on drugs which started the year before was futile and counter-productive and, after almost a trillion dollars spent, I still do.

  36. First Lady Bill Clinton?

    Who knows, he might like it.

  37. Harry Potter book 7

    Bought it

    Read it.

    Liked it.

    Find your spolers somewhere else.   All I will say is that I predicted one death, and was surposed at another, and I was right about one thing even if it took a twist I didn’t anticipate.

    She e…

  38. 2 Gauge Shotgun

    The shell on the right is from a 2 gauge shotgun. The folks over at Hillbilly White Trash have an explanation on what purpose such ammo is used and also has video of one being fired. You have GOT to see it.

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  40. Maryland wants to be a Progressive (tax) State

  41. Animal Rights Activists..say Use Violence

    I can’t help but laugh mah head off when I hear how adamant these animal lovers are bout their cause and the logic they suddeny found regarding using violence against those who “should be stopped using any means necessary.”

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  43. Will the Blogosphere Defend Our Military the Same

    I ask this question in all sincerity. I believe the blogosphere was the driving force behind the defeat of the bill that would have given amnesty for illegal aliens. It could do the same for our Fighting Forces.

    Our Vietnam Veterans came home to c…

  44. Patton Has His Say About the Global War on Terror

    You only thought Patton was killed in a car accident in 1945. Listen to Patton talk about the GWOT in his own words (well, not really HIS words, but sorta).

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