Iraq: Plan B

Mrs. Clinton and John F. Kerry announced plans on Friday to introduce a bill which would force the Pentagon to begin planning how to withdraw from Iraq. Although I find it difficult to believe that this contingency hasn’t been debated and planned for by the Pentagon, it is interesting that the two would want these plans made public. To his credit, DOD Undersecretary Eric Edelman informed Mrs. Clinton that the Defense Department is not in the habit of “releasing operational details.” And, although Mrs. Clinton took the response as a personal insult to her patriotism, it is impossible to argue that a public release of this information would be in the national interest.

Well, perhaps not impossible. Who can fathom the ponytail mindset? Last week, liberal essayist, Juan Cole, tried to make the case that the dismissal of the Plame civil suit actually imperiled national security.

I kid you not.

The US withdrawal from Iraq, whether you call it “redeployment”, “retreat”, or “Plan B”, in anything less than a position of dominance will have many unforseen consequences, as well as others which may be anticipated by looking at historical precedence. And, while it is too early to say that the current “surge” is a success, there are signs that the tide is turning. If AQ and Mufsidoon elements can be isolated from their hosts, then ridding the country of foreign fighters becomes a definite possibility. Early indications are just that: early indications. If real progress isn’t shown by September, then domestic political pressure, highlighted by the early Presidential primary season, will come to a head. Further, as both political parties will most certainly have their de facto nominees in place by Super-Duper Tuesday, the perceived success of the “surge” will determine whether or not America’s role in the War on Terror will be on offense or defense.

Stateless warrior organizations (SWO) such as al Qaeda or Hizballah have proven to be successful in fighting a low-intensity conflict with the intent of killing as many civilians as possible, and causing security problems for their weak host governments. Not encumbered by “rules of engagement,” or even Geneva Conventions, their employment of tactics designed to terrorize the populace, as well as their mastery of Western media, necessitates their defeat by civilized societies: defeat which will require a level of ruthlessness not permitted under the self-imposed restrictions of 21st century politically correct warfare.

Whether it is from TCS Daily, or from Dan Simmons, the idea of countering these SWO’s with our own SWO’s is not a new one, but is one that could gain favor as pressure to withdraw the US Military increases.

Now, I’m certainly no military strategist. My profession is sales and marketing. So, to try to sell this idea to the political left would require some creative thinking…outside the box…so to speak. In this day and age of environmental activism, global warming hysteria, and carbon credits, I think I have the approach that would work: I would tell them that using SWO’s is like buying Military Offsets.

It might just work.


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