Midweek boogie

Ritchie Blackmore, circa 1980, Live in San Antonio…..

(I think this must have been a bad hair decade )

Update:  Change of pace, gonna go with that little ole band from Texas instead.

A proper fisking

Linkfest Haven, the Blogger's OasisAbout 10 years ago, my business required a great deal more windshield time than it does now: time spent listening to a lot of talk radio. I recall a question that Rush Limbaugh posed to his audience, “Why did the Republicans lose the ’96 Presidential election?” Several callers attempted to answer the question, but no one had “the” answer. If El Rushbo answered his question on-air, then it was after I had gotten out of the car, so I never learned his response.

If I could have had an opportunity to give a response, my answer would have been this:

“The Republicans lost the ’96 Presidential election because the Rush Limbaugh TV show went off the air around the beginning of the campaign season in 1995.”

Rush’s TV show was a fact-checker’s delight. It exposed the hypocrisy and corruption of the idiot party in a way that only the visual media can. In the pre-internet days of the Clinton Administration, Rush single-handedly kept the the light of truth shining brightly into those roach-laden corners and crevices.

I was thinking about those days after reading the NY Sun’s total smack-down of the recent fund raising letter penned by Bill Clinton and Chuck Schumer. The Sun is the voice of reason in a sea of liberal insanity. The editorial is a fisking of the highest order, and deserves as much exposure as we can give it.

Here is a link. I’m sure that you will want to read it all.


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Bullet-Riddled Body of S. Korean Found

Religion of Peace™ Update:

The bullet-riddled body of a South Korean hostage was found by police Wednesday in central Afghanistan after a purported Taliban spokesman said the militants had killed one of the captives.

The male victim had 10 bullet holes in his head, chest and stomach, and was discovered in the Mushaki area of Qarabagh district in Ghazni province, said police officer Abdul Rahman.

The Taliban spokesman said earlier that the hostage was was killed because Afghan authorities hadn’t met their demands to release other militants from prison.

This is cold-blooded murder.

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Shokka of the day

h/t to Dave Barry’s blog for this scoop….




dems go “all in” on war

They’re betting the ranch.

Even the Associated Press has noticed.

Democratic leaders are taking an all-or-nothing approach on Iraq, a tack that leaves its members empty-handed for now but keeps the party in lockstep with demands by anti-war groups.

At the end of the month, lawmakers were expected to break for their August recess without passing veto-proof legislation that would significantly challenge President Bush’s Iraq policies. Such a feat would have required Democrats to soften their stance or compromise with Republicans — something anti-war groups don’t want them to do and a move party leaders have shown no interest in.

“Our goal is the total political collapse of support for Bush’s war,” said Tom Matzzie, the Washington director for the anti-war group MoveOn.org, which rose to prominence in last year’s elections. “And this August gives us an even better opportunity to achieve that.”

This is a high-risk political strategy. They either win big, or lose big.

Unfortunately for National Security, as well as the well-being of our military personnel, for the democrats to win necessitates a defeat for our country.

It becomes more important than ever that progress in Iraq be reported honestly and forthrightly. And, since the elite media seems determined to sit out the war in the green zone, I would suggest that y’all keep Mike Yon in your prayers, and go drop a few coins in his tip jar.

Postcards from the idiocracy

Thank you Max Baucus for framing this issue so nicely.

You either support Max’s draconian tobacco tax increase, or you support killing children.

At least, that’s how Max justifies the tax increase of up to $10 per stogie. You see, it’s “for the children.”

The SCHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program) is up for reauthorization, and in typical idiocrat fashion, Max and the boys want to expand the program, by an increase of $50 billion above current funding levels over the next five years. And to pay for it, Max wants to put the squeeze on the tobacco teat.

President Bush has threatened a veto, but it probably won’t be upheld over a popular program like this one that is “for the children.”

Because nobody wants to be seen as being in support of killing children. (Unless of course, you’re wanting to kill unborn children, that is).

Call your Congresscritters!

h/t MOR


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