A proper fisking

Linkfest Haven, the Blogger's OasisAbout 10 years ago, my business required a great deal more windshield time than it does now: time spent listening to a lot of talk radio. I recall a question that Rush Limbaugh posed to his audience, “Why did the Republicans lose the ’96 Presidential election?” Several callers attempted to answer the question, but no one had “the” answer. If El Rushbo answered his question on-air, then it was after I had gotten out of the car, so I never learned his response.

If I could have had an opportunity to give a response, my answer would have been this:

“The Republicans lost the ’96 Presidential election because the Rush Limbaugh TV show went off the air around the beginning of the campaign season in 1995.”

Rush’s TV show was a fact-checker’s delight. It exposed the hypocrisy and corruption of the idiot party in a way that only the visual media can. In the pre-internet days of the Clinton Administration, Rush single-handedly kept the the light of truth shining brightly into those roach-laden corners and crevices.

I was thinking about those days after reading the NY Sun’s total smack-down of the recent fund raising letter penned by Bill Clinton and Chuck Schumer. The Sun is the voice of reason in a sea of liberal insanity. The editorial is a fisking of the highest order, and deserves as much exposure as we can give it.

Here is a link. I’m sure that you will want to read it all.


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  1. Fred Thompson Arrives In Houston

    Running a few minutes behind schedule, Senator Fred Thompson took some time to visit with a crowd of supporters upon his arrival in Houston this morning. Upon arrival he found a couple of hundred supporters to see and hear…

  2. Henh…Clintoon and the Schmuck. The Despicable Duo.

  3. What is truly frightening is that they feel that they can lie to everybody with impunity, KNOWING that they will not be fact checked and if they are, that very few will ever know about it because most of the media will not cover it.

  4. My mother and stepdad (Democrats forever) will not even watch the debates/news programs when any of the Democratic candidates come on because they are so nauseated at the sight and sound of them.

  5. Green flies buzzing around Madrassa school in Brooklyn

    A big, hot, steaming pile of crap attracts a lot of green flies. Believe me, the flies were having mid-air crashes tonight as they buzzed around the comments being dished out by Hussein Ibish while talking about the Arabic Madrassa

  6. Heh. Yeah, Ann is very good at that flaying thing. I’m glad that she showed all of the recounts that had taken place, and ALL of them showed that George Bush was the winner, but somehow Hillary was unaware of this. And, uh, she’s supposed to be the democrat’s smartest woman, huh?

  7. heck no. she’s the smartest woman in the whole wide world.

  8. Flay and filet.
    If HRT© is really so smart and tough, then why did she bail on D.C. when she failed her BAR exam?
    She ain’t shiite, just hype.

  9. Can’t hang…got to get up, and my late afternoon siesta was interrupted after about ten minutes.

  10. Clinton vs. Obama on the Issues

    A lot of people come to this site looking for information about how Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama differ on the issues. As a superior life form, I feel it’s my duty to make sure these people don’t go away…

  11. Goodnight, then, n2l. Glad you weren’t injured in today’s little contretemps. How dare somebody interrupt your siesta?

  12. late n2l.
    I’m not far behind ya

  13. I’ve been intermittently sanding things that are to go on the 3-year-old grandson’s wall. I don’t want anything to accidentally fall down and bonk him on his lil’ head, so I’m sanding foam cut outs of dinosaurs and such that will be painted and hung on his wall. He’s being moved out of the baby room into the Big Boy room. I think some incentives to make moving into the big boy room something exciting without causing a lot of resentment toward baby in 3-year-old’s former room would be nice. The cost is EXTREMLY low (okay, free to daughter) and if something is broken, I can replace it with some rigid pink insulation foam or styrofoam and paint.

  14. Yes, I am procrastinating on my job search. I don’t think I want to be an employee any more. I’ve done it for a year and a half now, and do not like it one bit.

  15. well, you can only fish just so much

  16. There Always Has Been

    Among the reasons for which some people were against marching against Saddam Hussein is the claim that he and Iraq were and are not a part of the War on Terror, oh, you know, the one where the terrorists are…

  17. Truther faces the truth: He is an Army deserter

    You would think he would have been nailed long before.  He was active constantly in his never ending quest to convince people his wild theories are true, did it never occur to him that his own truth would be exposed?

    The story comes from News…

  18. Congressional exercises in futility: Iraq military bases

    Thank God the House is acting on this critical issue:

    House Votes to Ban Permanent Bases in Iraq

    “The Democratic Congress will go on record – every day if necessary – to register a judgment in opposition to the course of action…

  19. Similarly, a 2000 study by the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons estimated the Cuba took in $1.2 million a month from Zimbabwe, of which only a “very small fraction…goes to pay the physicians themselves and their families in the island.” Indeed, Cuban doctors earn a meager $15 a month. “It’s a kind of slavery if you will,” Dr. Antonio M. Gordon, a Miami-based physician and one of the study’s authors, told Front Page. “Say the doctor is sent to Zimbabwe. 95 percent of what he earns in a month will stay in the hands of the Cuban Ministry of Public Health. In effect, his services will be sold [to the government].” Meanwhile, the communist elite prospers.

    The left approves/condones slavery? Of course they do.

  20. The Lone Protester

    The following is cross posted from Jake over at Freedom Folks:
    We need a lot more of this!  Where is the outrage?  Where is the anger over American citizens seeing their professions destroyed locust like by illegal immigration?  This is Terry’…

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  22. South Korean Hostages Held by Taliban Orts –

    Of the 22 remaining South Korean hostages taken by the Taliban in Afghanistan

  23. Breasts Not Bombs… Big Time Breasts… Bomb…

    At the launch of the Hillary Clinton Headquarters in San Francisco a group of Moonbats backed by Code Pink crashed the ceremony and bared their breasts to protest the war in Iraq. These women are on a fruitless juggernaut.
    It would have been apropo…

  24. U.S.empowers Iran

    It’s America’s fault that Iran is so emboldened, especially when it comes to Iran’s nuclear program, the American hostages and Iran’s involvement in Iraq. They do what they want, because we have given them the power to do so by

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  26. By “We” gave Iran power, you mean Jimmy Carter and the Democrats.

  27. Pardon The Border Agents: Meat and Massive Good News!

    Do you want some meat first, or the massive good news first? Aw, hell, let’s go with the massive good news.
    In case you weren’t aware, Tom Tancredo said he was going to introduce an amendment that would

    prohibit the use of funds to enforc…

  28. MY MONEY!!! MY MONEY!!!

    A video of Rep. Don Young and his meltdown on the floor of the House as well as updates on fighting pork from around the web.

  29. Fred Thompson Deals With 9/11 Conspiracy Theorist – video-

    Ran across this little gem at the New Editor. Make sure you watch till the end where you can hear the moonbat in all her glory… Enjoy!
    A member of “Houston 9/11 Truth” asks Fred Thompson about his membership in The Council of Foreign…

  30. 1,776 Earmark Requests for Defense Appropriations

    The House of Representatives and its list of earmarks are in.. reaching a grand total of 1,776.
    Porkbusters has the list of earmarks by Representative and who has the most requests…
    The short list of the porkiest (is that a word) representatives…

  31. Don’t Judge a Book by it’s Cover

    My Beloved Curmudgeon and I have moved a lot during our marriage. Weve bought and sold several houses along the way. In all that moving we have found a few things have been very consistent for us. Those things have been so consistent that by the tim…

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  33. Do you get the feeling that it is the Senate which is becoming imperialistic?

    Asked Connie over at Hot Air. It seems that Specter is angry with U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Samuel A. Alito. Why you ask?From the mind that brought us “super-duper precedents”:
    Sen. Arlen Specter (R-Pa.) plans to …

  34. CAIR Attacks John Doe

    CAIR plans to continuing it’s attempt to protect terrorists and potential terrorists by suing John Doe’s. Hooper tries to play the race card, despite the fact that Islam is a religion, not a race, and likens informers to Grand Dragons

  35. THURS JULY 27 Castigating Conservative Cruelty and Credibility

    It’s like this.  I just don’t feel like blogging today.  What you see here is what you get.  It’s a …

  36. Did You know that you are hateful if you oppose il

    The nation’s largest Hispanic advocacy group says it must come up with a strategy to combat “a wave of hate” its leaders say came from talk radio’s efforts to sink the Senate’s immigration bill.

    “That had an extraordinary impact in the Senat…

  37. The Destruction of the Supreme Court

    -How liberals are planning an assault on an Independent judiciary
    -A man with a plan: Rep. John Campbell (R-CA) provides a blueprint for earmarks reform.
    -Good news: Adoption Rates on the Rise
    Popularity: unranked [?]…

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