Bullet-Riddled Body of S. Korean Found

Religion of Peace™ Update:

The bullet-riddled body of a South Korean hostage was found by police Wednesday in central Afghanistan after a purported Taliban spokesman said the militants had killed one of the captives.

The male victim had 10 bullet holes in his head, chest and stomach, and was discovered in the Mushaki area of Qarabagh district in Ghazni province, said police officer Abdul Rahman.

The Taliban spokesman said earlier that the hostage was was killed because Afghan authorities hadn’t met their demands to release other militants from prison.

This is cold-blooded murder.

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  1. Uh hunh. And the people that think that they will be “safe” if they just keep their heads down, stay out of the Islamic wars, engage in peaceful trade/business pursuits, are noncombatants, and tolerate really, really hard might want to reconsider.

  2. Good day Nukees!

  3. Nuke and all …

    here is an update on what I’ve been doing and why I’ve been away:


    I hope to get back to real commentary with you all soon.

    /have I ever really commented anything ‘real’

  4. cant be! ..its the religion of peace remember?

  5. Angel,

    I think they meant ‘religion of pieces’. Therefore beheadings etc., would comply.


  6. See! See!
    If they would have just appeased the Lil SheetHeads, that innocent man wouldn’t have had to die. It’s all the Afghan governments fault, his blood is on their hands, not the Lil SheetHeads…they had legitimate demands that the government wouldn’t negotiate on. Shame…shame, on the Afghan government!
    Like our old friend Stinky Whisselteats said, “I told you I’d shoot, but you didn’t believe me…why didn’t you believe me?”

    /do I really have to

  7. How about them Dallas explosions? Don’t be alarmed, there is no confirmed evidence that the LNG explosions were caused by terrorists…

  8. No, but there is evidence that the people filling the acetylene tanks had their fingers on the self-destruct button.
    /and nearly a fatal case of the dumb-a$$

  9. Glad there were no fatalities; it looked pretty bad on t.v.

  10. The two that were injured, and sent to Parkland’s burn unit, were trying to put out the initial fire…with garden hoses.
    It didn’t work.

  11. It was pretty brave of them to make the attempt, though, because they KNEW what would happen if those bad boys went off.

  12. Brave, perhaps.
    Smart, not so much.
    In a situation like that, a good ol’ABC fire extinguisher would have been well advised…not a garden hose.
    Just glad all the little critters at the Humane Society weren’t harmed.

  13. Hi, I’ve been trying to email you regarding this post – could you please email me when you read this. Thank you 🙂

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