dems go “all in” on war

They’re betting the ranch.

Even the Associated Press has noticed.

Democratic leaders are taking an all-or-nothing approach on Iraq, a tack that leaves its members empty-handed for now but keeps the party in lockstep with demands by anti-war groups.

At the end of the month, lawmakers were expected to break for their August recess without passing veto-proof legislation that would significantly challenge President Bush’s Iraq policies. Such a feat would have required Democrats to soften their stance or compromise with Republicans — something anti-war groups don’t want them to do and a move party leaders have shown no interest in.

“Our goal is the total political collapse of support for Bush’s war,” said Tom Matzzie, the Washington director for the anti-war group, which rose to prominence in last year’s elections. “And this August gives us an even better opportunity to achieve that.”

This is a high-risk political strategy. They either win big, or lose big.

Unfortunately for National Security, as well as the well-being of our military personnel, for the democrats to win necessitates a defeat for our country.

It becomes more important than ever that progress in Iraq be reported honestly and forthrightly. And, since the elite media seems determined to sit out the war in the green zone, I would suggest that y’all keep Mike Yon in your prayers, and go drop a few coins in his tip jar.

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  2. The Dhimmis going all in…LOL!
    Reminds me of that Muddy Waters song…Can’t Lose What You Never Had…can’t spend what you ain’t got.

  3. Reading this statement, I just had to laugh and shake my head. So an ability to speak well in public, regardless of the lack of content, makes this guy a presidential candidate? Commander in Chief? Possessor of the nuclear launch codes?

    I think what is irresponsible and naive is to have authorized a war without asking how we were going to get out

    What a maroon!

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