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h/t to Dave Barry’s blog for this scoop….



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  1. And who was the dumbass that didn’t know that was going to happen?

    /There is a reason that there are filters on the computers in the U.S. schools.

  2. What a load of stupidity. The million dollar question is, why weren’t filters in place BEFORE they were given to the children???

    They can now apply filters till the cows come home. But the horse is already out of the barn.
    Filters will not erase what the children have already viewed.

  3. I have been on the telephone for 3 frikkin’ hours this morning as daughter and mother called to complain about how I never call. I finally got the feeding done, and I’m going to hurry up and jump in the shower and LEAVE before somebody else decides to call to find out if I’m still alive, and I feel guilted into answering that horrible instrument of interruption and disruption.

    Sigh. Is it too much to hope that when somebody invents the time machine, they travel back to Alexander Graham Bell’s lab and burn that sucker down?

  4. I’m with you on that SwampWoman. I loathe the telephone. Never have been much of a ‘phone yakker’. I screen all of my calls. It irritates some most likely. But just as in answering my door, it is my prerogative whether or not I want to talk. My answering machine is my ‘peep hole’ so to speak. And I do have one on my front door too. lol

  5. Well, normally I answer/return my family’s phone calls, and most friends. Eventually. I was just supposed to be really busy today (on my day off) trying to get things done that I tend to let slide on work days and had hoped to get more accomplished than I ended up doing.

    I did see the report on Fox News on television as I was going to switch it off as I was walking out the door about the gas explosions in Dallas and some people injured by explosions/flames/projectiles from explosions, and hoped that ol’ n2l wasn’t in the area. I came back to the computer to see if he had stopped by a computer and has not been bonked by flaming debris.

  6. First the kids watch porn. Second they’ll figure out how to create spam. Nigeriean viagra and lottery chain letters. oh yeah !

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