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OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) – An oral surgeon who played a practical joke on his assistant, and got sued for it, ended up getting the last laugh Thursday.Dr. Robert Woo, of Auburn, temporarily implanted fake boar tusks in his employee’s mouth while she was under anesthesia and took photos that later made the rounds. The employee felt humiliated and quit, later suing her boss.When Woo’s insurance company wouldn’t deal with the lawsuit, Woo settled out of court for $250,000 – and sued the insurers. A King County Superior Court jury agreed with him and awarded him $750,000 dollars.

The insurance company won on appeal. But the state Supreme Court on Thursday restored the award for Woo. The court decision was 5-4.

I couldn’t find a picture of the boar’s tusks. Heh.

Update:  yes I did.boar.jpg

I’ve got to make a day trip over to the River counties…..

So, this is back-to-back- open threads. But’s that’s OK, because this is the world famous Friday Open Thread. Please post your comments, questions, prognostications, dimpled chads, shout-outs, complaints, trackbacks, links, or anything else that you can think of, within the bounds. Have a great Friday.


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  1. Friday Sermon From Iran

    Nothing but tough love from Tehran’s substitute Friday prayers leader Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati this morning. Speaking …

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  4. Spencer Abraham, no way in Hell, Fred Thompson.

    Fred Thompson has been my favorite for President in the 2008 election, until now. If what I’m hearing about Spencer Abraham, Thompson’s new campaign manager, then Fred’s campaign is dead in the water. Spencer Abraham, according to reports, is a

  5. “Some Cold-Eyed Rationalism”

    From a longer post by someone worth listening to…

  6. I got bupkiss…zilch…nada!
    Maybe tonight I can get caught up on what’s happening, and share a link or two.
    /life intrudes

  7. Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Everybody’s Favorit

    The celebs we love to hate? What does it say about us?

  8. You Have Two Years to Fix Your TV

    Congress is concerned about the lack of broadcast bandwidth, so on February 18, 2009, broadcast television will switch from analog to digital. Digital TV takes less bandwidth than analog TV. Some of the bandwidth freed by the switch will be…

  9. Good News Friday – OTA

    Interest in God and creation are alive and well in America. Though there are elements of our society that would erase all symbols and mention of our God, Americans still seek to be close to Him and learn His message. . .

    Open for less than two month…

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  11. This Explains Liberalism

  12. Harry Potter, Zionist agent

    Here’s a new one for the list.JW reports that the Iranians think that Harry Potter is a Zionist mind control device.In an article, the Iranian daily Kayhan, which is identified with Iranian Supreme Leader ‘Ali Khamenei, criticized Iran’s Culture and

  13. Have a great weekend all you nookie’s!


  14. The Pigeon’s Perfect Steak

    ADMIN NOTE: I’ll be offline tomorrow, spending the day at the Colorado Renaissance Festival with the Hummingbird and minions. Back on Sunday! Summer’s in full swing and while anyone can slap a slab of meat on the grill, cooking a

  15. Uh, thanks Coz, I think. 😯

  16. I been called a lot of things, but that one is a first! 😆

  17. FRI JULY 27 The Hazleton Ruling, Conservatives, Racism, and the Aryan Nation

    “…We note that the descendants of non-Asian immigrants who entered this country before the immigration restrictions of the 1920s who …

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  19. WTF happened here? 😕

  20. just experimentin’

  21. Illegal Immigration’s Family Breakdow

    Two articles by Heather Mac Donald, pretty much discount the “Hispanic family values” meme. Mac Donald brings her unique reporting skills to the largely ignored and denied fact of rising and rampant …

  22. Okay nuke. Skeert me there for a bit. Thought I landed on the wrong planet. 😀

  23. You’re in the right place.
    How are things going?

  24. All is good here, just getting settled in for the weekend and thought I’d check in.

  25. Good to hear from you.
    Hope y’all have a great weekend.

  26. Looks the same to me. What’s different?

  27. I tried a couple of other templates

  28. Photo Hunt Saturday

    This week’s photo hunt Saturday theme is Creative. Any time we are on Hilton Head we go to the Art Cafe and let the girls paint pottery. Actually we normally paint, but this trip I didn’t. We were somewhat limited on time so I didn’t have the chance…

  29. Another really, really long piece by J.R. Dunn, but it’s a good’un.
    Democide: Democrats and the Awful Truth of Genocide.

  30. I guess Jon Voight is done making movies…whether he wishes to or not.

  31. too bad the same doesn’t apply for his daughter

  32. “a malevolent clown like Hugo Chavez.”
    great description.

  33. I’m going to have to save JR Dunn’s piece for tomorrow.
    Long day today.

  34. If you wish to call what she does making movies.

  35. I’m shocked. Jon Voight? I never would have guessed it.

  36. Yeah, know what you mean.
    I was doing a quick total today, with four days left in the month, and it appears July will be my top sales month of the year.
    For the previous fifteen years, it has been one of the two worst months of the year.
    Have you looked at economic indicators lately? Man, what a four year ride the economy has been on.

  37. I was quite surprised about the growth in the economy despite the housing market/loan market problems.

  38. Hey Robert D!
    Yeah, wish more of them would understand and speak up. For what he does, and where he works, it’s a career killer, though.

  39. Yeeha, n2l! You keep on makin’ them sales. A full-figured woman like me gonna need a lot of McDonald’s hamburgers tossed under the bridge.

    And maybe an upgrade to Whataburgers!


  40. There are probably a lot of people that realize it (they couldn’t all be stupid, could they?) but still have a long career left.

  41. Me too, Swampie. And with the looming sub prime default yet to come.

    ** Real After-Tax Per Capita Personal Income Has Risen By 9.9 Percent – Nearly $3,000 Per Person – Since President Bush Took Office.

    ** Real Wages Rose 1.1 Percent Over The 12 Months Ending In May. This is faster than the average rate during the 1990s, and it means an extra $729 in the past year for the typical family with two wage earners.

    ** The Economy Has Now Experienced Over Five Years Of Uninterrupted Growth, Averaging 2.9 Percent A Year Since 2001. Real GDP grew a strong 3.1 percent in 2006.

    ** Since The First Quarter Of 2001, Productivity Growth Has Averaged 2.8 Percent. This is well above average productivity growth in the 1990s, 1980s, and 1970s.

    ** Purchasing Managers Reported Manufacturing Expansion For The Fifth Consecutive Month In June. The Institute for Supply Management manufacturing index rose to 56 in June.

    ** Strong Economic Growth Has Helped Produce Record Levels Of Tax Revenue, Which Is Helping Reduce The Federal Deficit And Meet Our Goal Of A Balanced Budget. Record tax revenues helped us reach the President’s goal of cutting the deficit in half three years ahead of schedule. Receipts have increased nearly 35 percent since the tax relief was fully implemented in 2003, and the deficit has declined by $165 billion in the last two years.

  42. mmmmmmm WHATABURGERS!

  43. How about a piece of Popeye’s and some tater salad?

  44. Yup. that’s what we get when we elect an MBA instead of a lawyer

  45. I like a double meat Whataburger, dragged through the garden, with japalenos, on a whole wheat bun….mmmmm.
    /no cheese..I want to taste the meat

  46. n2l, hope he saved some of that money he made before he spoke his mind. He’s gonna need it.

  47. Letter to God

    the contract made between you and Abraham is up for renewal, and this memorandum is to advise you that after, yea, those many millennia of consideration, we’ve decided not to renew.

  48. I hope so Robert D.
    Although, he has made some coin over the years, and gets residuals everytime one of his movies is shown…think about that.

  49. I’ll take Popeyes and tater salat on Sunday.

    Daughter is going to a picnic tomorrow where they’re going to have a tater salad competition for who makes the best tater salad. I, uh, don’t think that a tater salad taste test at a picnic when it’s 95 degrees out is the best idea in the world, but that’s just me.

  50. I hope some of them have the good sense to put the tater salad bowls in an ice bath.

  51. nite y’all

  52. I don’t rely on people having good sense. It only leads to frustration.

  53. G’nite, Nuke.

  54. We had another 5+ inches of rain here today. The fish in the local ponds are still workin’ on evolving lungs, though, because the water levels are still real low.

  55. Five inches is still better than another five wild fires.
    Night nuke. Don’t put the hook in the screen door, I’m right behind ya’.
    We still are getting showers late in the afternoon, temps staying in the upper 80’s low 90’s. High school and college football start in about four weeks, and we haven’t even had one day of temps of or over 100. Most unusual. I know those 100 degree days are coming, but it won’t matter, as we won’t have two months of temps like that, and the boring sunny, hot, and clear days.

  56. Well, better go wash a few dishes, bag the trash, and hit the bunk.
    See y’all tamale.

  57. You’re having Florida weather. I’m not complaining about the rain at all; I’m grateful to get it without any tropical storms/hurricanes attached to it.

    The young men are usually at the track in the evening running up and down the bleachers and putting in some running time getting ready for football.

  58. Goodnight, then. I have a few more hours to put in here tonight, and then (sigh) gotta put in several hours tomorrow, too, if I want to pay bills.

    /Because I don’t think I really want to live under a bridge.

  59. Yep, football is almost here. HUZZAH!!
    Oh, one last thing, a hurricane expert has revised his prediction for this year…henh.

  60. G’nite nuke and n2l. Check with you later.

  61. Yeah, but by damn the self-proclaimed “climate change” experts sure know what it will be doing 10, 20, and 50 years into the future.

  62. Robert, it’s just you and me again. We gonna have to stop meeting like this (grin).

  63. Well then, g’nite to you too Swamps. I’m gonna go find the bed myself.

  64. OH! Are you still here, Swamps?

  65. Yep.

  66. Goodnight, Robert D.

    /Why does everybody go to bed before dawn?

  67. Imagine that. You are the last one standing….

  68. Because dawns early light is best viewed when waking, not when going to sleep. (imho)

  69. Story of my life.

  70. When SwampMan and I used to make cross country trips in our younger days to visit relatives with the kids, when the sun went down I would drive; when the sunlight started coming through the window in the morning, time for him to take over because that was when I started getting very sleepy.

  71. I hated working the night shift.

  72. Actually, dusk and dawn were always my favorite times to be out driving or hiking.

  73. I worked swing shift when I was in high school. My lil’ brother would stay up and have dinner waiting for me when I got home, and then I did my homework, went to bed, went to school in the morning/repeat.

  74. I know what you mean about the morning sun, the night is wonderful, the dawn looks great, then the sun breaks over the mountains and it’s sleepy time.

  75. The time in Arizona and west Texas just confirmed my night owl tendencies; the day was too hot, but the evening was just right.

  76. I worked a rotating shift at a paper mill for many years, and I still like getting up before the sun does, and being home as it sets.

  77. G’nite again, really…

  78. Do they still have paper mills out around you? Here, they have mostly shut down.

  79. G’night, then, Robert D.

  80. Weekend Open Trackback – July 27-29, 2007

    Weekend open trackback! Leave a trackback of your best post for others to read.

  81. No, the paper mill shut down about 5 years ago. It was the last of the former Kimberly Clark mills. I was long gone before it closed. Still, it was sad to see it go.

  82. Guess I still have a few minuets left in me.

  83. I never minded the paper mills, either. They smelled like money to me (grin).

  84. WOW! I haven’t heard that in a long time! I know just what you mean…

  85. Guess nobody knows what money smells like anymore.

  86. And speaking of environmentally unfriendly, do you remember the wigwam burners?

  87. It is pitiful. Tree huggin’ bastids… but they still like the more polluting plastic versions of the real thing. Dumb asses……….

  88. Wigwam burners???

  89. Yeah. You’ve seen ’em, I’m sure; here’s an old photo I dredged up off the web.

  90. Yep, givin’ a moment to think, there were a lot of them around here until about the 70’s.

  91. The air really IS cleaner today; I understand you can actually see the mountains in LA now.

  92. Of course, the industries that used to dirty the air have either shut down or relocated to another country who values jobs over crystal clear air.

  93. We had a bunch of those around here. Then the powers that be decided we had too much air pollution, and shut down most everything that could pollute the air. And guess what??? The air was still polluted…Being as we have a southerly flow of wind here in northern CA, we get the crap from the city folks in the valley below us. But that still seems to be our fault!!! GGGRRRRRR.

  94. Grin. So you still have the pollution but not the high paying jobs? Doesn’t sound like a good trade to me.

  95. There are no mountains in L.A. If anyone traveled outside the frickin city to the mountains and looked down on that hell hole, they’d never go back.

  96. Well, now, there are mountains in the distance visible from LA because I saw them once when the smog lifted. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a hallucination.

  97. You gotta look for the happy medium. 😀

  98. So what do the people around you do for a living, Robert D, if most of the industry has been shut down to propitiate Gaia? Not (horrors)drive into LA? What has taken the place of the mill jobs for the local workers?

  99. Yes, mountains in the distance….That’s not LA. That’s a mountain range many miles away from the barren desert of LA. A piece of land that could not exist without water being pumped in from other states. (including Jefferson) 😉

  100. SwampMan was waving some Krispy Kreme doughnuts at me earlier, and I told him that I would NOT eat one because I was on a diet. I went to get one because I’m not feeling particularly diety now and that BASTARD ate every one of them.

  101. Hey, Miami and Tampa are in the same situation.

  102. Logging and construction still rule up here, for the moment.

  103. There wasn’t really anything for the displaced mill workers to segue into here.

  104. Swampman is a very special kind of evil person. I would not be alive tomorrow if I did that.

  105. He has evilness raised to a fine art.

  106. When we do get Krispy Kreme in this house, I have to ask for one. If I ate the last one…. 😯

  107. That’s what my eyes would look like with Mrs. D’s hands around my neck.

  108. Okay, gotta go now. G’nite Swamps. I’ll check in tomorrow.

  109. Heh. Well, I might just sneak out and go to find an open place with some Krispy Kremes. Or try to find the truck making the rounds.

  110. G’nite, Robert D.

  111. Or, I just might find a novel where the hero NEVER eats all the donuts and watch Red Eye instead. Sigh.

  112. The overreactions (on both sides) of pharmacies and the Plan B pill

    Once again an issue has cropped up that is being completely misrepresented by all parties, and once again, it is up to me, your host, to clarify the real issues.

    First of all, the Plan B pill, or the morning after pill was developed to act as a pre…

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  116. One of Nepals Living Goddesses Fate is Being Reco

    Controversy has surrounded on of the top three Living Goddesses of Nepal since she broke with tradition and traveled overseas to help promote a British documentary about her life.

  117. Schumer Promises Obstruction Of Justice

    After all, liberals believe they have a God-given right to control the courts and impose liberalism through the judiciary, no matter what the beliefs of the overwhelming majority of Americans. New York Sen. Charles E. Schumer, a powerful member of…

  118. John Edwards Proposes Taxing You To Create Savings Accounts For The Poor

    Yeah, that’s right — that money you earned won’t go in your savings account, but in the account of someone that John Edwards views as more worthy of your hard-earned dollars. Among the proposals, Edwards would make long-term savings easier…

  119. Immigrants did not make this country great

    I am an immigrant and I’ll say it again: “Immigrants did not make this country great.”

  120. An American Communist: Hillary Clinton & The Democ

    I showed my readers the comparisons, if fact, some of the exact wording from the Communist Manifesto stated today by our “progressive, liberal democrats.

  121. Nature’s Secrets Yield New Adhesive

    Scientists report they have merged two of natures most elegant strategies for wet and dry adhesion to produce a synthetic material that one day could lead to more durable and longer-lasting bandages, patches, and surgical materials.

  122. Spotlight on: Toddler Planet

    This morning, while surfing here and there, we discovered a post at Whirlwind entitled “It Could Save Your Life” with the tag line “Keep it going.”
    Reading closer, we realized that the words there were actually written by WhyMom…

  123. Hilary’s Aristocrats

    Hillary wants to set up a taxpayer funded academy to train future politicians. Yeah, because we need more professional politicians.
    Popularity: unranked [?]…

  124. Liberals Go Fox Hunting Just Be-Kos They Can

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  127. Godly Wisdom — July 29, 2007

    Think Before You Speak, Because Your Reputation Is Linked To Your Words.

  128. LA Times Demands Mercy For American Taliban

    Un-FREAKIN’-believable! Now we have a major metropolitan newspaper calling for the release of the little jihadi pig from California. I’ll just quote the whole thing, as it is utterly beyond belief. The president’s power to grant clemency — in the…

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  130. Lowe’s Dropped O’Reilly Because Of A Kos Reader? Looks Like Kos Was Caught In A Lie By His Own Readers!

    Time to boycott Lowe’s? Contact Us Customer Care (CON8) Lowe’s Companies, Inc. P.O. Box 1111 North Wilkesboro, NC 28656. 1-800-445-6937 Contact Us…..Get ahold of someone..cause this appears to be a big fat lie on behalf of Kos……

  131. Picture of the year: Saint Cindy speaks, and Atlas Shrugs is there

    SVC alerted me to this.

    Mama Sheehan was continuing her campaign against reason, and Atlas Shrugs was there.

    See the video below and enjoy how the conservative voices of dissent were pushed as away as possible, and their American Fl…

  132. The Right To Not Obey Sharia Law, Redux

    Although hate crime laws were not created to enforce sharia law in the United States, they are certainly being used to do so now.
    Stanislav Shmulevich of Brooklyn was arrested on charges of criminal mischief and aggravated harassment, both hate crimes,…

  133. It’s Raining PorK Halleluyah!

    Religion of Peace?
    Because nuthin’ says peace like Muzlims incessantly calling for the implementation of shaaaaaaria law.

  134. ben foster ellen

    Thanks for the nice read, keep up the interesting posts..

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