RIP: Lowe’s

A few years ago, Lowe’s built a shiny new store less than a mile from my home.

Oh yeah!

Nuke’s Toy Store. Heh.

Sunday afternoon strolls through the Home Improvement Section, checking out the power tools, shopping for landscaping junk in the Garden Center: Lowe’s is cool. Their prices aren’t spectacular, but the variety of name brands, and a clean new store means that my dollars have gone to Lowe’s much more frequently than they have gone to the locally owned building and supply store a few miles farther down the road.

Having said all that, you can understand that my decision to no longer patronize Lowe’s is a tough one.

But not that tough.

Lowe’s decision to pull their ad dollars from the top-rated show on cable tv is going to have consequences. Frankly, I don’t give two hoots about the Bill O’Reilly Show. But by bowing to the extortionists at the Daily POS, Lowe’s has just gone to the top of Nuke’s Shite List. I won’t be shopping there anymore. Period.

And, when I consider that I have bought a new roof, hot water heater, washer and dryer, dishwasher, microwave, and various sundry other tools, supplies, etc over the last couple of years at Lowe’s, it is not an insignificant amount of money. Of course, it won’t mean a flip to a big outfit like Lowe’s. But, it sure will matter to the locally-owned store that stands to benefit from my patronage.

UPDATE: Mike C and Ann have put the GCP fact-checker on my azz.

Uh, it seems that the Lowe’s decision pre-dates the Daily POS/MoveOn boycott by several months….

Oh, well. It’s still a good rant.

UPDATE 2: The advertiser targeting list by the leftist blogger newshounds. h/t n2l


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78 Responses

  1. Hey Nuke,
    Good for you by voting with your dollars. The ‘other’ big home improvement store has had similar fallout. They may not feel it today but they will feel it eventually. And all the political stuff aside, it’s just plain stupid for a business to let politics sway good business sense. They just denied themselves exposure to millions of viewers. Not smart. Do they think that conservatives don’t do home improvement? Aren’t we supposed to be the ones with the big bucks? If so, they could be denying themselves a portion of them.

  2. ACE, OSH and Tractor Supply will get all of my business. Hope they are not swayed too.

  3. writerchick, did Home Depot cave too? I know they were being pressured.

  4. I wonder how many of the Kos Kidz have a clue which end of the hammer to use?

  5. that reminds me of a “Little Moron” joke….heh

  6. Home Depot has not had an unusual number of calls, said spokesman Jerry Shields, and the home improvement chain will not change its advertising strategy.

    “We’re not in the business of censoring media,” Shields said. “We need to reach our customer base through all mediums available.”

    Groups like the Sierra Club have targeted Home Depot because they believe it’s inconsistent for the company to promote environmentally friendly products while advertising on a network that has questioned global warming.

    I always preferred Lowe’s over HD. Bad move on their part.
    In keeping with the Marxist trying to silence those voices that are in opposition to their totalitarian views, there is nice piece at RealClearPolitics.

    Czech President Vaclav Klaus, drawing on his memories of Soviet oppression, recently declared that the global warming hysteria had replaced Communism as “the biggest threat to freedom, democracy, the market economy, and prosperity.”

    The environmentalists continue to do their best to prove him right.

    I guess it takes one who suffered under communism to fully comprehend what a disastrous system it truly is, as opposed to mush-heads that listen to the gobbeldey-gook in high school and college, about how wonderful it would be if we all lived in a worker’s paradise.

  7. Nuke,

    I just sent Lowes a message letting them know they just lost another customer for succumbing to extortionists…

  8. thanks, Butch
    Let us know if they reply.

  9. Dangit! Lowe’s has better lumber than Home Depot here.

  10. I had the usual power outage here following a severe thunderstorm and wanting to get some chores done since I couldn’t do anything productive at the house, I told SwampMan I was headed for the feed store. “Go get my keys, I’ll drive you.” “Say WHAT?” “It’s too hot to stay here.”

    One of my good friends was at the feed store. After engaging in the obligatory hugging and back patting, I told her we had no electricity. She told me her daughter had called her on the cell phone and informed her that the electricity was out, and asked whether mom had remembered to pay the electric bill. “Ohmygawd, those were my exact words to SwampMan!” “You did NOT talk to that sweet man like that.” “He is NOT a sweet man, wait until you hear about his latest episode of spousal abuse! He offered my Krispy Kreme donuts last night and when I refused on account of I was trying to make it at least look like I was dieting, he ate them. Every one.” “You goof, I would have eaten them in front of you.” “HE DID!”

    She told me she had JUST the thing to make me feel better, opened her car door, and there were dozens of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies in platters on the back seat. “I baked these for a church fund raiser this morning, and we got rained out.” She handed me about 10 cookies. “Here’s enough to share with SwampMan.” “No WAY. These are ALL MINE.” So she handed SwampMan a handful of cookies while I was busily snarfing mine down. I told SwampMan one of us is going to have to marry this woman because she can flat out cook.

    She was worried about how long it would take to get the power back on this time, because she had to cook some food because a mutual friend’s daughter had died suddenly. “SAY WHAT?” “If you would answer your phone or listen to your messages, you would KNOW these things!” Sheesh, enough about the phones already. “What happened, a car accident?” “No, pneumonia.” “WHAT? She was way too young to die from pneumonia!” “No, she was about 45.”

    I think I’ll just sit here drinking my Diet Coke to erase the cookie calories while waiting for death.

  11. Robert D,
    In re: HD – locally (southern calif) they were building ‘recreation’ centers for the illegal population near their stores so it would be easier for them to get work, despite the fact that the community was adamently opposed to it. They persisted and consequently lost a lot of their business. Not long afterwards, they stopped putting up the centers. That was my reference.

  12. Thanks writerchick.

  13. Swamps, I keep trying to cancel calories too, with Diet Pepsi. (it don’t work either)

  14. Exiles: Chavez requires attention.

    For Isilio Arriaga, the most important issues in the 2008 presidential race don’t revolve around taxes or the Iraq War.

    His passion is his homeland of Venezuela, where leftist President Hugo Chávez has used that country’s vast oil wealth to move toward a Cuban-style socialism — a danger, Arriaga believes, for both Latin America and the United States.

    Arriaga and other members of Independent Venezuelan-American Citizens are pushing the presidential candidates in their adopted country to take a hard line on Chávez’s ”anti-democratic” actions. They’ve had some successes — sometimes with the help of South Florida’s Cuban-American power brokers.

    Today the group will meet with Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, the former Massachusetts governor, at — where else — the nexus of Cuban-American political power, Versailles Restaurant in Little Havana.

    ‘Chávez is creating a mess in Latin America, taking it back to the days of `Yanqui go home,’ said Arriaga, a past president of the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce and a former Florida Public Service Commission member. “Every candidate needs to include Venezuela in their platform . . . because there is a problem there, and it’s going to get worse.”

    While Arriaga is a Republican — and on two advisory committees for Romney’s campaign — the group’s leaders say that there are Democrats and nonaffiliated independent-minded voters among their members.

  15. I just don’t understand why it isn’t working, Robert D.

    /After all, the magical powers of Diet Coke are well documented by word of mouth.

  16. 😀 yeah, I know….

  17. CARACAS, Venezuela — Gisela Parra started trembling behind the steering wheel and nearly hit another car when she heard the news over the radio: She had been charged with trying to overthrow President Hugo Chavez.

    Fearing she would end up behind bars on what she says are trumped-up accusations, she boarded a private yacht in the middle of the night and escaped to the Dutch Caribbean island of Curacao, her gateway to the United States and political asylum.

    “I went into shock because I never imagined that something like that could happen to me,” Parra told The Associated Press by phone from Palmetto Bay, Fla., where she is among a growing community of Venezuelan asylum-seekers in the Miami region. “It was at that moment that I understood the Cubans who leave on rafts.”

    Parra is among more than 3,700 Venezuelans who have been granted asylum in the United States since 1999 claiming political persecution. The U.S. government, no friend of Chavez, happily accepts many of them, but many more are currently in the United States illegally and could face deportation.

    Chavez vehemently denies persecuting opponents, saying many have broken the law while trying to topple him.

    “Nobody is persecuted here,” Chavez said in a recent interview with the AP. Dozens of fugitives wanted for crimes in Venezuela are living in the U.S., he said, many of them “putting on the mask of saying ‘I’m being persecuted politically.'”

  18. “Nobody is persecuted here,” Chavez said in a recent interview with the AP. Dozens of fugitives wanted for crimes in Venezuela are living in the U.S., he said, many of them “putting on the mask of saying ‘I’m being persecuted politically.’”

    Sounds like a direct quote from his buddy Castro.

  19. Yep. Old Chavez’s prisons are just slap full of people that he isn’t persecuting politically.

  20. I read another New York Times lugubrious report about how the stock market has had its worst day in years. Guess they thought I would overlook that little fact of it reaching record highs.

    Now I can’t find it link to.

  21. Did y’all see where an Iranian car and tractor maker are producing those products in Venezuelan factories now?

  22. Most of the news sources that I am looking at are carrying stories about “how being around fat people will make you fat” (cue scary sounds here).

    “Journalists” really need to get life experience in other fields and to get out more instead of passing a (stupid) opinion such as that off as “news”.

  23. Here you find it link to.

  24. You must be mistaken, n2l. There were neither tractors nor cars in the koran.

  25. Well, there wasn’t falafel either, but there you have it.

  26. Hmmmmm. Okay, Iran is offering engineering help when it can’t keep its own oil fields in good repair or build airplanes, and has to get the Russians to build it’s nuclear plant.

  27. #22 n2l

    Imagine that. Two America hating a@@holes getting together. I wonder what else they are doing behind the curtain.

  28. Knowing those two, probably violating little boys.

    Hey, she’s no longer Cynthia, she is now RightHandGirl, and she is over at Pat Dollard’s place. He and I may have to go a few rounds, now.

  29. Henh…a show of hands.
    It sux to be a demonrat.

  30. She’d be worth fighting for n2l.

  31. I’m still watching videos at Pat Dollard’s. I like that Iraqi patriots film.

  32. #31-I could get all primal and shiite, over her.
    /where’s that asses jawbone

  33. Yeah, Swampie. Ol’Pat has some good vids over there.
    I just read the story over there, about the anti-jihad campaign.

  34. So Ol’Icetray Jefferson’s evidence has been unsealed.
    He drove a…1990 Town Car? Thrifty bribe taker ain’t he.

  35. Some older cars are more comfortable than the new ones. But then again, he did hide the money in his freezer….

  36. Yeah, but dude…a 1990 Town Car? Nothing spells has been like a seventeen year old luxury car. Unless it was restored or planning on being restored. I mean, break out one of those soy burger boxes, and get a 2007 Town Car.

  37. A special on radical islam on FNC, right now.

  38. Not going to do me any good. SwampMan is watching Good Movies.

  39. Hang in there, Swampie.
    Back in about thirty.

  40. yea good rant!..heh thanks for the link as always and come visit more often eh?.. 🙂

  41. Has anybody besides me ever looked at that E-Harmony commercials with the people gazing nauseatingly into each other’s eyes and declaring how E-Harmony found the one person (in the entire world) that was right for them based on a whole shitload of points of personal compatability?

    I have to admit that I look at that and go “eewwwwwwww” because I could not get along for any length of time with somebody who was exactly like me.

    Then SwampMan calls me in saying “c’mon, babe, you GOTTA see this!” and I walk in to the Fisher King and Robin Williams is doing his imitation of some kinda mystical bowel movement and SwampMan thinks it is hilarious.

    E-Harmony. Maybe I could specify somebody that likes old 40s movies, without actually having been 40 years old at the time they were made.

  42. Gun-bashing on YouTube

    Sen. Joe Biden is the embodiment of snide. Snide is the embodiment of the left-wing attitude toward gun owners. So when snide Joe Biden confronted a YouTube user who asked Democrat presidential candidates about gun control during a debate Monday night, what unfolded was a Teachable YouTube Moment — the caught-on-tape embodiment of ideological snideness toward the Second Amendment and those who defend it.

    The rest of the story

  43. Sorry Swamps, Mrs. D also likes the 40’s & 50’s movies, but I won’t watch them with her. However, I went with her to LOTR about 5 years ago.

  44. SwampMan went with me (reluctantly) to see LOTR, and kept saying “what the hell was that?”, and also Pirates of the Caribbean and (grin) the Harry Potter flicks, except for the latest.

    You’re right. I owe him.

  45. WHAT? You don’t watch Bogey movies?

  46. What is LOTR?
    Watched about five minutes of Diseased Rogue Sailors of the Carribean, and that was too much. Harry Potter, ignorance and indiference prevailed.
    I can watch those old movies, but only if there is nothing good on, like the Simpsons or SouthPark.

  47. Bogart, I never understood the fascination.

  48. I’ve seen them before. Mrs. D can watch a movie time and time again, whereas I could only watch Top Gun and Days of Thunder over and over again. Then Tom spoke up and made me hate those movies.

  49. Lord of the rings.

  50. I watched about five minutes of those two movies too, Robert D.
    Now Hot Shots one and two, those were some good movies.

  51. Oh, okay. Yeah, watched those. They were okay. I read the books over thirty years ago, so couldn’t remember how closely the movie followed the books. They seldom do.

  52. I started boycotting movies at the cinema, in 1989. I broke my boycott once, in 04, to see the Passion. I didn’t feel like I was giving my money to Hollyweird, in quite the same way.
    I will break my boycott again, soon, to go see the Simpson’s movie. A 7-11 not far from me, is one of ten in the U.S. that has been converted into a Quickie-Mart. It has been a mob scene since they started the promo.

  53. It was something we could agree on, and it was a pretty good movie. Actually, we went to two of those and I can’t remember the difference now, but still good.

  54. SwampWoman

    Ed is excited about the first major headed our way around Aug 8. Right now predicted Palm Beach with a swing north. Too early to tell but be prepared

  55. Haven’t watched the simpsons since Tracy Ullman. Is a Quickie-Mart something in the simpsons? If it is, I can’t believe someone hasn’t done that already.

  56. I have watched every episode of the Simpsons, except the one with Michael Mooron, many, many times, over the last nineteen years, and also the years before, on Tracy’s show.
    Yeah, the Quickie Kwik E Mart.
    Proprietor:Apu Nahasapeemapetilon.

  57. Wow, thanks for the heads up, Bonz. I hadn’t been paying attention since I rarely get the FRIKKIN TV CONTROLS!

    /SwampMan says “Would you just RELAX? It isn’t like you have 100 yards of concrete that’s going to be rained on anymore.”

  58. Here’s a leftard blog with an extensive list of Fox advertisers. Dang, I sure have a lot of emails to send out, supporting these folks decision not to buckle to the totalitarian Marxist.

  59. SwampMan is helping girl scouts with their merit badges next week, and I have been coerced invited to help teach them the finer points of whacking things with a hammer. So far, he’s helped 3 boy scouts with their Eagle projects; the first one is in the Navy, the second one is in the Air Force, and the third one hasn’t graduated high school yet.

  60. As for this thread’s basis, it seems Lowe’s pulled their ads on O’Reilly, not FNC, due to some comment he made about the Missouri kid that had been kidnapped and returned, back in early February, not due to nutroot pressure.

  61. Well, I have to admit that when O’Reilly comes on, I mostly switch channels.

    Damn, somebody’s gonna pull my VRWC creds for sure now.

  62. well, that hasn’t stopped the nutroots for claiming credit for it.
    truth never has gotten in their way

  63. I never watch O’Reilly. It comes on at 7p.m. here, and unless there is going to be something on his show that interests me, I have other programs at that time I like. I question whether he is really a conservative, anyway.
    I’m gonna watch a little tv, hang with ma’boy, and hit the hay.

  64. ‘Nite! Bonz has taunted me with possibly being hurricaned, and I’m trying to find more information.

  65. O’Reilly never claimed to be a conservative. He has said many times that he is an Independant, which goes along just fine with my “Decline to State”. If you watched a little more of his show you may be able to comment with more…whatever. I don’t like everything he says, and I don’t watch every day either, but, nevermind……………..

  66. nite n2l

  67. Just came back in from watching the full moon rise over the mountain, and that has calmed me down a bunch. Sorry for the earlier outburst. G’nite n2l. (gotta get out on that deck more)

  68. Robert D, you got upset with my comment about O’Reilly?
    I don’t understand.
    I quit watching him years ago, when his hat size expanded several sizes after his best selling books. That, and too many times he was all over the place on an issue, and just flat wrong on the details of others. Conservatism has nothing to do with being an Independent voter, being a moderate does, and I found him inconsistent and erroneous too many times.
    If you like his show and watch it, it’s cool with me, so why shouldn’t my not liking or watching it, be cool with you?
    As for the Marxist wanting to shut him down, I am opposed to that from an ethical perspective. Everyone has the right to express their views, and I will defend his right to do so, as well. If people don’t like what he has to say, they can just turn him off, as I have.

  69. I was Wrong. Sorry…. 😳

  70. All is coolness! 😎

  71. I watched the last part of a movie I had tivoed last night, The Prophecy, with Chris Walken. Not the best movie ever made, but with some interesting dialogue, and insights into faith. The following lines come from the end of the movie, just after Satan(Vigo Mortenson) ate the black heart of Arch Angel Gabriel(Chris Walken).

    And in the end I think it must be about faith. And if faith is a choice, then it can be Iost…for a man, an angeI…or the deviI himself.
    And if faith means never completeIy understanding God’s plan, then maybe understanding just a part of it, our part, is what it is to have a soul.
    And maybe, in the end, that’s what being human is after all.

    That statement at the end was profound, to me.

  72. I think Robert D and n2l are both going to burn in hell for not liking Bogart movies. Heretics.

  73. […] Pingback by RIP: Lowes « Nuke’s News and Views […]

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