Sunday Nite Skynyrd

A little travelin’ music…


Nite y’all

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  1. Glad you givin’ the home boys some play tonight. Although Gimme 3 Steps is my fave.

  2. the plane went down a few miles from here

  3. I still love them Wild Eyed Southern Boys and always will.

  4. I was trying to find some good quality Allman Brothers but you know how it is with stuff from the early 70s.

  5. And Tom Petty, from Gainesville, Florida, sings my anthem. Just can’t do it.

  6. Good Morning and Happy Monday to all you ‘nookies’.

    I fill in on bass guitar every now and then for a cover band in my area. At some point during the show they bring out the ‘Wheel of Skynard’. Funny it most always seems to land on Sweet Home Alabama.


  7. Mornin’, Coz. How yew?

  8. Good Swampie!

    40 more hours of smilin’ and dialin’ until the weekend!

  9. I wonder how much alcohol and drug abuse has a work place as the cause?

  10. I’m drug free and don’t really drink much, but this job sure has sure pushed me to that edge.

  11. Be the grinder, not the grindee, coz.
    I think what you need can be found on the new thread.
    Wish I could hang, but doody duty calls.

  12. Yeah, yeah, we know, n2l. You don’t get ulcers, you give ulcers.

  13. Henh…I’m not like you at all, Swampie. 😆

  14. No, you are not.

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