Let me introduce myself….

Please don’t think from my following remarks I’m a Republican apologist. I’m a Democrat whose mother headed the Democratic Women’s Club in Austin, Texas for nearly a decade and whose father worked for LBJ for many years. They were hard line conservatives until the seventies and there was a decided swing left. Hell, I was leading the charge. We became socialists no doubt about it. We tried to tear down every value system existing. It was going to be the Utopia it was supposed to be.

Then I began to see how rabid the hard liners were. Their agenda wasn’t dedicated to equality and justice, it was only about power. They were the epitome of Big Brother. Thought control and slavery to the system. I detested the religious book burners but they had nothing on the purge of intellectual thought my fellow Democrats were planning. It wasn’t the Conservatives who were so hate filled, it was us.

They hate people who oppose or have the nerve to question them in any degree and vilify every action of those they deem to be heretical. They bludgeon transgressors with the courts and increasingly shrill rhetoric and ad hominem response to any intellectual discussion. Their ultimate aim is deconstruction of the Constitution so they can seize power permanently.

It’s also about the easy money and all the ways to skim from the system. They have their friends and family create fancy sounding foundations or institutes and funnel earmarks into their pockets. They give defense and civil project money to corrupt organizations and corporations where it is funneled back to them and theirs. The republicans have a few bad apples but they are nothing near the democrats in sleeze and corruption.

The real power in the party belongs to the Clinton Machine. It has divided the USA more than any other modern dynamic. It splits the public into easily manipulated factions with race baiting, class envy and economic fear, faux science religionism and crazy ass anti-America fringe groups. The majority of the press belongs to the Clinton Machine. It is that machine, with its totalitarian agenda, that has undermined our rights and created a fascist state inside the Democrat Party and the state at large. I voted for Bill Clinton believing he would bring change. He did, now moderate voices are shouted down within the party and the courts are the new political battleground. Then the whining over “What the eeeevil Republicans have done to our rights”. If anything the Republicans have been complicit with the Clintons in turning a blind eye all kinds of insider crime and not standing up to the skullduggery of the Democrats.

The Jury’s been out on this Pres. for any rational and truthful person but time is peeling back the layers on his conducts. I hoped he would be as good a President as he was a Texas Governor but then he spent too much money trying to buy public sentiment. I marvel that the great public speaker I knew him to be has vanished. Now he appears compromised on all kinds of issues that the public elected him to address, especially immigration and energy. I still believe him to be sincere though. Not a cynic like the democratic leadership.

The only power the people still have is the vote; but what are the choices? So here I am with my eyes open and without the representation I felt I once had. The Clintons are dangerous. Wolves in sheep’s clothing. Hillary’s way or the highway.

No dissent permitted.

4 Responses

  1. Glad you’re here, Beto

  2. All those deep thoughts, poetry, and the man can cook, too.

    /And he has a lovely wife.

  3. I have been both Democrat and Republican over the years. Anymore I prefer to just call myself a conservative-moderate Independent with occasional flashes of liberalism. But it is easy to see the hate growth in the Democrat Party. I have seen some of the worst since the birth of the Internet. The Democratic Underground Forum is filled with posters preaching hatred, death wishes and mocking even the members of their own party whom are Christian. It saddens me to see what the Democratic Party of my Father has digressed to. He was a life long Democrat for most of his life before becoming Republican during the Reagan years.

  4. I was once a Democrat. I’m ashamed of that. I’m proud to say I’m a Republican now and I never say never, except this: I will never vote for a Democrat again.

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