Truth-boating the Hillary Campaign, part 2

Truth-boating, Updated

More from the investigative FReeper, Doug from Upland…..

In the ’60s, a Future Candidate Poured Her Heart Out in Letters The New York Times ^ | July 28, 2007 | Mark Leibovich I’ve called Mark Leibovich to give him the rest of the story, but he hasn’t returned my call.

From the above article, you learned about Hillary coming to Winter Carnival at Dartmouth in 1967. Now, here is the rest of the story. In one sentence it is that THE GUY DITCHED THE WITCH.

“She would issue a blanket condemnation of the “boys” she had met (“who know a lot about ‘self’ and nothing about ‘man’ ”) and also tell of an encounter she had with “a Dartmouth boy” the previous weekend…..

….Her letters contain no mention of any romantic interest, except for one from February 1967 in which Ms. Rodham divulges that she “met a boy from Dartmouth and spent a Saturday night in Hanover.”

In her LYING DECLARATION OF APRIL 7, 2006 Hillary claimed to not remember anything that she might have discussed with Peter Paul at the Spago lunch or Gershman tea. Oh, really, Hillary?

Actually, at the Spago lunch, she discussed on film with Peter what happened at Winter Carnival. She went there for blind date. The guy got drunk, took a surfboard to an area with some small slopes, and played on his surfboard. He ditched the witch part way through the blind date. HERE IS THE DISCUSSION ON YOUTUBE FROM THE SPAGO LUNCH

Hillary could remember none of what was discussed at Spago or Gershman’s? In her deposition, she is going to be confronted with 5 hours of home video. “I don’t recall” is not going to fly this time.”

At the Gershman tea, on film Peter is introducing Hillary. He starts to talk about the Dartmouth Winter Carnival when she turns around and says, “Don’t tell everything.” It got the biggest laugh of the day. Nevertheless, the smartest woman in the world could remember nothing.


UPDATE from Dougfromupland :

Clinton defense team tries to avoid oral arguments. Plus…

Doug had two other interesting converstions today. The first was with the NY TIMES reporter who wrote the story of Hillary’s letters when she was at college. Doug provided him with the video of Hillary discussing with Peter at Spago her Dartmouth blind. The guy got drunk, put on his swim trunks, took his surfboard, and was navigating the snow-covered little hills on the golf course. The reporter was astounded that Peter has been able to get extensive home video of Hillary. He could not believe that Hillary would have ever allowed it.

The other call was with Dave Schippers. Dave was very pleased to hear that we are getting closer to the magic day when she is under oath. He was also amazed that Peter is now in possession of the smoking gun video.


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  2. Interesting but hardly dispositive. I can easily posit more than one mechanism that would explain her “memory lapses” apart from the implied stupidity (implied by the ironic use of “the smartest woman in the world”) or deliberate dishonesty.

    1.) The revelaqtions are embarrassing. So? Who among us has not consciously or unconsciously repressed embarrassing memories? The honest among us will admit that we cannot always be sure that our memories of events are not colored (or even repressed) by negative associations. This, of course, does not excuse her inability to accept facts when faced with them, but it does offer explanation.

    2.) Grow up, folks. Her jejune outlook as an undergrad was no more or less jejune than your own outlook at that age, and such outlooks rarely remain unchanged by time and experience. Again, the proper critique of Hillary here would be, IMO, NOT to see her denial (or perhaps genuine memory lapses–see #1) of the facts as an example of a lack of intellectual capability or intellectual or poligtical dishonesty, but as simply an over-exercised emotional defense mechanism.

    Perhaps–I doubt anyone has enough reliable data save for Bill or others close to her–Hillary has manufactured a personality that relies on an egocentric personality disorder similar to the Scott Peck proposal of an egocentric personality disorder that denies ALL negative information about self to the degree that ANY person advancing a negative view of the disordered self is attacked visiously. Perhaps that’s Hillary’s problem–perhaps it is an endemic political disorder? Surely such behavior is readily seen in many politicians *spit*.

    At any rate, I find it amusing to read (even these clumsy) words written by me in defense of the former First Bitch. While I do believe the facts at hand about Hillary’s youthful revelations are completely irrelevant today, her inability to say, “Yeh, I was a kid. So?” may be more important as an indication of her inability to be honest with herself, a problem that may well in the end keep her from higher office.

    And that would be at least one good thing (now, if only the entire Billary Beast could be banished from public consciousness entirely… *sigh*).

  3. David, you apparently missed the point. The only reason the Dartmouth incident and “don’t tell everything” is important is that Hillary swore in her declaration of April 7, 2006 that she had no recollection of anything she discussed with Peter Paul at the Spago lunch or Gershman tea. So, she remembered it vividly as they were at lunch in 2000, but she somehow forgot in her declaration? With 5 hours of home video, she is not going to get away with “I don’t recall” this time.

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  5. All the above, and she has a potty-mouth, and huge thighs.
    Her thighs are so big, seismologists know her whereabouts.

  6. I remember seeing a post of yours on another blog, a few months ago, where you mentioned your dad worked in the WH.
    I don’t doubt for a minute that they made threats like that. I was talking with some ladies here in Dallas, during the Clintoon years, and a friend of theirs worked in the White House, and was looking for Chelsea, and walked in on HRT and another woman doing the scissor-mambo. She left their employ not long after.
    We have addressed her trash-mouth before.

  7. Another one bites the dust.
    *Warning* Colorful adjectives.
    /full screen mode is the little x in the bottom corner.

  8. the scissor-mambo?
    that’s a new one

  9. I wish I could post liveleak vids, that was gruesomely fine

  10. The testosterone is gettin’ deep in here tonight.

  11. that ain’t testosterone, that’s chocolate.
    /obscure Ron White joke

    *edited for bad taste

  12. *but of course.

  13. But still….chocolate……I would kill for a hot fudge cake.

  14. #12-No more than usual.
    #11-Henh. Just helping him get his 72 goats.
    The thing about night vision, I can’t be certain what they were shooting. At first I thought it was Ma’Deuce, but then with the angle of trajectory, and the burst on impact, I think it was the MkII 20mm grenade launcher.
    Either way…one less IED emplacer, at least one more uninjured or killed GI.

  15. Good idea. I think I will have a Hostess ChocoCupCake.
    /no humans will be harmed

  16. Beto
    Shredded, and cross-cut. The best part is, he knew it was coming as he tried to run, instead of a quick clean, painless end.

  17. Dang, Beto. My cake baking skills are fine; endocarditis sounds like a diet plan that I’d rather not try.

  18. Geez, n2l, I ain’t gonna stand there all nice and quiet like while somebody’s shooting at me either. I want them to at least have to put some effort into it.

  19. I know that Swampie, just sayin’ I’m glad to know he knew it was coming instead of them hitting the off switch with the first shot, and that his last thoughts weren’t Aloha Snackbar, but that his Momma always told him to wear clean underwear…just in case.

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