Texans brace for invasion

…from crickets, that is.

This year’s wet weather has caused a “surge” in the cricket population. From AP,

cricket.jpgThey congregate on patios, slip into stairwells and, if they’re crunched under foot, oh do they stink. Crickets are here in force, annoying Texans earlier than usual – thanks to the year’s wet weather in much of the state.

The problem is so bad at the University of Texas at Austin that school officials are taking the unusual step of darkening the 307-foot-tall bell tower for three nights the next two weekends in hopes of keeping the insects away. The bugs are attracted to lights.

Linkfest Haven, the Blogger's OasisTower lights will be turned off early Friday evening through Sunday night, and again for three nights the following weekend, Aug. 3-5.

“The tower is one of their primary targets, of course, because we do have the lights on there,” said Bill Lucas, associate director of facilities maintenance at UT-Austin. He said the crickets gather atop the tower on its observation deck.

Here is a hump-day Open thread for your posting pleasure.

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  3. Oh, man, does THAT bring back memories of Arizona! After an unusually wet spring, the crickets were everywhere. The sidewalks were covered with crickets; you could not take a step without crunching 30 or so. They were everywhere.

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  5. “Here is a hump-day Open thread for your posting pleasure.”

    So many places a guy can go with this one,

    I’ll leave it alone…

    Howdy all at Nuke’s!

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  9. I heard the warning about this a couple of weeks ago, but have yet to see any here in Dallas.
    The danged crickets in the Philippines were everywhere and in everything.
    I would be working in my office, banging out a report, feel something odd on my typewriter, and look down and they would be crawling up through the keys.
    We were looking at some really good fishing, in the coming weeks, with the lake levels up, and the new vegetation that was exposed, now underwater, and all of the minnows and shad thriving there. Now with the crickets coming, the danged fish aren’t going to have much interest in any lures.

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  14. I think Obama should stay away from Muslim attacks, especially considering his father.
    Moderate, Christian blacks are not going to vote for skin color alone.

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