Thursday Night Tight

I always figured it was harder for a studio band to go on the road than it was for a live band to go in the studio.

Steely Dan proves me wrong, in this live performance of Babylon Sister.

Nite y’all

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  1. yougottashakeitbaby, yougottashakeitbaby, yougottashakeityeah

  2. ni ni sweet dreams Nuke and keep up the good fight! 🙂

  3. More on Scott Beauchamp, now most assuredly, certifiably an anal sphincter.

  4. The rain is a steady patter on the roof from that system out in the gulf, and I just checked the rain gauge and there’s 4 inches in it. I expect we’ll have another inch or two (or more) of rain by morning.

    If we have some flooding, that’s okay; we’re really curious to see what is going to happen to a house up the street (McMansion) that to “save” money elected to have the floor level entirely too low. People scrimp to save money on the dangdest things sometimes. If money was that much of a problem, perhaps they should have gone with a smaller house.

  5. Have you ever noticed that most lefties ARE anal sphincters?

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