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How much does algore cost?    1,308 Views

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salt water into fuel? 555 More stats
Mississippi River Bridge Collapses 293 More stats
RIP: Lowe’s 209 More stats
Hurt feelings are all the rage 170 More stats
2 Chicago Women Accused of Pimping Under 150 More stats
Truth-boating the Hillary Campaign 139 More stats
Saturday Night Stevie Ray 89 More stats
Breakthrough Process Generates Hydrogen 70 More stats
Iraq: Plan B 61 More stats
The party on the left is now parting on 52 More stats
Truth-boating the Hillary Campaign, part 47 More stats
Tuesday Morning Musical Interlude. 45 More stats
Tuesday Open 44 More stats
Roswell officer’s amazing deathbed admis 42 More stats
Rip it Good. RipIt4Me 40 More stats
AQ on the run 39 More stats
Obama becomes war strategist 38 More stats
The real Nancy Pelosi — multi-milliona 38 More stats
Pat Metheny Double-Dip. 36 More stats
Summer Song 35 More stats
How low can you go? 34 More stats
FBI investigates fire at Spokane fuel de 34 More stats
Tulsarama!(or Christine…is that you?) 33 More stats
Sunday Nite Skynyrd 31 More stats
“Hydrogel” repairs and regenerates human 28 More stats
Live TV toolbar, how cool is this? 26 More stats
Shokka of the day 25 More stats
Toyota to build assembly plant in Missis 25 More stats
Nothing honorable here 24 More stats
Actions have consequences 24 More stats
Happy Birthday, President Bush! 23 More stats
The Ring Thing 22 More stats
No To Liberals. That’s My Name…Wear I 21 More stats
Infidelophobia©…In The Words Of T 20 More stats
Second Ever Missing Person Thread! 20 More stats
On the road 19 More stats
Matt Damon botches Kerry’s botched joke 18 More stats
Justice denied 17 More stats
Gotcha! (from a famous ‘Sun’ headline in 17 More stats
Great moments in sharia law 17 More stats
Somali Christian Blog Abandoned? 16 More stats
Human smuggling operation investigated 16 More stats
Lost in translation 15 More stats
Obama undergoes race-change operation 15 More stats
New developments in the UK bombing plot 15 More stats
Hold On 14 More stats
World’s largest nuclear plant leaks radi 14 More stats
Bumper sticker serious 14 More stats
14 Windows Command Line Tricks 13 More stats
Chavez compares colonization to Holocaus 13 More stats
accidently… (on purpose) 13 More stats
Unedited Video of Saddam Execution 13 More stats
Top Palestinian Peace Songs 12 More stats
Nobel laureate moonbat wants to kill Geo 12 More stats
Army finds Iranian rockets 12 More stats
I need you. you. you. 12 More stats
Radical Islam And “The God That Failed!” 12 More stats
The <i>SYM</i> And The Night Of The Wild 11 More stats
45 Muslim doctor ‘cyber-terrorists’ plan 11 More stats
Jihadi Lessons! Part 2. 11 More stats
Thursday Night Tight 11 More stats
Who would let a kid…..? Beggers belief 10 More stats
Connect the dots: Tanker Terrorism 10 More stats
Sunday Night Strats 10 More stats

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  1. […] Stuck On Stupid, The Amboy Times, Leaning Straight Up, Woman Honor Thyself, Pirate’s Cove, Nuke’s news and views, The Pink Flamingo, Wyvern Dreams, Dumb Ox Daily News, Right Voices, The Random Yak, Nanotechnology […]

  2. “I deserve what you Americans have, but won’t

    Victor Davis Hanson at NRO this morning has some eye-opening and thought provoking words regarding the latest Pew poll of June 2007.

  3. Friday Sermon from Iran

    Foreigners want to push Muslim Umma into a degrading position and get them engaged in internal strife. – Tehran’s substitute Friday prayers leader Ayatollah Mohammad Emami Kashani

  4. […] Diary of the Mad Pigeon, third world county, Woman Honor Thyself, The World According to Carl, Nuke’s news and views, Pirate’s Cove, The Pink Flamingo, Republican National Convention Blog, Dumb Ox Daily News, […]

  5. […] Mad Pigeon, Allie Is Wired, third world county, Woman Honor Thyself, The World According to Carl, Nuke’s news and views, Pirate’s Cove, Planck’s Constant, The Pink Flamingo, Wyvern Dreams, […]

  6. McCain does 180 on immigration

    As John McCain sees his chances for the White House dropping like a lead balloon, he has changed his views on illegal immigration. Backing away from the recent failed immigration bill which McCain stood behind in spite of the Conservative

  7. My Last Day of Leave before The Semester Starts…

    …and I’m using my day off to work on my research paper! I can’t believe the summer went by so fast. The cadet wing reports back on Sunday and classes resume on Thursday, when at 0800 MST the pigeon will

  8. Hey, nuke!
    What about the algore thread on 15 Jul? Your site got 1056 hits that day, and I don’t see it on the list.

  9. To the MSM, Shift is a Euphemism for Withdrawal

    The behind the

  10. I don’t know why algore’s thread stats won’t post.
    I’ve edited this thing twice, and algore disappears each time

  11. I’m relaxing today

    As you may or may not know, I am in the process of moving all of my blogs (except DoD Daily News-2) over to this blog. I am doing this because it is just too much work for me to pay as much …

  12. An Odd Close to an Odd Group’s Panel – Freakin

    Interesting note from Tapped at

  13. With Democrats, it all Depends on Who Steals the Vote

  14. Thugs Gone Wild at the UN

    …Moon’s subtle insinuation was detected by this story’s antagonists.

  15. Weekend Open Trackback – Aug 3-5, 2007

    Weekend open trackback! Leave a trackback of your best post for others to read.

  16. Muslim Bakery Raided in Oakland

    I guess this is why the press plays softball with jihad issues.Seven people were arrested on homicide and other charges after police raiding the Your Black Muslim Bakery recovered firearms that they believe were linked to the ambush slaying of

  17. […] Public Domain Clip Art, third world county, Woman Honor Thyself, The World According to Carl, Nuke’s news and views, Blue Star Chronicles, The Pink Flamingo, CommonSenseAmerica, Dumb Ox Daily News, The Yankee […]

  18. More On Rick Noriega And Daily Kos

    Conservative blogger and columnist John Hawkins today points out some of the extremist rhetoric coming out of the founder of Daily Kos and his fellow bloggers there — and pulls quotes that anyone who has ever visited the site should…

  19. Wear Red on Friday Round-Up

    Link dump and open trackbacks MOSTLY celebrating our fighting forces! HOOAH!!!!! (Other types posts accepted, however).

  20. Weekend Open-Trackback Post for August 4-5th

    I don’t have much of anything intelligent to post this morning (that’s a change, huh?). I spent most of the morning surfing sites I haven’t been to before and answering some emails and am still just sort of dragging around, so this is my generic wee…

  21. Times That Try Men’s Souls

    THESE are the times that try men’s souls The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country Those are the word’s penned by Thomas Paine December 23, 1776 to introduce the first segment of The C…

  22. […] Pursuing Holiness, Adeline and Hazel, third world county, Woman Honor Thyself, Pirate’s Cove, Nuke’s news and views, The Pink Flamingo, CommonSenseAmerica, Dumb Ox Daily News, Church and State, Blog @, […]

  23. Muslims Protest Jihad, The Musical

    Follow up to this post. Too bad the Muslims aren’t protesting real jihad.International terrorism and the threat to Britain from Al-Qaeda would probably be deemed by most as unlikely subject matter for a musical. After all, suicide bombing, mass bloodshed

  24. […] Pursuing Holiness, Adeline And Hazel, third world county, Woman Honor Thyself, Pirate’s Cove, Nuke’s News And Views, The Pink Flamingo, Wyvern Dreams, CommonSenseAmerica, Dumb Ox Daily News, Right Voices, Church And […]

  25. Percy Pringle & Eric Embry Tear Down The WCCW Banner – 1989

    Being a long-time professional wrestling fan, I frequent Percy Pringle III’s blog often and enjoy his stories. Today’s post over there deals with what Mr. Pringle calls “one of the most emotional nights of my career.” He has the video above ove…

  26. Democrats Manipulate Democracy and Censor Free Spe

    The democrats have been on a role the last few days. They apparently have decided to do whatever is necessary to get their approval ratings out of the basement, even if it means taking on tactics that would do Stalin proud.

  27. […] Pursuing Holiness, Adeline and Hazel, third world county, Woman Honor Thyself, Pirate’s Cove, Nuke’s news and views, The Pink Flamingo, CommonSenseAmerica, Dumb Ox Daily News, Church and State, Blog @, […]

  28. Marines Want to Shed Some Body Armor

    Some of our Marines would like to shed some of their PPE (personal protective equipment).

    Lt. Col. Kelly Alexander, the commanding officer of Task Force Highlander, part of Regimental Combat Team-2, which operates in western Anbar province has cal…

  29. There is Renewed Hope in the Case of Missing Child

    Theres been a resurgence of interest in the case of Madeleine McCann following a possible sighting of her by a child psychologist in a restaurant in Tongeren, Belgium on the Dutch border.

  30. Sawdi $ in our Universities? NoT

    That’s called “diversity” in case ya haven’t heard.

  31. The Cubs Factor and Clinton vs. Obama

    Here in my house we’re all Cubs fans. Though the players and managers of the Chicago Cubs keep changing, there is one inexplicable thing that never changes: when they get into the post-season, they always choke. At some point, they…

  32. Jackie Mason Slams the Democrats

     Trackposted to Outside the Beltway, Perri Nelson’s Website, The Virtuous Republic, Rosemary’s Thoughts, Big Dog’s Weblog, Right Truth, The Pet Haven Blog, Shadowscope, Stuck On Stupid, The Amboy Times, Pursuing Holiness, Adeline and …

  33. […] The Amboy Times, Leaning Straight Up, Adeline and Hazel, third world county, Woman Honor Thyself, Nuke’s news and views, Pirate’s Cove, The Pink Flamingo, Wyvern Dreams, CommonSenseAmerica, Dumb Ox Daily News, […]

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