The SYM Gets Pwned For Christmas!

It was a bright and starry night!

The SYM had a bad feeling about this shift when he went to work. In general, people had been getting weirder and doing increasingly weirder things for the past several days, which is saying a lot for their behavior. He thought that perhaps it was just him, as he and his colleagues had been working twelve hour shifts for the past four days, so the married members of their unit could have the week off with their families, with the reward being, the unmarried members would have a week off to party surrounding New Years. Just three more shifts to go.

So it was on this Eve, that the SYM and his colleagues dragged themselves to the office for the ride to the armory to be equipped with all manner of gear for their shift. They were quieter than usual, on the ride there and back…it was grind it out time. A twelve hour shift was for scheduling purposes, as the reality was generally several hours more, wrapping up the paperwork and notifications for the incidents that occurred in the shift.

Shortly after the shift began, the NCO that was their Flight Chief had to leave to take care of a pressing personal matter and he left the SYM and his roomie as the co-Flight Chief’s in his absence. Not long after that, things got weird at warp speed.

It was about 21:30hrs. and the radio went wild, with incidents being called out one after the other by the dispatcher. The two co-FC’s were already involved in a call trying to calm a domestic disturbance, with two people that needed/wanted attention very badly. They could hear the calls going out on the radio and were urgently trying to get these two people, who should have never gotten married in the first place, to cooperate so they could proceed to more serious matters. They would seem calm until they started for the door, then the shouting and screaming would begin anew.

One call they were particularly interested in responding to was nearby, an armed robbery, and one of their units was searching for the suspect with the Philippine Constable or PC. The Sgt. on that patrol kept reporting in that a serviceman in civilians clothes kept harassing and interfering with them when they drove by the bar where he was hanging out with friends.

Finally, the two co-FC’s were able to extricate themselves from the odd couple and proceeded to the location of the robbery, but along the way, were advised the individual that had been interfering with the unit had been apprehended and they were bringing him to the office for processing. They asked for his location and took a short cut through a neighborhood to try and intercept them and did, and they pulled onto MacArthur Highway behind them and began following them to the office, all the while, communicating with the dispatcher on the other incidents.

Suddenly, the unit in front steered violently to the left, before snapping to the right and narrowly missing a head on collision with an eighteen-wheeler flat bed hauling sugar cane. The SYM and his roomie were astonished at the maneuver, as the M-151 vehicles were notorious for flipping over if you made a sudden move, such as blinking an eye. That Sgt. Joe kept it under control in that instance was astounding. They pulled into the parking lot, and the SYM, who was driving, was just getting out of his M-151 to ask Sgt. Joe what was that swerving maneuver all about, when Sgt. Joe came around from his side of the vehicle screaming obscenities at the apprehended individual in the back seat. Sgt. Joe carried a huge black flashlight, an eight cell model which was made of steel, in lieu of a night stick and he had it in his hand as he was going for the guy he had apprehended. The SYM acted quickly in restraining Sgt. Joe from pounding the guy and told him to calm down and tell him what had happened. Sgt. Joe was very emotional, as the guy in the back seat had kicked Sgt. Joe in the back of his head, with combat boots, as they approached the oncoming truck nearly causing the accident, that none of them would have walked away from.

The SYM got his first look at the detainee as they pulled him out of the M-151 and he knew at that moment that this guy was trouble. The look in his eye was of a sardonic soul and one that was searching deep into the SYM’s eyes for his measure and how he could gain control. This person was tall, perhaps six foot three, and skinny, perhaps one hundred and seventy pounds, but had the strength of a mad man and his arms and legs were long and limber. They escorted him into the station with his hands cuffed behind his back, seated him on the sofa and began their job of processing. One of his friends came in shortly after they arrived, to be with him and try and assist, mostly for his protection from himself. The friend informed us what was going on and who he was. He was a cop also, but he worked on base in the security division, guarding the aircraft and other assets on Clark AB. This individual had been undergoing a psychiatric evaluation as not long before this incident, he had been refused a bathroom break during his shift and climbed inside a C5A Galaxy transport, the world’s largest airplane at the time, and defecated in the pilot’s seat. It was also his birthday, he was very drunk and eight thousand miles from home. For some reason, they were unmoved by his circumstances even if they did contribute to his condition. He had very nearly killed two good men, who were friends of the SYM.

While the SYM was in the office working with the dispatcher and other patrolmen, the detainee(let’s call him S&M) harassed and tried to kick anyone that walked near him, making everyone in the building dislike him and these were all men who weren’t accustomed to taking a lot of BS from anyone. Then S&M’s friend gave him a lit cigarette, at which time he leaped off of the sofa and started setting the stations Christmas decorations on fire. They had to use the fire extinguishers to put the fires out and S&M tried to scuffle with the patrolmen while handcuffed.

The SYM instructed one of his colleagues to remove S&M’s belt and restrain his legs with them. They only needed to hold him for a little while longer, as an ambulance had been ordered to their station to transport S&M to the detox unit at the base hospital. Once S&M was restrained, the SYM and his roomie stepped out on the front foyer area to calm down and have a cigarette while waiting for the ambulance. As the SYM was lighting his cigarette, out of his peripheral vision, he saw S&M walking towards him with his handcuffed hands in front of him, holding the belt. He walked up to the unimpressed SYM, smiling sardonically, and said something to the effect that they couldn’t restrain him. The SYM had had enough, S&M had pushed his buttons and the SYM’s pwnage was at hand, as he looked S&M in the eyes, and stated, “well…lets just try again.” The SYM then reached down, grabbed each of S&M’s ankles and lifted them straight up into the air, causing S&M’s back and head to come smashing down on the tile covered cement foyer. The SYM knew he was wrong to do so, even as he did it, but it was if he was being willed to do so and as he looked into S&M’s eyes the moment he struck the hard surface, he didn’t even blink…he just smiled…sardonically.

Now the SYM was infuriated. He had been forced into taking actions that were completely against his nature and it was to the liking of this wicked spirit, now smiling at him for forcing him to take an illegal and unnecessary action. The SYM grabbed one leg and his roomie the other, as they dragged him back inside the station, at which time S&M started kicking violently, striking his roomie’s hand and jamming several fingers. The two friends then each took one leg and used S&M as a wishbone, made a wish and tried to see who would get the long end, but S&M got in another good kick on his friend’s genitals.

The SYM now wanted to kill the guy, removed his night stick and while holding his leg extended in the air, began pounding on S&M’s leg, from the achilles tendon to the buttocks and he pounded with as much force as he could. As the SYM was swinging away, suddenly he couldn’t bring his arm forward. There were now so many patrolmen pounding and kicking S&M, that SYM had no room to operate. The SYM took a step back, surveyed the scene, and instantly realized he had been pwned, he had set this debacle in motion, he was responsible for this situation and for S&M’s safety, as well as his men.

The SYM yelled “STOP” just as the PC was about to strike S&M with the metal folding stock on his M1A1 carbine, and everyone froze. They all stood silently and looked at each other in disbelief. What had happened and more yet, what had they done? This wasn’t who they were.

S&M, fortunately, wasn’t hurt badly, just bruised in many places and mercifully, the ambulance arrived shortly after the pwnage. They assisted the medics in strapping S&M to the gurney with half inch leather straps and loading him into the ambulance. The SYM called them all together, to try and process what had just happened and to let them know that he knew who these men were and that this incident was unfortunate, and he apologized for letting it escalate. All of the SYM’s colleagues understood, but they were all still puzzled, how one individual could inspire such violent behavior from others.

Then, a call came over the radio, from the base police. S&M had gotten loose from his leather restraints and nearly caused the ambulance to crash on the way to the hospital.

The SYM then had affirmation, that getting pwned sucks.

Dog day afternoon

Nuke’s News and Views ranked #1 in the UNIVERSE by Technorati

It’s a steamy summer afternoon here in God’s Country. Here’s an interesting story from South America.

Doctors in Buenos Aires pronounced a child dead after 40 minutes of attempting to revive her. They sent the body to the morgue. Four hours later a worker heard her crying. The narration on the story is in English but the interviews are in Spanish.

If you watch past the first interview you will also see the the report detail a second similar case in Argentina this week. A 71-year-old man had been placed in a body bag and stacked with other bodies when workers realized he was still breathing.

LINK to Breitbart video

I hereby declare this dog day afternoon thread OPEN!

UPDATE: 10 minutes after I posted this, a big black cloud rolls in and it’s pouring. Yup, it’s summer all right.

UPDATE 2: So, I bop over to technorati to send them a ping…..and I notice that they rank this blog as #1 in the whole technorati system. WOOHOO! Naturally it’s a screwup of some kind….but I saved a screenshot anyway. Here it is…


Oh well, I can’t get wordpress to upload the image. But, trust me. It says NN&V, #1 blog in the whole world. Heh

UPDATE 3: So I check a couple of other blogs over at technorati, and they’re rate #1 in the whole world, too. Bastids.

UPDATE 4: Both of my blogger blogs are ranked #1 too! Woo hoo!!! Crackers, Tactical Nukes


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“mobbed-up” Dem, Mr. Cleanface?

Marc Ambinder at Atlantic Online speculates about a scandal about to break.

Could it be “Cleanface?”

03 Aug 2007 10:34 am

Overheard on Thursday’s Talk Of The Nation on NPR: investigative reporter Dan Moldea said he and Nation’s David Corn are shopping around a completed story about a “Democratic leader who is mobbed up.”

Moldea did not elaborate but hinted that the story would break soon.

Moldea is among those independent investigators helping Hustler’s Larry Flynt build a roster of scandal. One early member, of course, is LA Sen. David Vitter.

Zoomies wipe out taleban stronghold

Final score: Good guys 100, bad guys 0

About 100 Taliban rebels including five senior commanders were killed during an air strike in southern Afghanistan, Defense Ministry spokesman Zahir Azimi told reporters Saturday.

Foreign troops carried out an air strike in remote Baghran district of Helmand province on Thursday when many Taliban militants were gathering to watch the execution of several persons accused of cooperating with the government, Azimi said.

About 100 insurgents were killed in the bombardment, he said, adding five senior Taliban commanders including Mullah Rahim, top Taliban commander in Helmand, were among the killed.

Azimi said Mansor Dadullah, top Taliban military commander, was found at the site before the bombing, and Afghan troops were still confirming whether he was killed.

Referring to the incident, the U.S.-led coalition forces said, “During a sizable meeting of senior Taliban commanders, coalition forces employed precision guided munitions on their location after ensuring there were no innocent Afghans in the surrounding area.”



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