Dog day afternoon

Nuke’s News and Views ranked #1 in the UNIVERSE by Technorati

It’s a steamy summer afternoon here in God’s Country. Here’s an interesting story from South America.

Doctors in Buenos Aires pronounced a child dead after 40 minutes of attempting to revive her. They sent the body to the morgue. Four hours later a worker heard her crying. The narration on the story is in English but the interviews are in Spanish.

If you watch past the first interview you will also see the the report detail a second similar case in Argentina this week. A 71-year-old man had been placed in a body bag and stacked with other bodies when workers realized he was still breathing.

LINK to Breitbart video

I hereby declare this dog day afternoon thread OPEN!

UPDATE: 10 minutes after I posted this, a big black cloud rolls in and it’s pouring. Yup, it’s summer all right.

UPDATE 2: So, I bop over to technorati to send them a ping…..and I notice that they rank this blog as #1 in the whole technorati system. WOOHOO! Naturally it’s a screwup of some kind….but I saved a screenshot anyway. Here it is…


Oh well, I can’t get wordpress to upload the image. But, trust me. It says NN&V, #1 blog in the whole world. Heh

UPDATE 3: So I check a couple of other blogs over at technorati, and they’re rate #1 in the whole world, too. Bastids.

UPDATE 4: Both of my blogger blogs are ranked #1 too! Woo hoo!!! Crackers, Tactical Nukes


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31 Responses

  1. Well, fame was nice while it lasted.

  2. Is the 15 minutes up yet?

  3. /Speaking as somebody who prefers to skulk in the shadows.

  4. it was EXACTLY 15 minutes!
    Now how did you know that?

  5. My mad psychic skilz at work.

  6. Henh.
    We’re #1…we’re #1…we’re…ZAH?
    I can hear Swampie prancing around singing “Let’s Get Psychical.”

  7. I wonder if those doctors were on loan from the caribbean worker’s paradise, with free health care and shiite.

  8. “Lemme hear your blogger talk, your blogger talk, lemme hear your blogger talk….”

  9. They pretty much keep those worker’s paradise docs under guard, I understand, because they have a habit of disappearing otherwise.

  10. dang, it’s hard to be humble, when you’re NUMERO UNO

  11. Yep, sure beats bein’ number 2.

  12. I’m having fun with this. Look at the link at the top of the page. Heh

  13. Was just reading about Mr. Giuliani’s health care plans in IBD via Powerline:

    To those who have followed the health care issue over the years and have learned to speak the language of health care reformers, Rudy Giuliani was saying everything wrong when he unveiled his reform plan this week.
    He said that “Government cannot take care of you. You’ve got to take care of yourself.”

    He said the marketplace, not the government “nanny state,” needs to do the work of fixing the nation’s health care problems.

    He said that “We’ve got to solve our health care problem with American principles, not the principles of socialism.” ***

    [J]ust as important as details is Giuliani’s frank language: “Americans believe in free-market solutions to the challenges we face, and I believe we can reduce costs, expand access to, and improve the quality of health care by increasing competition. America’s health care system is being dragged down by decades of government-imposed mandates and wasteful, unaccountable bureaucracy.”

    For too long, Democrats and their friends in the media have dominated the health care debate, casting it as simply a question of how wretched our health care system is, how much better people in other countries have it, and how the only solution is more government. And for too long, Republicans have played along, buying into the Democrats’ premise while offering dime-store alternatives.

    They need to listen and learn from Giuliani: “I don’t care what Michael Moore says in his movie,” he said. “I’ve never had anybody ask me for help to get into a Cuban hospital or a Canadian hospital or an English hospital. They all want to come to America. So let’s take what’s right about our system and let’s improve it.”

  14. You make a wonderful interview, Nuke!

  15. Giuliani is right. People from other countries, especially countries with “free” healthcare, are lining UP to get into our hospitals.

    I think, however, that they should be referred instead to South American hospitals as several people are being raised from the dead there.

  16. I also want to thank our friends at Diebold for their assistance.

  17. I was just outside looking at some of my concrete projects and since I’ve been using some old dry shakes (color hardeners) and integral color in them, the oldest are not suitable for acid staining, and the newest (no color) projects have not cured the requisite 30 days. DAMNIT. I wanted to check a new color acid stain to see if I wanted to strip the carpet off the floor in the office and acid stain it that color.

    What else can I stain? I could do the back patio, but first I need to get a gallon of muriatic acid and scrub it down, but SwampMan would probably notice if he stepped outside and the back patio was a kind of turquoisy color. Plus since I told him I didn’t have enough in my checking account until payday to buy him ice cream but I can buy muriatic acid he *might* be a little upset.

  18. That no paper trail thing comes in handy.

  19. I just updated the NowPublic story: Gingrich denies Diebold connection in Technorati Ranking Scandal

  20. Next we’ll be seeing that Nancy Pelosi is calling for a full congressional investigation into this matter.

  21. Whew!
    Got to go make some smashed taters, and will you join y’all in a little.
    Henh…Diebold, how diabolical.

  22. […] Dog day afternoon « Nuke’s News and Views […]

  23. On another topic, I contacted Eric Odom over at a couple of weeks ago to find out what would be involved in moving everything over to their hosting site. That’s where VH and wytammic moved.

    Unfortunately, Eric hasn’t responded to my emails. Guess we’re not conservative enough for them.

    Oh well, I’m ok with wordpress. for now anyway.

  24. I was goofing around on vh’s site this past week, and saw the invite link for conservablog, and clicked on it. I said I want a free blog, with no real plan in mind. He emailed me right back, and said okay, but I had to tell him why I wanted one, first. I have no answer, so haven’t replied.
    You might try contacting him again, he might have been busy and missed it.

  25. How do y’all put your avatars up?

  26. swamps, check your email. I just sent you an invitation to open a wordpress account.
    You can upload an avatar in “my profile”

  27. Okay, then. I have a wordpress account but never took the time to complete it; working on computer stuff is like pulling teeth sans anesthetic for me. I tried to get in to see if that was how to post an avatar but couldn’t remember the password. Duh. Waiting for an e-mail on it.

  28. Hey Nuke,
    I have to wonder if your email got caught in some sort of spam filter to Eric? Dang! I would love to see this blog at Conservablogs. Also, Eric has been traveling and you might have just got lost in the shuffle? I know that registration supposedly closed right after Tieki Rae and I got in, but it was going to reopen sometime in August.

    I’ll be honest, the move over was very difficult for me, but Velvet did it with the back up blog site that you posted about a while back and I think she had it much easier. Tieki Rae didn’t struggle much either. It must have to do with an individual’s competency? 🙂 Oh well, I did it!

    I love this blog and personally think Conservablogs would benefit greatly if you came over. I said all that to say this — don’t give up!

  29. thanks tammi.
    I still haven’t heard from him.

  30. You are welcome Nuke. Eric should be back in town tomorrow night. Hopefully you’ll hear something this week.

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    I made on photoshop glitter myspace pictures.
    take a look at them:
    Thanks 4 your website 🙂 xxoxo

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