Bumper Sticker Bozos

“What explains the fact that some critics of the war are unwilling to hear good news of any sort – and get visibly agitated and disdainful when we see signs of progress ?” Peter Wehner, senior security aide to Bush.

Despite everything the world knows about how badly the war in Iraq is going, how hopeless the military outlook remains and how urgently everyone should pack up and go home, the debate in America unexpectedly shifted to a radically different perspective: are things actually going better than we think ?

For several weeks, we’ve expressed cautious optimism reflecting the changes on the ground in Anbar and Diyala provinces. Former enemies within the Sunni insurgency are abandoning the Mufisodoon and turning on their foreign alQaeda leadership. Blogger and war correspondent Mike Yon’s reports from Operation Arrowhead Ripper, along with fewer casualties, and the dramatic Asian Cup victory over Saudi Arabia have provided a sliver of hope that things may just be getting better despite the consensus judgment of the manipulators of public opinion.

Another reason for optimism can be gleaned from the desperate attempt by the left to discredit any sign of progress in Iraq. Progressive author Joe Klein‘s attempt to rally the Bumper-sticker Bozo Brigade with this week’s talking points is a perfect example of the half-empty glass:

The U.S. military and the Sunni tribes could drive every last foriegn jihadi out of the country and Iraq would still be in the midst of a deep and profound crisis that might spread into a regional war of Sunnis v. Shi’ites or, more likely, a tribal war of all against all within Iraq…

… the Nuri al-Maliki’s national unity government is a complete failure, that there is no immediate prospect of political reconciliation.

Second, that “soft” partition plans like the one offered by Joe Biden and Les Gelb will founder on the notion that Baghdad can stand as a “federal” city. It won’t. It will be an ethnically cleansed Shi’ite city before long, probably controlled by Muqtada al-Sadr.

I haven’t seen any polling data on the subject, but I highly doubt that the Iraqi public scores their government any lower than the American people score the Reid-Pelosi led Legislative Branch. So, if Maliki’s governing coalition is a “complete failure”, then how would you characterize Reid-Pelosi? Moreover, Klein’s claim of ethnic cleansing in Baghdad has all of the histrionics of Ray Nagin’s claim of over 10,000 dead in the wake of Katrina, and the equally stuck on stupid reporting of mass rapes and even canibalism in the Superdome. He cannot back this statement up with anything other than his fear.

And Klein’s final claim, “Anyone who says “victory” is possible in Iraq is lying to you,” is more of the same “all-in” strategy for defeat in Iraq. Sometimes it’s hard to tell who is taking marching orders from whom. “Our goal is the total political collapse of support for Bush’s war,” Tom Matzzie, Washington director, MoveOn.org.

The Bumper-sticker Bozo Brigade marches on………..

Other good reading: OneFreeKorea–Beyond the Drum Circle. Stopping Genocide in the Real world —

I’ll add a fourth common point about the feel-gooders: their condemnation of genocide is seldom directed at oppressors who successfully cast themselves as enemies of America. Hating America has become a license to commit genocide, because when a tyrant acts as ventriloquist for his nation’s hatred of America, it must be our fault for failing to “understand” and “engage” with the murderers. That may be why you will seldom hear any Hollywood actor, liberal politician, or anchorman breathe the words, “Camp 22.” If you’re new to this site, you’ve probably never heard of the place, although in its cruelty and scale it’s easily comparable to Tuol Sleng or Mauthausen. Fifty years from now, schoolchildren will make solemn visits to memorials at Camp 22, and grad students will write theses about it. Yet today, while Camp 22’s next victims can still be saved, it’s another unpleasant topic we choose not to bring up for the sake of a diplomatic dance whose end result is mournfully predictable. The angst of those who should be talking about Camp 22 is wasted instead on places that aren’t remotely comparable to Tuol Sleng or Mauthausen, though too many would squander their credibility and betray their true motives by suggesting otherwise. (h/t n2l)


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Sunday Links

Here are a few stories of interest on this beautiful Sunday afternoon….

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and finally, (I saved the best for last)…….CONGRESS GETS 3% APPROVAL RATING FOR HANDLING IRAQ WAR

This thread is now open.

Global Warming On Terror Deniers handed defeat in House

From AP…

The House handed President Bush a victory Saturday, voting to expand the government’s abilities to eavesdrop without warrants on foreign suspects whose communications pass through the United States.

The 227-183 vote, which followed the Senate’s approval Friday, sends the bill to Bush for his signature.

Late Saturday, Bush said, “The Director of National Intelligence, Mike McConnell, has assured me that this bill gives him what he needs to continue to protect the country, and therefore I will sign this legislation as soon as it gets to my desk.”

It must be a truly frustrating time for the gaiaists. If their assertions of a bumper-sticker war, which deny the immediacy of the threat from global jihad, were accepted as the universally-known-the-debate-is-over truth, then why cannot the majority party, which was ostensibly elected to enact Kyoto, move their pet-project forward?

This odd alliance of 9-11 truthers, anti-military leftists, open-borders activists, and gaiaist algore devotees is fragile at best, each competing for the supremacy of their respective agendas within the so-called “progressive” movement. The immediacy and primacy of National Security not only takes away media attention from their pet issues, depriving them of the opportunity to influence public opinion, it also deprives their movement of the public funding necessary to maintain their power base.

As the People’s Cube toon so brilliantly and satirically pointed out last week, the progressive alliance truly believes that this is “a nation that will cause all of the world’s wars, crime, corruption, slavery, disease, torture, murder, assassinations, racism, sexism, violence, environmental destruction, cannibalism, and man-made hurricanes for all eternity.”

It is important to understand their motivation. It is even more important that they be defeated at the polls.


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