Just wondering

I don’t know if you’ve ever seen this one, but I thought it was cute.

Wouldn’t you think that after a while they would get sick and tired of blowing themselves up for a hopeless cause? Just wondering here.


“taking up a glowing cinder with the tongs and lighting with it the long cherry-wood pipe which was wont to replace his clay when he was in a disputatious rather than a meditative mood”

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Some day this war will end

I wrote yesterday about Time’s Joe Klein, and his assertion that even though things might be looking better in Iraq, it’s still a hopeless cause. “Anyone who says “victory” is possible in Iraq is lying to you,” was his conclusive point in yet another attempt to depress public opinion toward the war.

photo-44-yon.jpgInterestingly, it seems that Mr. Klein has finally discovered Michael Yon, through an opinion piece at the NY Daily News. It’s too bad Klein hasn’t discovered Michael’s website. If he had, he could have read the words of a stunned Iraqi Shia bureaucrat who could not believe that alQaeda had been driven out of Baqubah…

He seemed at first not to believe that news, but once he got confirmation, he made a point to tell us what that news actually meant: if al Qaeda was done in Baqubah, al Qaeda was done in Iraq.

There is another great piece of reporting up at Michael Yon’s magazine. The latest dispatch is called, Bread and a Circus, Part II.

Read it all, and drop a fin in the tip jar.

Most Popular Names…… for cats

biggle.jpgOur thread for “the most popular names for dogs” continues to get multiple viewings from the blogosphere. So, I located a listing of the most popular names for cats

It is much longer than the canine list, and the dogs are so humiliated they’re threatening to go poop in the parking lot of the KFC…

Aloharrrroof Snackbark!

1: Mr Bigglesworth

2: Plinky

3: Angel

4: Pinkle Purr

5: Tori


7: Romeo

8: Cosmo

9: Benny

10: Couch Potato

11: Mozart 12: Oliver 13: Cleo 14: Simon Stray 15: Fluffernet

16: Charchel 17: Cookie 18: Fudge 19: Katie 20: Slippers

21: Sadie 22: Gracie 23: Maxine 24: Disney 25: Stimpy
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Nuke Mecca: Buy your t-shirts today!


Conservative blogging legend Nuke Gingrich has announced the launch of a new website to be published in Arabic. “Nuke Mecca“, or as translated by googletools: مكة المكرمة النووية

“Using the power of Google translation tools, I believe this will be the beginning of a new era in spreading the conservative message to the Islamic world.”

In conjunction with the kickoff of the new website, Gingrich has also announced the sale of a limited supply of “Nuke Mecca” t-shirts.

When asked if he was advocating the use of nuclear weapons against Mecca, Gingrich strongly denied any such connotation.

“In this instance, Nuke comes from the Latin root meaning “to glow.” My intention is to illuminate the muslim world with conservative principles.

Nuke Mecca is simply my nom de plume for the Arabic website version of the Nuke Gingrich franchise. I don’t believe the intention is to have any nuclear bombing of Mecca.”


In a related story from the NY Post…………………

Activists with ties to the principal of the city’s controversial new Arabic-themed school are hawking T- shirts that glorify Palestinian terror, The Post has learned.

The inflammatory tees boldly declare “Intifada NYC” – apparently a call for a Gaza-style uprising in the Big Apple.

The organization selling the shirts, Arab Women Active in Art and Media, shares office space on Brooklyn’s Third Avenue with the Saba Association of American Yemenis.

Dhabah “Debbie” Almontaser, principal of the Khalil Gibran International Academy – which is scheduled to open in Brooklyn next month – is a board member and spokeswoman for Saba.

Members of AWAAM refused to comment.

But Almontaser downplayed the significance of the T-shirts.

“The word [intifada] basically means ‘shaking off.’ That is the root word if you look it up in Arabic,” she said.

“I understand it is developing a negative connotation due to the uprising in the Palestinian-Israeli areas. I don’t believe the intention is to have any of that kind of [violence] in New York City.

“I think it’s pretty much an opportunity for girls to express that they are part of New York City society . . . and shaking off oppression.”

Now, I am all for muslim women shaking off oppression. Lord knows they’ve endured centuries of oppression under the misogynistic cult of islam. But, this type of taquiya-kittman from Almontaser is completely inexcusable and unacceptable.


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Flirtin’ with Disaster……The Monday Open

SwampWoman weighs in on the virtues of scythes, e-bay, weed-cutting, and marital bliss……..

scythe.jpgI told SwampMan that I wanted a scythe. I sent him a link to Lehman’s where I could get a grass blade or a brush blade, and a European or American handle. “So tell me, WHAT are you planning to do with a scythe?” “I’m planning on finally getting some of this grass cut!” “I’ll cut the grass!” “Right.” He tried again. “You know, somebody your age should probably NOT be out swinging a scythe…..” Dead silence. “What. Did. You. Just. Say.” “You might cut your leg off!” Louder pitch. “Did. You. Just. Say. I. Was. Too. Old?”

SwampMan does cut the grass. When it suits him. Which is not nearly as often as it suits me. In order to keep me from going out and mowing the grass myself, he removes lawnmower parts when he is finished so that it can’t be started. At this juncture, since a good deal of the grass to be cut has a few inches of water on it, the point is moot.

I also sent him a link to a company in Austria that has been making scythes a few hundred years, and custom makes them according to a person’s armspan and length of shoulder to ground. SwampMan read the prices and squealed like a little child. (So SwampWoman, you may ask, why didn’t you buy it yourself then? Shut up, I have a crappy job and am out of money until mid month.)

Linkfest Haven, the Blogger's Oasis“Sooooo, did you even LOOK on E-Bay for something less expensive first?” “Uh, NO.” So, SwampMan went to E-Bay, found a scythe that had been used hard and then left to rust for about 30 years and was in a state of disrepair. The blade had been resharpened almost to nonexistence. It was probably only good as a wall decoration at Cracker Barrel. “HEY! Check this out!” I looked dubiously at the picture. “One of the handles is missing, and I don’t think the blade is any good.” “But look, it’s only $12.00!” “And the shipping is?” SwampMan bid, and was promptly outbid by the automated process somebody had put in. He bid another $5.00 and was promptly outbid again. He put in $20, and was outbid. I urged caution. “No, trust me, I’m just trying to get this guy a good price on this thing. Somebody obviously wants it really bad. It’s a good deed.” I pointed out that the scythe was probably not useable and would just be another piece of junk around the house as if we didn’t have enough of THAT already. “Nah, this other guy really wants it. I’ll just put in one more bid, and that will be IT.” He did. He was promptly the high bidder. “SUCKER!” “There are 9 hours left. Somebody will probably outbid me. I hope.”

So, I will be expecting a worn out scythe to be arriving via UPS some time this week. I’ll look for some wall space to free up.


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