Flirtin’ with Disaster……The Monday Open

SwampWoman weighs in on the virtues of scythes, e-bay, weed-cutting, and marital bliss……..

scythe.jpgI told SwampMan that I wanted a scythe. I sent him a link to Lehman’s where I could get a grass blade or a brush blade, and a European or American handle. “So tell me, WHAT are you planning to do with a scythe?” “I’m planning on finally getting some of this grass cut!” “I’ll cut the grass!” “Right.” He tried again. “You know, somebody your age should probably NOT be out swinging a scythe…..” Dead silence. “What. Did. You. Just. Say.” “You might cut your leg off!” Louder pitch. “Did. You. Just. Say. I. Was. Too. Old?”

SwampMan does cut the grass. When it suits him. Which is not nearly as often as it suits me. In order to keep me from going out and mowing the grass myself, he removes lawnmower parts when he is finished so that it can’t be started. At this juncture, since a good deal of the grass to be cut has a few inches of water on it, the point is moot.

I also sent him a link to a company in Austria that has been making scythes a few hundred years, and custom makes them according to a person’s armspan and length of shoulder to ground. SwampMan read the prices and squealed like a little child. (So SwampWoman, you may ask, why didn’t you buy it yourself then? Shut up, I have a crappy job and am out of money until mid month.)

Linkfest Haven, the Blogger's Oasis“Sooooo, did you even LOOK on E-Bay for something less expensive first?” “Uh, NO.” So, SwampMan went to E-Bay, found a scythe that had been used hard and then left to rust for about 30 years and was in a state of disrepair. The blade had been resharpened almost to nonexistence. It was probably only good as a wall decoration at Cracker Barrel. “HEY! Check this out!” I looked dubiously at the picture. “One of the handles is missing, and I don’t think the blade is any good.” “But look, it’s only $12.00!” “And the shipping is?” SwampMan bid, and was promptly outbid by the automated process somebody had put in. He bid another $5.00 and was promptly outbid again. He put in $20, and was outbid. I urged caution. “No, trust me, I’m just trying to get this guy a good price on this thing. Somebody obviously wants it really bad. It’s a good deed.” I pointed out that the scythe was probably not useable and would just be another piece of junk around the house as if we didn’t have enough of THAT already. “Nah, this other guy really wants it. I’ll just put in one more bid, and that will be IT.” He did. He was promptly the high bidder. “SUCKER!” “There are 9 hours left. Somebody will probably outbid me. I hope.”

So, I will be expecting a worn out scythe to be arriving via UPS some time this week. I’ll look for some wall space to free up.

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  1. Today’s news in pictures

    I thought it would be fun to refrain from commentary and present the top news stories in pictures. Go visit the individual sites for the full stories: Al-Qaeda’s Beaver Boy, Random Thoughts – Do They Have Meaning? Daily Kos diarist:

  2. The difference between Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia

    Perhaps if more Jews were not so forgiving and tolerant of Nazis earlier in the last century 98% of my relatives would not have disappeared from the face of the Earth, thank you kindly.

  3. And yet, Swampie is always trying to get me fixed up.

  4. Yes, I am. Your odds of meeting somebody like me would be minimal which would ncrease your chances of matrimonial bliss.

  5. The Antediluvian Era of Telecommunications

    Today it seems we have more chance of finding Noah’s ark, than getting Democrats and their adherents like the NY Times editorial board to see the light.< …

  6. CAPE CORAL, Fla. (Aug. 6) – Seven antibiotics, among the most widely prescribed, will be available at no cost from Publix supermarkets for people with prescriptions, the company said.

    The chain will fill amoxicillin, cephalexin, ciprofloxacin, penicillin VK, ampicillin and erythromycin orders for free.

    Fourteen-day supplies of the seven drugs will be available at all 684 of the chain’s pharmacies in five southern states. Publix said there is no limit on the number of prescriptions that customers may fill for free.

    The prescription antibiotics available under the program include amoxicillin, cephalexin, sulfamethoxazole/trimethoprim, ciprofloxacin, penicillin VK, ampicillin and, erythromycin.

    Other companies have begun discounted drug programs, including K-Mart and Wal-Mart Stores Inc., but Publix Super Markets Inc. officials say the company is the first large regional chain to offer certain drugs at no cost.

    Wal-Mart Stores is selling a number of generic prescription drugs for $4 in hopes that it can draw more shoppers into its stores who may come for prescriptions and then stay to buy in other departments.

    Most Publix stores are based in Florida.

    “Health and wellness is crucial to every Floridian’s quality of life and paramount to the vitality of our state,” Gov. Charlie Crist said. “We appreciate great partners like Publix Super Markets working to further provide affordability and accessibility to quality prescription drugs for working families and seniors.”

    Publix also has stores in Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama and Tennessee.

    “With health care and prescription costs on the rise, our free prescription drug program will reinforce our commitment to the total health and wellness of our customers and their families,” said Publix spokesman Dwaine Stevens.

    I’m now waiting on the counteroffer from another retailer to pay me to come pick up my free prescriptions.

  7. Organization of the Islamic Conference Allies in t

    It’s always a pleasure when Mark Steyn’s work at National Review is available to the general non-subscribing public because it is at that time that I feel the most comfortable …

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  9. A Letter From Terry…

    If you haven’t heard of Terry Funderburk by now, you can read his story here and here. And if you missed Terry’s interview on the Andrea Shea King show last evening on WDBO, you can listen to it at ANDREA’S archived SUNDAY NIGHT PROG…

  10. Newt: War on Terror is Phoney

    I agree that freeing the US from energy dependency can only be good, but to think that that alone can stop terrorism is naive. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said Thursday the Bush administration is waging a phony war on

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  12. Bloggers to Unionize?

    Zoomba posted an article over at Wincustomize which I just ran across that has left me flabbergasted.You have unions in a lot of industries nowadays; automobile manufacturing, resource mining, airline staffing etc.  However, unions are something t…

  13. Proud to be non-union!

    Ultimately it’s this attitude that I think will spell the downfall of liberalism.

  14. Bloggers That Take Themselves MUCH Too Seriously…

    Zoomba posted an article over at Wincustomize which I just ran across that has left me flabbergasted. You have unions in a lot of industries nowadays; automobile manufacturing, resource mining, airline staffing etc. However, unions are something that …

  15. Sean Penn Cozies up to Venezuelas Dictator Tyrant

    Sean Penn is the dictionary definition of a narcissist. He inserts himself into whatever situation that will get him the most attention. Apparently, Sean feels hes the only one that can get down to the truth of situations. Especially if it means he …

  16. This is Part of the Battlefield

    Blackfive is discussing an interview with the Soldier who was shut down at the YearlyKos military forum over the weekend. Rick Moran interviewed Sergeant David D. Aguina and asked him why he had walked into the lions den, Sgt. Aquina replied, This …

  17. Where have all the WomeN and Gentlemen Gone?

    There is literally no where we can go during the course of a day where our eyes don’t pass nonchalantly over images that up until very recently would have been considered pornographic.

  18. Naive No More

    Some young Conservatives are wising up. They’re not going to be tools for Republican politicians who won’t follow conservative values.

    The Big Pigs: The members of the House Appropriations Defense Subcommittee took 30% of the earma…

  19. MON AUG 6 If an Illegal Killed Those Newark Students, Would Conservatives Pay Attention?

    Terrance Aeriel – murderedOfemi Hightower – murderedDeshawn Harvey – murderedNatasha Aeriel – fighting for lifeOh, the …

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