Some day this war will end

I wrote yesterday about Time’s Joe Klein, and his assertion that even though things might be looking better in Iraq, it’s still a hopeless cause. “Anyone who says “victory” is possible in Iraq is lying to you,” was his conclusive point in yet another attempt to depress public opinion toward the war.

photo-44-yon.jpgInterestingly, it seems that Mr. Klein has finally discovered Michael Yon, through an opinion piece at the NY Daily News. It’s too bad Klein hasn’t discovered Michael’s website. If he had, he could have read the words of a stunned Iraqi Shia bureaucrat who could not believe that alQaeda had been driven out of Baqubah…

He seemed at first not to believe that news, but once he got confirmation, he made a point to tell us what that news actually meant: if al Qaeda was done in Baqubah, al Qaeda was done in Iraq.

There is another great piece of reporting up at Michael Yon’s magazine. The latest dispatch is called, Bread and a Circus, Part II.

Read it all, and drop a fin in the tip jar.

7 Responses

  1. DAMN, that’s good. Wish I could write like that.

  2. Me too swamps. Me too.

  3. Oh goody, his R&R is over, and part II is up.

  4. Never fear…Ironically, the defeatists won’t surrender their cries of “defeat”!

  5. You’re right, tt.

  6. Heh. SwampMan is very fond of that napalm–victory thing.

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