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frog.jpgThe Good News: –>An expedition to a remote forest in the Democratic Republic of Congo has uncovered six new animal species.Conservationists discovered one new bat species, a new rat and two new species each of shrews and frogs.

The Bad News: –>

The grey white, long-beaked animal is the world’s first cetacean -the order of whales, dolphins and porpoises -to be made extinct by man, concludes an international team that has conducted comprehensive surveys of its habitat.

The demise of the near-blind mammal also represents the first extinction of a large vertebrate (backboned animal) for more than 50 years, since overhunting claimed the Caribbean monk seal in the 1950s. A zoologist said it was a “shocking tragedy.”

Nuke Says: Hmmm, let’s see…….That makes us “Plus 5,” doesn’t it?

I blame Bush.

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  1. Since I am a true conservationist, in the true American spirit, I buy a combo hunting and fishing license each year. Even for those who don’t hunt, it’s the best purchase one can make each year to insure your state parks and wildlife agencies are well funded, so the scientists can provide the professional research needed.
    I am disappointed to report, that once again, there will be no tags added to this years hunting license for liberals…not even one. So, since I can’t legally hunt them, and they won’t go away, I will have to mock them a second time-uh.
    Oh, and congrats to the new species…welcome. As for the one that went away…adapt or perish.

  2. Has anybody found any telltale frozen mammoth carcasses with shotgun pellets from Dick Cheney imbedded in it yet?

    How about brontosauruses?

  3. Extinctions are a fact of life. Get over it.

  4. A fact of life, yes. Change is the natural order of things. The point here, though, is that the natural order of things was disturbed by men. That, in and of itself, is sad.

  5. But Melissa, isn’t mankind part of the natural order? We certainly have numerous advantages over other species, but we also have numerous disadvantages, as well. Our extinction is only one virus or bacterium, or one asteroid away.

  6. Yep. Man is the dominant predator now, as was T. rex in his age. I do not hear anybody arguing that T. rex was not part of the natural order of things.

  7. I gotta 1500cc brain and two thumbs!
    /im bad

  8. I guess my only point is that usually when something becomes extinct, chances are its where we’ve screwed up. I realize that we are the dominant predator, I realize that we are at the top of the food chain…The only time it upsets me is when we’ve been inconsiderate of the other species on this planet. We are the dominant species, but wouldn’t you say that criteria for this is responsibility…? taking the responsibility to look out for other species?

  9. Species have been going extinct for hundreds of millions of years. They will continue to go extinct. Most of the life forms that have ever existed on earth are extinct.

    That said, something that is going extinct now that very few people even recognize or care about are the types of livestock that were raised to thrive in a particular niche in a particular corner of the world without chemical wormers or antibiotic assistance. Joining Livestock Breeds Conservancy and supporting/raising those endangered breeds is a good place to start to save them.

  10. Farmers and ranchers ARE the people that have been working to conserve wildlife.

  11. The people that THINK they have been working to “save” wildlife by, for example, refusing to let any trees be cleared or controlled burning take place are actually the ones that are damaging habitat.

  12. another point concerning livestock that many people do not know is that the mosquitoes which carry the malaria parasite in North America prefer cattle to humans. Vegans and global warmers who are concerned about greenhouse gasses from flatulence and advocate doing away with the beef industry would be inadvertently aiding in the resurgence of malaria on this continent. Law of unintended consequences strikes again

  13. I prefer actions that favor mankind. While I am not for the wanton killing or displacing of any other species, I find it disturbing that a dam that would benefit thousands of humans, and most likely many other species as well, would be blocked because of a tiny fish or tadpole. There will always be conflicts of interest, and I believe we should err in favor of the survival of our own species. That doesn’t mean I don’t care, it means I have made a rational decision about I believe is most important, saving countless species of critters, or saving our own species.
    It is a cruel fact of life, since it began, that those species that adapt to their environment, survive.
    That still doesn’t mean I would eagerly destroy another species, and would prevent it, if I believed there was no cost/benefit analysis that violated my beliefs.
    Perhaps I’ve witnessed too much death, and too many births, of many different species, over the years, to be emotional about a spotted owl.

  14. the blog-back up proceeds, 1300 some odd posts, it might take some time.
    shwewwww, I’m tarred.

  15. Taranto is on the mark, again…
    Actually, when you think about it, it’s amazing how similar the 2008 race is to the 2004 race. We have a formidable establishment candidate who originally backed the war, then changed his mind (John Kerry then, Hillary Clinton now); a challenger who has opposed the war all along, and who is clearly out of his depth (Howard Dean, Barack Obama); and a third guy who stands around looking pretty (John Edwards, John Edwards). The biggest difference is that Mike Gravel doesn’t quite have the gravitas of a Carol Moseley Braun.

  16. Good point, no2liberals…

  17. I gotta call it a night.

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