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skeeter1.jpg…in the past few years has malaria captured the full attention of aid agencies and donors. The World Health Organization has made malaria reduction a chief priority. Bill Gates, who has called malaria “the worst thing on the planet,” has donated hundreds of millions of dollars to the effort through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The Bush Administration has pledged 1.2 billion dollars. Funds devoted to malaria have doubled since 2003. The idea is to disable the disease by combining virtually every known malaria-fighting technique, from the ancient (Chinese herbal medicines) to the old (bed nets) to the ultramodern (multidrug cocktails). At the same time, malaria researchers are pursuing a long-sought, elusive goal: a vaccine that would curb the disease for good.

Much of the aid is going to a few hard-hit countries scattered across sub-Saharan Africa. If these nations can beat back the disease, they’ll serve as templates for the global antimalaria effort. And if they can’t? Well, nobody in the malaria world likes to answer that question.

The outcry over this epidemic, until recently, has been muted. Malaria is a plague of the poor, easy to overlook. The most unfortunate fact about malaria, some researchers believe, is that prosperous nations got rid of it. In the meantime, several distinctly unprosperous regions have reached the brink of total malarial collapse, virtually ruled by swarms of buzzing, flying syringes.

National Geographic takes a look at one of the oldest, most successful killers on the planet : malaria.

One of our visitors took issue recently with our post on Rachel Carson, citing a lack of any evidence to support the conclusions of the post. I invite you to spend a few minutes and educate yourself about this deadly parasite. Frankly, I didn’t read anything that contradicted my earlier post — but you be the judge.

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  1. Yep. I had already read that article before the Al Gore/Rachel Carson enthusiast had posted. The information is/was out there. They just refuse to educate themselves.

  2. That ol’troll is getting way too much mileage. Actually, it took exception with your algore thread, and then just started spraying and praying on anything in sight.
    Can’t even set a proper ambush, neither.
    As for malaria, and other tropical/sub-tropical diseases, it was interesting to me, when I lived in the PI for two years, seldom was there ever a case of malaria, beri beri, or other diseases that were common place during WWII, in the same areas. It seems that wherever there is a significant U.S. presence, diseases decline. Imagine that.

  3. We used to run around outside when the trucks came down the street spraying DDT. I dare any mosquito to bite me…I glow DDT 😉

  4. Same here, bonz. We would chase the truck spraying the neighborhood on our bicycles. Still, skeeters continued to bite me, until I was released from the hospital, after recovering from infectious hepatitis. They don’t like me now.

  5. We have shown remarkable achievements in overcoming diseases, and maladies of all kinds. The one thing that we haven’t been able to overcome is ignorance.
    Polio Team Kidnapped And Beaten.

  6. It seems to me like a huge sterilization drive would do the country good.

  7. Can’t argue with you on that, Swampie.
    When you’re right…you’re right.

  8. Mujis get pwned.
    *WARNING* Colorful Adjectives.

  9. I bought a car from a dealer named Rusty Eck.

  10. Wonder if there’s some kind of award given out to who can use the word “f***” the most times in a sentence.

    /Those guys would be contenders.

  11. Nah…not even close.

  12. Anybody know anything about a megastore called Gander Mountain? Opening near us. Seems to be a good choice for our side of town, but haven’t ever been to one.

  13. Speaking of car dealers, there is a Ford dealer here, and this old cowboy is their lead ad man.
    Burton Gilliam.

  14. […] Contact the Webmaster Link to Article bill gates Silent Landing » Posted at Nuke’s News and Views on Wednesday, August […]

  15. Uh, the Opinionators? Is that like terminators, but with a southern accent?

  16. Yup, something like that

  17. Just something to think about. The little popcorn stand is growing.

  18. I don’t know, nuke.
    I liked seeing your nom up there.

    In other news…Major U.S. Raid in Sadr City Targets Shiite Militia Faction.
    /’bout time

  19. Could we add hot dogs? With maybe sauerkraut and onions and pickle relish?

    /No, I am not pregnant.

  20. Reminds me of me in my grandmothers garden…the onion-eater.

  21. onion-eaters. I like it!

  22. Dogs?
    Brats, soaked in beer, then grilled with lots of onions for us onion-eaters.

  23. Night y’all.

  24. Nite, n2l. There was something sounded like a ‘splosion here; I’ve been searching the internet/listening to the local news, nothing reported. Strange.

  25. I didn’t hear anything.

  26. Yeah, no doubt! Sheesh.

    I was looking at plans for Katrina Cottages at Lowe’s tonight. I think they’re cute.

  27. Actually, the Lowe’s website is probably the better place to look at them.

  28. that would be kind of neat for a camp

  29. I was thinking vacation cottage, or maybe a lil’ guest house. It would also work great as office space.

  30. Jean A. Sachs, executive director of Living Beyond Breast Cancer, a nonprofit organization based in Philadelphia, suggests more education is needed about the many ways to help reduce the chance of breast cancer recurrence, such as healthy eating, exercise, reducing stress and taking hormonal therapy.

    Obviously ol’ Jean needs more education because guess what? It does not matter if you eat more veggies or McDonald’s burgers. It does not matter if you sit around going “ooooooohm” and thinking positive thoughts or if your stress level could power 3 cities. The only thing that apparently does matter is taking hormone blockers, but that only works if the cancer is hormone receptor positive. Oh, and being overweight helps your survival rate, too.

  31. I like the popcorn stand, and the title tactical nukes better than the opinionators.

    /Only my opinion, of course.

    Opinions! Get your fresh, hot opinions!

  32. I dunno. I like the popcorn stand, but I’m not sure about the name

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