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Mayor Jack Ellis, who wants to be known as Hakim Mansour Ellis, democrat of Macon, GA, has declared his “solidarity” with the punk dictator of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez.

We commend President Chavez for the things he’s done in this country,” said Ellis, citing Chavez’s efforts to subsidize the cost of heating fuel for low-income residents of the United States. “We want to work for peace and harmony … through the mayors of Venezuela.”

Ellis said he sent the pledge to the South American nation by courier two to three weeks ago.

The article doesn’t say who “we” is, but I suspect it is ‘royal 1st person’ popular with meglomaniacs and others suffering from grandiosity.

Ellis said Chavez also has invited him to come to Venezuela, though a trip has not yet been scheduled.

We’re working on that now,” Ellis said. source

Ellis says his conversion to islam earlier this year has “nothing to do” with his support of Chavez.

In an unrelated story, while you’re making your travel arrangements for the upcoming Conservative Leadership Conference, Reno, October 11 – 13, may I be so bold as to suggest the following carrier for your plane trip?

Edwards “forgets” about $300,000

A few weeks ago, John Edwards was leading the charge against Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. with the boycott of Fox News, and the decrying of candidates accepting contributions from these sources. His own inconvenient truth was revealed shortly after he attacked the Clinton campaign for accepting Murdoch Money, when a sweet book deal with a Murdoch-owned Harper Collins showed Edwards receiving a half-million dollar advance on his book.

“Every dime of the money they gave to me has gone to charity,” Edwards told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer earlier this month, suggesting News Corp. was trying to “silence” him because he opposes media consolidation. “This is a personal attack in response to me saying something that is not personal: I do not believe we should consolidate the media.” source

Edwards’ spokesman, Eric Schultz, said the charities “include Habitat for Humanity and College for Everyone.” Edwards , however, did not mention the previously unreported fees to campaign aid Johnathan Prince and to Edwards’ daughter, Cate.
How much, you ask?
Try $300,000!
Somehow, I believe the Clinton campaign is behind this story.

How does Facebook work?

Update: At the request of a Facebook representative, I have removed the link to the code.
OK, you coders and developers.
Telecrunch has the scoop of the month with the revelation of the publication of the Facebook Source Code.
It has been published at a single-post website, meaning, it was created for the sole purpose of revealing the code. It also means that the website will probably be a short-lived one.

The source code reveals a lot about the structure of the application, and the practices that Facebook developers follow. From just this single page of source code a lot can be said and extrapolated about the rest of the Facebook application and platform. For instance, the structure doesn’t follow any object oriented development practices, and it seems that the application is one large PHP file with a large number of custom functions living in the same namespace (they also seem to be using the Smarty templating engine).


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