Spanish Moon

Robt Palmer covering Lowell George. Not too shabby.

Crazy Eights

I got an email from John E. Carey the other night.

It was late. Real late.

I emailed him back and asked him what he was doing up so late.

He was polite enough not to ask me what the heck I was doing up so late. He just said, “There’s so much going on in the world, I can’t sleep.” Ain’t it the truth!

John’s Peace and Freedom blog network is my like my own personal window to Asia. I really appreciate his insight, and his writing is always top notch.

Lately, John has had some interesting things to say about the upcoming Beijing Olympics, or as he calls them, “The Fake Smile Olympics,” which is better, he surmises than “The Genocide Games.” Here is an excerpt from one of his more recent pieces:

On the 8th Month, the 8th day, at 8 PM and 8 minutes, 8 seconds, All China and much of the world marked the start of the pre-Olympic Year.

Eight is lucky, so the Chinese say.

But China may yet need to line up more “Lucky Eights” and other forms of magic to make it though this next year before that Olympic cauldron is lighted at the “Bird’s Nest.” That’s the nickname all of Beijing has given to a massive steel beam stadium that will host many Beijing Olympics 2008 events, including the opening and closing ceremonies.

But the stadium’s designer is a former slave of China’s criminal “system” of human abuse. Mr. Ai Weiwei couldn’t be surpassed as an angry dissident by an invention of a Hollywood team of fiction writers.

Mr. Ai, a disheveled and portly genius, as a teen followed his Dad into the Chinese version of the Gulag. His Dad’s crime? Why he was a poet that wrote the wrong poems.

“I spent five years with him at a labor camp where he cleaned toilets, but these stories become so catchy today,” Mr. Ai shrugged.

Take it from someone who has spent considerable time with human rights abuse victims of the “systems” of communist China and communist Vietnam: those victims never want to make a movie, write a book or tell their stories. They want the past forgotten.


Timely Action is Israel’s Dilemma

Mr. Moshe Sheskin dropped by the old website, and posted some interesting comments. It is my pleasure to present, for your consideration (along with one of my favorite vimto toons):

Moshe Sheskin

Britain’s greatest Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, said after the Second World War, “There was never a war in all history easier to prevent by timely action.” He was referring to Hitler’s violation of international treaties and to the fact that a pre-emptive attack on Germany would have prevented the war with its horrendous loss of life because Germany, at that time, was not strong enough to withstand an onslaught by the Allied forces. A deterrent for “timely action” preceded Churchill and the Second World War. It was Chamberlain’s return to England after a visit with Hitler proclaiming “peace in our time”. Distaste for war, apathy, looking the other way and paralysis caused by inaction, gave Hitler the tacit approval to move into Europe and the rest is history.

So what have we learned since then? Absolutely nothing. Chamberlains “peace in our time” was as useless as the League of Nations, created after the First World War and its successor, the United Nations. Self-interests guided the member nations and peace was not high on their agenda. What motivates countries is military advantage to protect economic and technological development. The inaction of the UN and the West in preventing Iran from acquiring atomic weaponry is indicative of the paralysis and lack of timely action, and has been part of the United Nations since its inception.

In Israel, timely action (pre-emptive strikes) and paralysis is prevalent. Prime Ministers have shown their inability to recognize timely action due to conflicting interests, which could and would have prevented loss of life and property. The evacuation of Gaza and the Second Lebanese war are examples of what ‘timely action’ would have resolved. Yes, there were successes in the past and they were due to quick thinking, planning, and having the ability to make decisions, such as the destruction of the Iraqi atomic reactor and the 1967 six day war, brought about by escalating border raids and the closure of the straits of Tiran and Suez Canal by Egypt. These are but two of a number of well developed and thought out moves through timely action. Unfortunately, we cannot rest on our laurels. The leadership of some former Prime Ministers to guide us through one of the most difficult periods we have ever encountered are now memories.

What Israel needs is probably a Winston Churchill, but what it has received is Ehud Olmert, a Prime Minister, lacking in experience, ability and every other attribute of leadership. As the batboy for Ariel Sharon, his mentor, Olmert together with the Labour party, Israel’s President, Shimon Peres, and other members of his government, pose a threat to the future existence of Israel. With the lowest popularity ever received by a Prime Minister, anywhere from 1-3 percent, Olmert has managed to survive despite the interim report of his appointed Winograd Commission, accusing him of mishandling the Second Lebanese war and leaving the citizens of Israel to fend for themselves, particularly those residing in the north.. He has ignored the calls of the State Controller for an accounting that led to the war; he is contemptuous of him and thoroughly discounted the public demonstrations calling for his resignation.

Israel’s dilemma is that Timely action is not in Olmert’s vocabulary, nor does he understand the concept. The war in Lebanon would never have happened had the settlements in Gaza remained. Our unilateral evacuation showed weakness on our part. This weakness was interpreted by Hizbullah as permission to attack and gives the Syrians the idea that it is possible to regain the Golan by force. But even more so, Western allies and other nations see it the same way and our reputation, based on past wars, has been severely put to the test.

Is it lack of gathering intelligence or were we sitting on our hands for 6 years while Hizbullah and Fatah accumulated their war material? We knew they had the means to bombard Israel with rockets. We knew about the tunnels, rocket emplacements in Lebanese urban settlements and the huge stockpiling and smuggling of arms. Instead of attacking we tried diplomacy. It is another example of failure to implement “timely action”.

In Gaza, Hamas is permitted to bombard Sderot, kibbutzim and Ashkelon with impunity. Our response should have been an invasion of Gaza, eliminating their bases of operation. Instead, we send them fuel, water, food, drugs and electricity. After all, we are supposed to be humanitarians, the people of the Bible, and their thanks are the preparation for a major conflict by smuggling weaponry, digging tunnels and firing missiles. Terrorists that are wounded often end up in our hospitals for treatment. Our error in judgement is not implementing in Gaza what we are doing in the West Bank. There our troops have freedom of movement in order to prevent the firing of katushas and hinder access to our cities and settlements.

Olmert now has a new bosom buddy, Abu Mazen. Both share being unpopular by their respective constituents. They are being sandwiched and manipulated by the Americans on one side and the Arab League, China and Russia on the other. To garner support for Mazan, Bush’ insisted on Israel returning hundreds of millions of dollars to the Palestinian Authority and the release of a prisoners. Other provisos were that those released sign a document stating that they will not engage in terrorist activities against Israel, and that Fatah turn in their weapons. This, like the many other documents wasn’t honoured. Israel’s paralysis and dilemma is giving in to the whims of George Bush, the anti-Israel State department, Abu Mazen, and to the left wing of Israel’s government. The failure is not taking ‘timely action’ when the opportunity arises and leads to paralysis, another war and more loss of life and property. Olmert and company must not be allowed to continue to give in to the demands of George Bush, the State department and all those whose attitude towards Israel is questionable if not downright hostile.

Timely action means that we must not bargain with terrorists, say no to the Road Map and with it the convergence plan, which would cut Israel in two, Empathically no to the return of refugees’ and we must stop putting the future of Israel in the hands of the incompetents and get the leadership that we rightly deserve.

Eventually the Palestinian Authority will reunite with Hamas in Gaza, but not until the Palestinians will have received enormous financial support and arms by the nations of the world. In the meantime, Israelis, Americans and other nations continue to support and encourage Abu Mazen. Israel must not make concessions or be blinded by what is called ‘moderates’, for there is no such entity. Palestinians have not proven that their intentions are honourable. According to senior military officers, a clash with Hamas is inevitable and may very well spill over to the West Bank.

Timely action would prevent deterioration in Israel’s morale and minimize any threat by a united Palestinian Authority and other neighbouring states, not a remote possibility.


Catholic bishop says God doesn’t mind being called “allah”

I saw this over at Free Republic. I am stunned.

Breda – The Dutch Roman Catholic bishop Tiny Muskens is urging the faithful of all religions to call God “Allah” in order to foster mutual understanding. The bishop of the city of Breda says God does not mind what he is called and points out that Allah is the Arabic word for God.

The bishop, who is retiring in a few weeks, added he did not anticipate his ideas would find immediate acceptance. He expects it could take 100 or 200 years. Bishop Muskens has previously defied the Vatican by calling for the acceptance of married priests and the use of condoms against aids. He has also said that those who are poor may steal read.

There are several ways to look at this. First, maybe Ol’ Tiny is prophesying that Hell will freeze over in 100 or 200 years. I guarantee it’s going to be mighty cold in Mohammed’s home before I call God “allah”.

Or, maybe Tiny has direct high speed internet connection to the Almighty, since he knows what “God does not mind.”

Or, maybe he’s just a spiritually dead dhimmified cleric, who wants to stir up a little more shite before he goes on to backgammon and shuffle board at some Florida retirement community.

This offends me greatly.

Meteor showers and mosquitos

I went to the beach to watch the meteor shower. Long eastern horizon, no mosquitos, no animals vying to see who could stand the closest to me or to demand petting, scratching, or feeding. It was, I thought, the perfect viewing place. Except for one lil’ minor detail. I got there, and it was overcast with low clouds. D’OH!

Back home, the sky was clearing. The only place with a clear eastern view was the pasture. I grabbed a lawn chair and figured that if I snuck out very, very quietly, maybe I wouldn’t wake anybody up. Wrong. Apparently I had lost my touch quietly sneaking in and out since I was a teenager. The mare was stretched out asleep. She startled, woke up, got up, and ambled over to see if I might be bearing food. I wasn’t, so she decided that the perfect place to graze was all around me, under my feet, and then right under the chair. After I had moved to avoid being unceremoniously dumped on the grass, she stood next to me, swishing her tail over me to keep the mosquitos away like a good friend should. I responded by giving her a firm withers scratch and satisfied, she ambled a few steps away to graze.

The meteors that I was actually able to watch blaze across the sky were in the sky over the sheep barn. The sheep were alarmed by the movement in the dark and bunched up into a tight flock for protection. When they heard me talking to the mare, they left the barn and timidly ventured forth into the dark, stopped some distance away, and baaaaed questioningly. I spoke to them to reassure them that it was indeed me and all was well. They came stampeding forward with the intention of gathering around me for safety from the boogers in the night. The mare forestalled them by getting between me and sheep and flattened her ears threateningly at the sheep. Intimidated, they turned and ran back towards the barn. Satisfied with herself, she indicated that a good back rub in reward for scaring sheep would be very much in order by getting right next to me and standing on my foot. I obliged her with another good hard back rub and she made horrid faces, twitching her nose and teeth as she valiantly tried to restrain herself from her horse instinct to respond in kind by giving my spine a good working over with her teeth as she would if I were another horse, but her human unaccountably does not take kindly to such well-intentioned reciprocation.

Covered with horse sweat, a few stray horse boogers from a sneeze, and human sweat from the exertion, I gave up and came inside, perhaps to venture forth in another hour or so when the livestock may have gone back to sleep. I hope everybody else was able/is able to see meteors with a little less effort.

This Is For The Soldiers! For Real!

It was a typical Saturday night, and I was on the computer, with MTV2’s Head Banger’s Ball on the tube. I decided to take a break, grab a bowl of ice cream, and watch some metal music videos, when the video above came on.
First of all, MTV is not generally recognized as being kind to anyone that doesn’t adhere to the anti-war movement, and the leftist agenda, so seeing this video was, to me, noteworthy. Secondly, Drowning Pool is a local Dallas band, that had a big hit several years ago, “Bodies”, but there young lead singer died while on tour, at the peak of their popularity, from cardiomyopathy. An old man’s heart in a very young man. I’ve always been a fan of their metal/southern rock style, but their expression of support for our troops, endears them to me even more.
The petition they refer to in the video, can be found HERE. I encourage all who read this, to visit the web page, read the petition, and sign. As they state, it doesn’t matter what your opinion is of our current military involvements, they are our soldiers, our children, and they deserve all of the help we can give.
One other thing, in case you aren’t familiar with Lizzie Palmer, she is also involved with Drowning Pool, and IAVA in this endeavor. Lizzie’s video Remember Me has been viewed by more than fifteen million people.
Visiting and signing the petition costs you nothing, and it isn’t about you, anyway. This one really is For The Soldiers.


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Rove departs in 2 weeks

That sound you hear in the distance is the sound of liberal cheers, along with the prerequisite champagne bottle pops, as the news was made public this morning that long-time Bush strategist and friend, Karl Rove, is set to depart at the end of August.

The story and photo from AP, via myway news

On board with Bush since the beginning of his political career in Texas, Rove was nicknamed “the architect” and “boy genius” by the president for designing the strategy that twice won him the White House. Critics call Rove “Bush’s brain.”

A criminal investigation put Rove under scrutiny for months during the investigation into the leak of a CIA operative’s name but he was never charged with any crime. In a more recent controversy, Rove, citing executive privilege, has refused to testify before Congress about the firing of U.S. attorneys.

Bush was expected to make a statement Monday with Rove. Later Monday, Rove, his wife and their son were to accompany Bush on Air Force One when the president flies to Texas for his vacation.

“I just think it’s time,” Rove said in an interview at this home on Saturday. He first floated the idea of leaving to Bush a year ago, the newspaper said, and friends confirmed he’d been talking about it even earlier. However, he said he didn’t want to depart right after the Democrats regained control of Congress and then got drawn into policy battles over the Iraq war and immigration.

“There’s always something that can keep you here, and as much as I’d like to be here, I’ve got to do this for the sake of my family,” said Rove, who has been in the White House since Bush took office in 2001.

Rove’s son attends college in San Antonio and he said he and his wife plan to spend much of their time at their nearby home in Ingram.

Rove, currently the deputy White House chief of staff, has been the president’s political guru for years and worked with Bush since he first ran for governor of Texas in 1993.

Good luck to you Karl. Happy trails.

*Note to the vast right wing conspiracy: please check your super-secret email address for talking points and marching orders after Lord Rove’s official departure at the end of August.

Heh, Public Eye says, “Rove to resign, takes over Merv Griffin Enterprises.”


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