3 killed, 6 injured in Utah mine rescue effort

Huntington, Utah (AP)
A disastrous cave-in Thursday night killed three rescue workers and injured at least six others who were trying to tunnel through rubble to reach six trapped miners, authorities said. Mining officials were considering whether to suspend the rescue effort.

It was a shocking setback on the 11th day of the effort to find miners who have been confined at least 1,500 feet below ground at the Crandall Canyon mine. It’s unknown if the six are alive or dead.

Six of the injured rescuers were taken to Castleview Hospital in Price. One died there, one was airlifted to a Salt Lake City hospital, one was released and three were being treated, said Jeff Manley, the hospital’s chief executive.

The workers suffered injuries to the head and chest as well as cuts and scrapes, said Rich Kulczewski, spokesman for the U.S. Department of Labor. Two of the injured were federal mine safety workers, he said.

“It felt like it would never end”


Rescuers are still pulling bodies from ruined buildings in the rural town of Pisco and nearby villages, 200km (190 miles) south-west of the capital, Lima.

Hospitals and morgues were overwhelmed by the disaster, forcing residents to place dead bodies on the streets.

At least 450 people died and many more were injured, but officials say they expect the death toll to rise.

President Alan Garcia declared that all public buildings would be closed for three days – including schools, military bases and museums.

Mr Garcia had earlier announced a state of emergency and sent cabinet ministers to the area.

The UN’s Margareta Wahlstrom said power and communications were down and that 80% of houses in some areas had been destroyed because of poor construction.

Ms Wahlstrom, UN deputy emergency relief co-ordinator, said that the death toll was likely to rise as the destruction of buildings in the area was “quite total”.




The 8.0-magnitude earthquake struck on Wednesday evening at 1841 (2341 GMT), just off the coast of Peru.

The province of Ica was the most damaged, but even in Lima, 150km (95 miles) from the epicentre, people stood trembling on the streets as buildings around them shook.

Juan Mendoza, mayor of Pisco, told a radio station that “the dead are scattered by the dozens on the streets”.

He estimated that 70% of his coastal city was in ruins.

“We don’t have lights, water, communications. Most houses have fallen, churches, stores, hotels, everything is destroyed,” he said.

We’ve Moved!


Hurricane Dean to be Renamed

We have a consensus.

The science is settled.

From this day forward, Hurricane Dean will be known as Hurricane Naed

Watch this video
for all the evidence that any rational person needs. (h/t n2l)

If, however, you insist on being a mouth-breathing, flat-earther, hurricane name denier, you may purchase a “name offset” by dropping $100 in the tip jar, and continue as you wish.

Global Warming cited in Hurricane Naed Story

Thursday Photo

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Flesh-eating Disease Is On The Rise

Scientists at the University of Hull are working on an improved treatment for a debilitating flesh-eating disease which appears to be on the rise due to ………………………………………………………………

wait for it…………………………………………………………………………………….


Leishmaniasis, a flesh-eating disease, is expected to increase dramatically if global warming trends continue.

Should global warming continue to ravage our planet at current rates, the numbers of people suffering Leishmaniasis, a flesh-eating and sometimes fatal disease will increase dramatically, experts warn. Leishmaniasis is caused by a parasite transmitted via sand fly bites usually found only in tropical climates. Rising temperatures will increase the number of countries the sand fly colonises, moving further north and through Europe.

Due to travel and tourism, nations affected are already on the increase. Military personnel in Iraq and Afghanistan are also exposed to the conditions associated with contracting Leishmaniasis.

We’re Doooooooooomed!

UPDATE: CDT sends this shocking photo: Global Warming Causes Zombies!

The King


Here’s a shout-out to RT and the gang at their music video website.
Texas Gal has put together an outstanding tribute to The King. You gotta check it out.
The King is mighty impressed!


Who didn’t see this coming?

Just days after promising US lawmakers that his Fatah movement would not reconcile with Hamas, PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas is inviting the Islamist movement to kiss and make up.

Abbas called on Hamas to “return to national unity” following his meeting with Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Aso Wednesday. “The split that happened as a result of Hamas’s coup is temporary and will be removed,” Abbas said. Hamas welcomed Abbas’s statements and invited him to negotiations in Gaza.

Hamas and Fatah briefly formed a unity government after hammering out a power-sharing deal in Mecca that they hoped would renew international aid to the Palestinian Authority. Western aid had been cut off since Hamas won PA elections in a landslide, though the PA as a while received more money than ever before with the help of Muslim donor countries. SOURCE

Is there anyone out there who still believes that the palestinian Arabs want peace with Israel?

Does anyone still believe that Abbas is a “moderate” who only wants a free Palestinian state?

Last month’s route of Fatah in Gaza produced more false hope among the naive that West Bank palestinian Arabs might, finally, be sick and tired of being sick and tired, and ready to make the changes necessary to have some semblance of a normal life. Even now, they are probably trying to spin this latest news into something that they can present as a victory for the so-called peace process.

There is a driving force in the minds and hearts of the palestinian Arabs that transcends normal human desires for family, freedom, hearth and home: hatred for Israel. Nothing has changed, why should anyone be surprised?

UPDATE: Recent polling shows Ehud Barak closing in on Bibi Netanyahu for PM.


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