Did dead Indians vote for Hillary?

And Oldie but Goldie about the Smartest Woman In The World

By Richard Poe

IT NEVER fails. Probe the deepest, darkest pits of corruption in America and, sooner or later, Hillary Clinton turns up.

Thanks to a Big-Media news blackout, most Americans don?t know that Congressional elections in South Dakota are melting down fast amid charges of Democrat vote fraud ? much of it centered on Indian reservations.

How does Hillary fit in? Let me explain.

Last week, the Senate passed a vote reform bill 92-2. Only two Senators opposed it: Democrats Chuck Schumer and Hillary Clinton.

Among other things, the bill requires voters to show I.D., such as a driver?s license. This will hopefully stop some fraudulent voters.

But Hillary objects. “This would make it more difficult to vote in New York,” she complains to the New York Post.

Why do New York Senators oppose vote reform? Is there something about New York elections that makes Democrats in these parts fear a crackdown on fraud?

Many New Yorkers still wonder how such an unpopular figure as Hillary got elected in the first place.

Rumors of voting irregularities have dogged Hillary since Election Day 2000. But no one seems keen to investigate. Even when Hillary won an unheard-of 99 percent of the vote in the Hasidic Jewish town of New Square, N.Y. ? where Bill Clinton had pardoned some local bigwigs convicted of felony fraud ? no one tried very hard to discover whether Hillary had traded those pardons for votes.

An interesting and well researched indictment of she-who-will-not-be-named……….READ IT ALL

Web Jihad

“The Excellent Summary of the Rules of the Art of Kidnapping Americans.”

Use kidnapping as your weapon of choice to achieve your cell’s goals:

    The release of prisoners,
    Extraction of information from the hostage,
    Weakening the enemy’s morale and creating deterrence,
    Raising international awareness of conflicts in which your organization is involved,
    Blackmailing the enemy for money, and
    Generating anti-government sentiment in the hostage’s country of origin.

In this riveting 60-page guide you will learn:

1) How to select your target

2) How to follow and stalk your target.

3) How to seize him, transport him to a safe location, and hold him there

4) How to conduct negotiations ( as well as how to execute the hostage should negotiations fail).


What would you think if you learned that the popular Islamist-jihadist forum http://www.alhesbah.org, recently posted this document?

What would you think if you found out this jihadi forum was hosted by RealWebHost in Texas?

Source: MEMRI

A different kind of moving day

Last Friday, I began the process of blog-moving … lots of work. And, it’s still a work in progress.

Today, however, I was involved in a different kind of moving episode: Daughter-goes-back-to-college day.

Hard to believe the Summer is almost gone. Hard to believe because it’s still hotter than heck outside. The end of the Summer in Dixie is more of an event for calendar watchers than it is for people in other parts of the country — people that actually have four seasons. Not here.

It has been a good summer having Daughter at home. She worked hard, saved her money, had some fun, and more times than not, made me realize that these end of summer move-outs are simply a way for Mrs. Nuke and me to prepare for the day when she moves out for good. And, I’m not really looking forward to that. Know what I mean?

Since this is Friday, that can only mean one thing. It’s time for the World Famous Friday Open Thread. This is your chance to post linkage, track-backs, comments, questions, shout-outs, rants, raves, etc.

Be there.



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