All South Park All The Time

Need a South Park fix?

Live-stream any and all South Park espisodes (yes, even the snuke)………(((HERE)))

Sunday Nite Axe

I need me a cold shot of some SRV.
This is from Austin City Limits. Good stuff!

Nite y’all.

Army Wives

Ok, I admit it. I watch Army Wives.
It’s a great show. Mrs. Nuke loves it, she was watching it, and I got hooked.
That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.
Next week is the season finale. The post is placed on high alert after a terrorist threat.
Watch it. Bet you get hooked too.

What is Truth-Boating?

From James Nesfield, Founder and President of Equal Justice Foundation:

“Truth Boating Hillary” is the Internet education campaign, launched by Equal Justice Foundation of America, to employ the Blogosphere to crash through the information blockade created by the American media that now protects Hillary Clinton from the facts and truth presented in the civil fraud suit Paul v Clinton et al pending in Los Angeles. The uncontroverted allegations of Hillary Clinton’s corruption and illegal conduct in winning and keeping her Senate seat are a matter of public record.

The mountain of evidence of Hillary’s illegalities, presented by former Clinton friend and largest individual campaign donor Peter Paul’s whistle blowing suit Paul v Hillary Clinton et al. has been hidden from the American public by a compromised mainstream media. Equal Justice Foundation has embarked on its Truth Boating Hillary campaign to join the Blogosphere in its effort to overcome the media blockade surrounding this case so that the American public can be fully informed of the facts in this case to make their own judgments in the court of public opinion regarding the suitability of Hillary Clinton as the Nation’s chief enforcer of the Rule of Law and the Constitution.

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