Hillary Should Return The Dirty Money

Yesterday, from Howard Wolfson, HRC spokesman: “Norman Hsu is a longtime and generous supporter of the Democratic Party and its candidates, including Sen. Clinton.” … “During Mr. Hsu’s many years of active participation in the political process, there has been no question about his integrity or his commitment to playing by the rules, and we have absolutely no reason to call his contributions into question or to return them.”

Today, from the LA Times

For the last 15 years, California authorities have been trying to figure out what happened to a businessman named Norman Hsu, who pleaded no contest to grand theft, agreed to serve up to three years in prison and then seemed to vanish.

“He is a fugitive,” Ronald Smetana, who handled the case for the state attorney general, said in an interview. “Do you know where he is?”

Since 2004, one Norman Hsu has been carving out a prominent place of honor among Democratic fundraisers. He has funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions into party coffers, much of it earmarked for presidential hopeful Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York.

In addition to making his own contributions, Hsu has honed the practice of assembling packets of checks from contributors who bear little resemblance to the usual Democratic deep pockets: A self-described apparel executive with a variety of business interests, Hsu has focused on delivering hefty contributions from citizens who live modest lives and are neophytes in the world of campaign giving.

Hillary Clinton should return this dirty money immediately, and provide full accountability for contributions received from the Hsu network. Her campaign should act immediately to preserve all campaign donation records, and campaign email databases. The emails should be made public. If Hillary ever hopes to escape the charges corruption which have hounded her for years, she should not try to explain this away as “just another attack from the VRWC.”

This is exactly the type of situation which lends credibility to the plaintiff in the upcoming Paul v. Clinton case.

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Mookie calls for hudna

BAGHDAD — Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr has ordered a six-month suspension of activities by his Mahdi Army militia in order to reorganize the force, and it will no longer attack U.S. and coalition troops, aides said Wednesday.

The aide, Sheik Hazim al-Araji, said on Iraqi state television that the goal was to “rehabilitate” the organization, which has reportedly broken into factions, some of which the U.S. maintains are trained and supplied by Iran.

“We declare the freezing of the Mahdi Army without exception in order to rehabilitate it in a way that will safeguard its ideological image within a maximum period of six months starting from the day this statement is issued,” al-Araji said, reading from a statement by al-Sadr.

In Najaf, al-Sadr’s spokesman said the order also means the Mahdi Army will no longer launch attacks against U.S. and other coalition forces.

“It also includes suspending the taking up of arms against occupiers as well as others,” Ahmed al-Shaibani told reporters.

Asked if Mahdi militiamen would defend themselves against provocations, he replied: “We will deal with it when it happens.” source

The Mookster declaring a hudna? Interesting development. As Coalition forces press the battle against AQI, could it be that he is taking a look at the writing on the wall? I don’t know. But, I suspect his fear is that the Mahdi Army, in a head to head confrontation with the US Army, would be completely destroyed, along with his power base.

With the backdrop of political improvements announced two days ago, this comes at a good time as General Petraeus’ prepares his progress report to Congress.

Tuesday Nite Crop Circles


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UBL’s spider hole

I saw this over at FR…not sure what to make of it.
From the MEMRI Website:

According to Pakistani diplomatic sources, U.S. intelligence has revealed that Osama bin Laden is hiding in the “White Cave” in the Tora Bora mountains, and is currently carrying out military operations there aimed at leading to his capture.

Click here to see MEMRI TV clips on Osama bin Laden.

Castro hearts Hillary/Obama

Ailing Cuban leader Fidel Castro is tipping Democratic candidates Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to team up and win the U.S. presidential election.

Clinton leads Obama in the race to be the Democratic nominee for the November 2008 election, and Castro said they would make a winning combination.

I swan, you just can’t parody these weasels.

“Red lights all over this one”

Drivers Ed 101: Red means stop, Green means go. Yellow means caution. Basic stuff. Everybody knows.

The problems arise when some joker decides that those basic rules apply to everyone but him/herself.

Such is the case with the 2008 presumptive Democrat nominee, and it’s certainly not a new story: just the supporting characters change. You can look back to the late 60’s, when under the tutelage of Saul Alinsky, a young Wellesley student learned the many meanings of “the end justifies the means.”

“In a fight almost anything goes. It almost reaches the point where you stop to apologize if a chance blow lands above the belt.”

Whether it’s Buddhist monks who have taken vows of poverty, somehow mysteriously making sizable political donations, or Asian governments and special interests buying influence, or overnight stays in the White House being sold for campaign cash, the rules of campaign financing, much less the rules of decency, are consistently flaunted, skirted, circumvented, prostituted, and ignored. The Clinton modus operandi is unmistakable.

The most recent example is reported in today’s WSJ (h/t n2l).

One of the biggest sources of political donations to Hillary Rodham Clinton is a tiny, lime-green bungalow that lies under the flight path from San Francisco International Airport.

Six members of the Paw family, each listing the house at 41 Shelbourne Ave. as their residence, have donated a combined $45,000 to the Democratic senator from New York since 2005, for her presidential campaign, her Senate re-election last year and her political action committee. In all, the six Paws have donated a total of $200,000 to Democratic candidates since 2005, election records show.

That total ranks the house with residences in Greenwich, Conn., and Manhattan’s Upper East Side among the top addresses to donate to the Democratic presidential front-runner over the past two years, according to an analysis by The Wall Street Journal of donations listed with the Federal Election Commission.

It isn’t obvious how the Paw family is able to afford such political largess. Records show they own a gift shop and live in a 1,280-square-foot house that they recently refinanced for $270,000. William Paw, the 64-year-old head of the household, is a mail carrier with the U.S. Postal Service who earns about $49,000 a year, according to a union representative. Alice Paw, also 64, is a homemaker. The couple’s grown children have jobs ranging from account manager at a software company to “attendance liaison” at a local public high school. One is listed on campaign records as an executive at a mutual fund.

The Paws’ political donations closely track donations made by Norman Hsu, a wealthy New York businessman in the apparel industry who once listed the Paw home as his address, according to public records. Mr. Hsu is one of the top fund-raisers for Mrs. Clinton’s presidential campaign. He has hosted or co-hosted some of her most prominent money-raising events.

People who answered the phone and the door at the Paws’ residence declined requests for comment last week. In an email last night, one of the Paws’ sons, Winkle, said he had sometimes been asked by Mr. Hsu to make contributions, and sometimes he himself had asked family members to donate. But he added: “I have been fortunate in my investments and all of my contributions have been my money.” [snip]

Kent Cooper, a former disclosure official with the Federal Election Commission, said the two-year pattern of donations justifies a probe of possible violations of campaign-finance law, which forbid one person from reimbursing another to make contributions.

“There are red lights all over this one,” Mr. Cooper said.

Count this blog as one voice calling for a probe of possible violations of campaign-finance law, and sooner rather than later.

google map of the Paw Estate…

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Bomp. Bomp. Bomp.

The latest talking point from the Surge Deniers has been along the lines of…….

“But, but, but, there has been no political progress from the Iraqi government.”

Heh™. Another one bites the dust…

WASHINGTON, Aug. 27, 2007 – President Bush today praised Iraqi leaders for an agreement that will allow former low-level Baath Party officials to serve in the Iraqi government.

The agreement helps meet one of the specific benchmarks set by U.S. legislators and shows progress in the political arena, Bush said during a stop at Kirtland Air Force Base in Albuquerque, N.M.

Iraqi President Jalal Talibani; Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki; Vice President Tariq al-Hashimi; Vice President Adil Abd al-Mahdi; and Massoud Barzani, president of the semi-autonomous Kurdish region, hammered out the agreement and announced the breakthrough yesterday in Baghdad. The agreement still must pass the Iraqi parliament, but U.S. officials are hopeful for its success, since the men represent the largest sects in Iraq. source

Now, you didn’t find this in any MSM news outlet, did you? I wonder why that is?

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