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Haven’t heard anything lately about Big John.
He did have some nice weaponry when he was popped doing 140…..through a school zone…../just kidding….he was goin’ real fast, but no school zone.

Felix Now Cat 5


Hurricane Felix, now a dangerous category-5, has moved past Aruba, Curacao and Bonaire in this NOAA satellite image taken around 6:45 p.m. ET on Sunday Sept. 2, 2007.

Hsu tapping: Hillary’s wide stance

hsu-tapping.jpgEmbattled Democrat frontrunner Hillary Clinton received more bad news in the growing campaign finance scandal that has dogged her with allegations of illegal contributions, false FEC reports, and dubious contributors. As her campaign prepares to ramp up activities during the Labor Day weekend, reports have surfaced of possible DOJ investigations into the Hsu scandal.

In addition, a published account confirms that a report was sent to the field office of the FBI in Los Angeles alleging possible criminal activity by Senator Hillary Clinton and others regarding illegal donations, and filing false FEC reports. source

The report was made via two emails after a discussion was held with an agent on the phone. The information now in possession of the FBI includes:

Photographic evidence of an illegal donation by Japanese national Tendo Oto, who attended the federal fundraiser for candidate Clinton on Aug. 12, 2000. He sent a wire transfer three days prior to the event.

An astounding video of the sworn deposition by “Spiderman” Stan Lee in which he admits under oath “switching” checks of $100,000. Lee also testifies that he gave no money, which is a direct contradiction to Hillary’s fourth amended report of Jan. 30, 2006.

Oh yes, one more thing. Bill Clinton says he is “shocked”. Shocked I tell ya!

toon090407c.gifAlso reporting: Hot Air, Captain’s Quarters, Gateway Pundit, LA Times, Town Hall,
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