NH Debate: First take

John McCain acquitted himself very well. I think he won the debate.
Rudy Guiliani did well. So did Mike Huckabee.
Mitt Romney was stiff. He came across as slick.
Brownback needs to drop out.

Duncan Hunter did OK.

Tom Tancredo should consider dropping out.

Ron Paul should consider a 3rd Party run.

Huckabee is a great candidate. Every time I see him in one of these forums, I am more impressed.

His response to Ron Paul was spot on. The comment about honor being more important than the Republican Party was exactly right. It reminded me of the Truman statement”I’d rather be right than President.”

Watching and listening Huckabee tonight just reaffirmed my decision to support his run.

Carl Cameron of Fox News had the least interesting segment of the debate. They could have skipped the restaurant portion altogether.

Also, somebody in the background, close to the microphones, was laughing inappropriately at times, and was a distraction. Having said that, FoxNews continues to set the standard for political debates this campaign season.

Hillary’s bag man skips bail

Fugitive swindler and Democrat fundraiser Norman Hsu has reportedly skipped bail, according to Fox News. The prominent contributor to Hillary Clinton and other Democrats did not turn in his passport at last week’s hearing, raising the possibility that he has fled to China, mirroring the actions of dozens of Clinton contributors in the scandalous fund-raising schemes of the ‘96 election, known as “Chinagate.”

Hsu, a California businessman who remade himself into a New York apparel executive and benefactor of Democratic causes and candidates, turned himself in last week to authorities in California, where he had been a fugitive for more than 15 years, after pleading no lo contendere to a million dollar scam involving latex gloves.

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“They humiliated me”

More graduates of Howard Dean’s assertiveness training class for muslims…..
From Ummah News:

A Muslim whose religious practice requires that she cover her head in public sued the Orange County Sheriff’s Department on Tuesday, alleging her rights were violated when jail officials forced her to remove a head scarf while locked up for about eight hours.

Souhair Khatib filed suit in U.S. District Court in Santa Ana, alleging that her right to practice her religion had been violated, causing her “extreme mental and emotional distress.” Named in the complaint, filed by the American Civil Liberties Union Foundation
of Southern California, were Sheriff Michael S. Carona, the captain in charge of courtroom deputies and Orange County.

Khatib, 32, of Anaheim, said she filed the lawsuit to make other Muslim women in the U.S. aware of their right to religious freedom. Many Islamic women cover their heads and necks with scarves, known as hijabs, while in public as mandated by the Koran.

A Muslim who in public wears a burka, a head-to-toe covering, sued the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles for requiring her to show her face for a driver’s license. The case was dismissed.

California DMV spokeswoman Jan Mendoza said Muslims are allowed to be photographed while wearing a head covering as long as their faces are shown.

Wearing the hijab “is an obligation,” and being without it is embarrassing because a woman’s head and neck are exposed to strange men in the courtroom and male deputies in jail, Khatib said.

“They humiliated me. We have the right to [wear] our scarves,” she said.

Wearing a bag is mandated by the “religion.”

Obeying the law is not.

Welfare fraud. Stealing money that should have gone to a needy child, or disabled person. Disgusting.

And the ACLU? The patience of decent Americans is wearing thin with these weasels.

Ask away!


Have a question you would like to ask the Republican presidential field in tonight’s NH debate?
Post them here.
Comment, refine, revise, extend, and make them sharp and concise.
Then, let’s send them to FNC.


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