Communists attack Mexican pipeline

Need another reason to build the border fence?….From Breitbart…

VERACRUZ, Mexico (AP) – A shadowy leftist guerrilla group took credit for a string of explosions that ripped apart at least six Mexican oil and gas pipelines Monday, rattling financial markets and causing hundreds of millions of dollars in lost production.

The six explosions could be seen miles away, and set off fires that sent flames and black smoke shooting high above the Gulf coast state of Veracruz.

At least a dozen pipelines, most carrying natural gas, were affected, said Jesus Reyes Heroles, the head of Mexico’s oil monopoly Petroleos Mexicanos, without providing specifics.

He said there would be hundreds of millions of dollars in lost production and about nine states and the capital, Mexico City, would be affected.

“It is a big blow,” he said. “You can’t store natural gas or transport it by truck.”

The blasts caused brief jitters in international markets, with natural gas futures up as much as 20.2 cents on news of the explosions, although prices dropped in later trading. One oil pipeline was hit in Monday’s attack but Pemex said the damage wouldn’t affect crude exports.

Some local factories were forced to shut after natural gas supplies were cut. Residential supplies were not expected to be affected.

There were no immediate reports of injuries directly caused by the explosions and fires, although Fernando Leon Yepez, a civil defense official in Omealca, reported that two elderly women died of heart attacks shortly after the explosions.

It was the second time in three months that the so-called People’s Revolutionary Army claimed responsibility for a pipeline attack as part of what it has labeled its “prolonged people’s war” against “the anti-people government.”

Prepare to fend for yourself

As if you didn’t already know to do this, there is nothing like having a personal preparedness plan. Those who are counting on governmental help in a time of crisis are going to be disappointed — if they survive the crisis.

Recent GAO report shows some interesting findings regarding a possible flu pandemic.

Federal investigators said Monday that the nation’s preparedness for a potential influenza pandemic is hindered by a lack of training and testing.

The Government Accountability Office said the Bush administration’s bird flu plan provides a broad description of the responsibilities of federal agencies. For example, the Department of Health and Human Services is to lead the medical response. Homeland Security would lead other aspects of the response. But, there would undoubtedly be overlapping responsibilities that are not clearly defined.

Since the release of the plan in May 2006, national pandemic exercises involving multiple agencies have not been conducted. Such exercises would show which agencies understand their responsibilities, the GAO said.


Hillary to refund dirty money

BwaHaHaaaaa ……..from AP

WASHINGTON – Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s presidential campaign said Monday it will return $850,000 in donations raised by Democratic fundraiser Norman Hsu, who is under federal investigation for allegedly violating election laws.
Clinton, D-N.Y., previously had planned only to give to charity $23,000 she received from Hsu for her presidential and senatorial campaigns and to her political action committee, HillPac.

The FBI is investigating whether Hsu paid so-called straw donors to send campaign contributions to Clinton and other candidates, a law enforcement official said Monday.

“In light of recent events and allegations that Mr. Norman Hsu engaged in an illegal investment scheme, we have decided out of an abundance of caution to return the money he raised for our campaign,” Clinton spokesman Howard Wolfson said in a statement Monday night. “An estimated 260 donors this week will receive refunds totaling approximately $850,000 from the campaign.”

Release the financial records, or canceled checks, showing the transfer of funds, and then I’ll believe it

Fred’s bounce

Rasmussen has some good news for the Fred-heads!

In the race for the Republican Presidential Nomination, Thompson is on top for the first time since late July. The former Tennessee Senator is currently the top choice for 26% of Likely Republican Primary Voters. Rudy Giuliani, who has been the frontrunner for most of the year, is close behind with support from 22%. Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney earns the vote from 13% while 12% prefer Arizona Senator John McCain. Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee remains atop the second tier at 6% (see recent daily numbers).

The Rasmussen Reports weekly analysis of the Republican campaign takes a look at the Thompson bounce.

I know it’s early still, but the race is getting pretty interesting to this old politics-junkie. Heh.

Monday Open

General Petraeus will present his progress report on the surge this week in DC.

And, although we’ve been hearing all week from democrats and pundits about what the General will say, the report has yet to have been made public.  The report is likely to be detailed, technical, and way above my pay grade, but I will read it before I comment on it.

Other thoughts on this beautiful Monday morning….

Nissan has been running a new ad campaign, using SRV’s Pride and Joy, as the soundtrack.  Have you heard it?  I don’t know if I’m going to run out and buy an Altima, but the commercials have certainly succeeded in grabbing my attention.

Here is an open thread, fresh out of the box.  Enjoy!

Schumer tries a fast one

Chuck Schumer’s (AQ-NY) treasonous lie was changed, somewhat, to be a bit less slanderous toward the US military.

He would have probably gotten away with it, but for the sharp eyes of a blogger at Sweetness & Light.

An apology is not sufficient.

Schumer should resign. Immediately.

(h/t n2l)


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