“High School Musical” will make you gay

Or so says James Dobson of Focus on the Family.

The old saying that ‘there’s no such thing as bad publicity, as long as they spell your name correctly’ certainly applies to Disney’s hit show. Last week’s internet publication of nude photos of co-star Vanessa Hudgens brought the show a great deal of notoriety, and this stunning analysis by Dr. Dobson will be sure to turn a few heads as well.

“Parents may think it’s very innocent,” said James Dobson of Focus on the Family. “But just watch: one minute they’re watching High School Musical, the next they’re in the front row at Mamma Mia, their hand resting suggestively on a kneecap that’s the same sex as theirs.”

“You’ll notice they don’t even kiss until almost the end of the second movie,” he said. “And even then, their mouths are closed – no tongues.”

Dobson compared musical comedy to a “gateway drug,” saying it’s often the first step on the path to same-sex debauchery. “The studies are clear,” he said, citing in particular a 2004 report by the Kenneth Mehlman Center for Public Affairs showing a clear progression from musical comedy to interior design, and from there to meticulously coiffed hair and a love of colored knit vests (perhaps olive green or burnt orange).

“Within a very short amount of time, even your casual musical comedy viewer is likely to become a flamboyant, family-values-eschewing homosexual,” the report read.


But, it was Bernie’s idea.

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Truthboating Hillary, Part 3

The Washington Post has turned up yet another potential scandal involving the Clintons. In this story, an Indian American businessman, Sant Chatwal, has helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for the senator’s campaigns, “even as he battled governments on two continents to escape bankruptcy and millions of dollars in tax liens.”source

Another day, another Clinton scandal.

I’m losing count, how many is this now?

Even the “Americans Coming Together” (ACT) scandal has a Clinton connection…

The last week of August, the Federal Elections Commission fined the George Soros-funded group Americans Coming Together (ACT) $775,000. This was the third largest fine the FEC had ever levied on an organization or campaign. ACT’s violation was that it had violated campaign finance laws during the 2004 election cycle. ACT said it was using the funds for nonpartisan purposes, but the FEC said the money was being used for very partisan purposes?to defeat President Bush.

The amount of money was astounding. According to a posting on the New York Times website by Kate Phillips, a longtime editor at the Times, citing the FEC statement regarding the fine, “ACT raised approximately $137 million in connection with the 2004…The FEC concluded that approximately $70 million in disbursements characterized by ACT as ‘administrative expenses’ for door-to-door canvassing, direct mail and telemarketing were actually attributable to clearly identified federal candidates and were required either to be paid with 100% federal funds or to be allocated between federal and non-federal candidates based on the time or space devoted to the candidates.”

Phillips summarized the FEC’s findings by saying that, “based on complaints by campaign finance advocacy groups like Democracy 21 and the Campaign Legal Center…ACT used millions of dollars in unregulated money to promote the candidacy of Senator John Kerry and the defeat of George Bush for re-election.” …

Columnist John Fund pointed out that ACT’s “largest donor was the Service Employees International Union, one of the most politically active labor unions. Its largest non-union donor was billionaire George Soros. And who was the group’s president? None other than Harold Ickes, a long-time functionary of the Clinton machine who served as Bill Clinton’s deputy White House chief of staff. Mr. Ickes is now a major player in the huge fundraising apparatus of Hillary Rodham Clinton, who unsurprisingly has run into her own campaign finance scandal (Norman Hsu) this week.”

And, of course, the mother of all scandals, Paul v. Clinton. We heard from Doug from Upland who was in the courtroom in last week’s appellate hearing. He said he had to sit next to Ickes, and the dark presence of evil was so strong that he was almost overcome by nausea.

I don’t doubt that one bit.

Roger Aronoff of National Ledger asks a succint question…

Hillary and her cronies have expressed shock at this behavior. After all, why should they be expected to know what Hsu was like? Did anyone in the media blame the Republicans who took money from Jack Abramoff? Or just Abramoff himself? Of course they also blamed the recipients. Clearly the Republicans have had their own corruption problems. …. But the difference is in the media coverage, both in degree and intensity, and how directly the media hold each side responsible. Republicans get much tougher scrutiny and coverage

Drip, drip, drip is turning into a steady stream.

see also: the sleazy world of Geo Soros

Never Forget

Stix sends this reminder

Why I don’t care about the palestinians

Back in the EUSSR

From Brussels Journal, a first-person account of the “Anti-islamization of Europe” demonstration, and the gross over-reaction by Belgian authorities. BJ also has a video report……

20070911-vanhecke.jpgPolice made a dash towards selected demonstrators and singled out those, who for all intents and purposes didn’t in any way seem ‘aggressive’ from my 50 yard away-off-to-the-side view. All those that were brutally manhandled suffered the hyper-adrenaline anger of some eager roughshot-riding police, and although they put up with the assault, they didn’t as such retaliate. Although they did not quite “resist” the person in authority, one was hard put to tell whether the struggles that ensued, were not caused by the ‘brute way’ in which they were thrown to the ground, or it jus may be they simply wanted to prevent their three-piece suits from being torn. And when they voiced their disagreement with the way they were manacled, they protested the fact that they were manhandled. Some protesters even involuntarily ran in to 2-foot truncheons, that happened to be in the way.

It needn’t have come to that. There was simply no momentum. This was unnecessary. An overreaction to an out of control fenomenon. If the police hadn’t acted as they have,… they would have come out tops. As is the case, and under orders, they’re the losers,… Brussels lost face. If one is treated the way these politicians today have been treated for peacefully protesting against a ban on being allowed to peacefully demonstrate, then there’s something wrong. Acutely and perversely wrong.

For, for example the United States as constitutional democracy, specifically allows for peaceful demonstrations to address social and/or political grievances and specifically allows the freedom of assembly to express these grievances. In the ‘New-Europe’ Capital it is now abundantly clear one has no such rights.

Standing to the side and keeping an ear to the comments numerous french and english onlookers voiced, I happened to overhear a conversation between a tanned, rather curly haired, charismatic young woman and her friends. Obviously foreign, probable Euro-civil servants.

(paraphrasing) “I might not agree to what they do and say, but this is no way to threat people, this is a disgrace”.

This about wraps it all up as far as bystanders go.

Just another day in Brussels,… one to remember.
see also: expatica

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Iraqis captured en route to US

From the Washington Times:

Ten Iraqi citizens with forged passports and documents are in a Peruvian prison after an apparent bid to enter the United States on a flight to Los Angeles, officials here say.

An 11th Iraqi man thought to be part of the group is at large.

One of the men arrested is thought to have links to al Qaeda, said Peruvian National Police Col. Roberto Lujan, who is leading the investigation.

The capture of the 10 in this Andean nation raises the specter of a smuggling ring that could touch neighboring Ecuador.

The plot unfolded on June 21, when three Iraqis entered Jorge Chavez International Airport in Lima attempting to board a flight to Los Angeles.

Airline officials alerted police after two of the men holding Dutch passports could not speak Dutch. Citizens of the Netherlands are not required to hold a visa to enter the United States.

More on Kanzius saltwater-energy process

Recent MSM reports on the Kanzius salt-water/hydrogen alternative energy process has given this story a new measure of public interest. Readers of this blog were informed of the developments some time ago.

New reporting from the AP shows independent verification of the Kanzius model:

Rustum Roy, a Penn State University chemist, has held demonstrations at his State College lab to confirm his own observations.

The radio frequencies act to weaken the bonds between the elements that make up salt water, releasing the hydrogen, Roy said. Once ignited, the hydrogen will burn as long as it is exposed to the frequencies, he said.

The discovery is “the most remarkable in water science in 100 years,” Roy said.

“This is the most abundant element in the world. It is everywhere,” Roy said. “Seeing it burn gives me the chills.”

Roy will meet this week with officials from the Department of Energy and the Department of Defense to try to obtain research funding.

see also: saltwaterburns.com

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