The “Poster Child” for Corruption

John Edwards’ campaign adviser lobbed the “C”-Bomb at the Smartest Woman In The World yesterday, calling her the “poster child” for corruption.

I love it. I really do love it.

WASHINGTON – Democratic White House front-runner Hillary Clinton’s buck-raking campaign is a “poster child” for corrupt Washington, a top adviser for rival John Edwards charged yesterday.

“If you want to know why we need change in Washington …then just look at Sen. Clinton’s schedule for today,” Edwards adviser Joe Trippi e-mailed supporters, calling her $1,000-a-head fund-raiser with security industry fat cats “a ‘poster child’ for what is wrong” with D.C.

“The American people know that the system in Washington has become corroded and corrupt,” he continued, “yet too many in office have fallen under the spell of campaign money at any cost.”

Edwards and Barack Obama have attacked Clinton on her Washington ties – intensifying their barrages since she gave back $850,000 from fugitive fund-raiser Norman Hsu.

Edwards’ aides and his cancer-stricken wife, Elizabeth, have been particularly sharp in needling the former First Lady, calling her polarizing and suggesting she isn’t the best advocate for women.

Camp Clinton shot back that Edwards was attacking out of desperation.

“Increasingly negative attacks against other Democrats aren’t going to end the war, deliver universal health care or turn John Edwards’ flagging campaign around,” said spokesman Phil Singer. source

I feel sure that the media savvy Edwards campaign uses The Google and does a daily blog search for links and references that help them to keep their fingers on the internet pulse. So, just in case an Edwards operative drops by here, let me say “Bravo.”

It takes great courage to challenge The Smartest Woman In The World, and I for one, salute you.

And, if you want to break out the Nucular “C” Bomb, just click here, here, here, here, here, and here. There’s enough ammo there to keep you busy lobbing those “C” Bombs for several months.

Cancer cure in two years

Dr Zheng Cui, of the Wake Forest University School of Medicine will begin limited human trials of a breakthrough cancer immunity treatment which has been successfully tested in mice. Nic Fleming in The Telegraph has the story.

The work raises the prospect of using cancer-killing immune system cells called granulocytes from donors to significantly boost a cancer patient’s ability to fight their disease, and potentially cure them.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) last week gave Dr Cui permission to inject super-strength granulocytes into 22 patients.

Watch the yellow arrow on this video which points out where a type of white blood cell called a granulocyte is killing cervical cancer cells…

“Last year Dr Cui caused shockwaves in the cancer research community when he identified granulocytes as the cells responsible for the mouse cancer immunity – because they are among those which act automatically.

Prof Gribben said: “This is surprising because it goes against how we thought immune system works against cancer. It makes us think again about our preconceived notions.”

Prof Cui injected granulocytes from immune mice into ordinary mice, and found it was possible to give them protection from cancer.

Even more excitingly he found the transfusions caused existing cancers to go into remission and to clear them completely within weeks.

A single dose of the cells appeared to give many of the mice resistance to cancer for the rest of their lives. “

Related Links:

Network Seeks Genetic Cause of Innate Cancer Immunity

“The amazing thing is that these cancer resistant mice are innately immune to very aggressive cancers that are injected in amounts that would kill just about any other animal,” stated Jill O’Donnell-Tormey, Ph.D., executive director of the New York based Cancer Research Institute. “It is a highly unusual phenomenon, but one that strongly suggests something is going on inside these mice that merits further expert investigation.”

Sharing the Health: Cells from unusual mice make others cancerfree

When Cui and Willingham’s team collected white blood cells from cancer-resistant animals and transplanted them into normal mice, the recipients became cancer resistant within several days.

A Real Cure for Cancer

There are a few caveats: Humans are more prone to reject cells from other humans, so matching of types would have to be carefully considered and developed. In addition, the cells would need to be free of viruses.

It would appear the viral concern could be addressed several ways. One approach would be simply bathing the cells in Mesosilver; a product that University of Texas lab results and those from half a dozen other laboratories indicate kills all viruses.

Insofar as the matching of types, we do this routinely with blood cells, so I see no reason in principle why this could not be done with white blood cells as well.

‘Cancer-resistant’ people lend out their killer cells’

All of us have some ability to fight cancer, via immune cells called NK cells which can identify and kill tumour cells, although the extent of these cells’ influence is not known. But Cui has now discovered that a much larger population of immune cells called granulocytes can also kill cancer and that the effectiveness of these cells varies from person to person.

Can I have three guesses?

Here’s a brain-teaser from the NY Post…..

September 19, 2007 — A Queens teen was arrested yesterday after placing fliers in his teachers’ mailboxes asking them to convert to Islam – then made threats once he was caught, authorities said.

Yaseen Chowdhury, 17, of Woodside, wrote the fliers himself and put them in the mailboxes at the Renaissance Charter School in Jackson Heights, sources said.

When confronted there about the fliers, he made unspecified verbal threats, according to the sources.

Chowdhury was charged with aggravated harassment as a hate crime.

A Department of Education spokesman did not return a call seeking comment.

The student’s religion was not immediately known.

This is a tough one. I’m stumped.
(h/t Robert)

“Dozens died” in Syria-Iranian chem missile test

From Jerusalem Post:

Proof of cooperation between Iran and Syria in the proliferation and development of weapons of mass destruction was brought to light Monday in Jane’s Defence Weekly, which reported that dozens of Iranian engineers and 15 Syrian officers were killed in a July 23 accident in Syria.

According to the report, cited by Channel 10, the joint Syrian-Iranian team was attempting to mount a chemical warhead on a Scud missile when the explosion occurred, spreading lethal chemical agents, including sarin nerve gas.

Reports of the accident were circulated at the time; however, no details were released by the Syrian government, and there were no hints of an Iranian connection.

The report comes on the heels of criticism leveled by the Syrians at the United States, accusing it of spreading “false” claims of Syrian nuclear activity and cooperation with North Korea to excuse an alleged Israeli air incursion over the country this month.

According to, Syria is not a signatory of either the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC), – an international agreement banning the production, stockpiling or use of chemical weapons – or the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (CTBT).

Syria began developing chemical weapons in 1973, just before the Yom Kipper War. cites the country as having one of the most advanced chemical weapons programs in the Middle East.

As the Gator Turns

Or, “The Young and The Restless.” Or, “Tazed and Confused….”

Which story from the University of Florida will generate the most buzz this week?

Andrew Meyer getting tazed at a John F. Kerry (who served in Vietnam) speech

Or Tony Joiner laying a smooch on Tim Tebow during UF’s thumping of the Vols?

Inquiring minds want to know……..

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