Huck wows NRA

Mike Huckabee on National Review Online….great piece……Go Mike!

Huckabee, Fluent in the NRA’s Language

Fred wowed ‘em, the crowd loved McCain’s rejoinder to the Code Pink protester, Mitt Romney’s video went over well, and Rudy Giuliani earned their respect. But the guy who absolutely looked the most at home before the NRA today was probably Mike Huckabee.

Beginning with a jab at Rosie O’Donnell, and saying that because he was underdressed, he felt “as out of place as George Soros at an American Legion post”, Huckabee used humor and homespun anecdotes to prove his bona fides as “one of them.”

He made a fairly sharp observation when he mildly mocked other politicians who answer a question about the Second Amendment with hunting stories, pointing out that the Second Amendment, while guaranteeing a hunter’s right to own a firearm, is not about establishing a right to hunt, it is about a right to own a firearm for personal protection. The NRA is made up of two distinct groups (with a bit of an overlap) – hunters (usually owning shotguns and rifles) and those who own handguns for personal protection. The latter is often forgotten about, lives all over the country, and is often not terribly motivated by rhetoric about hunting.

Huckabee then followed that story, of course, with a hunting story of his own, about successfully hunting an antelope in Wyoming in snowy, windy weather with his Weatherby 300 mag.

He hit all the organization’s key, lesser-known issues: He denouncing the seizure of gun owners’ legal firearms in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. He said he was, as far as he knew, the first governor to have a concealed carry permit. He talked about a shotgun with a rusty barrel that he received from his father that he wouldn’t sell for a million dollars. (Then he said, “okay, for a million, I guess you can have it.”) He said that “watching ducks land on a lake in Arkansas in the winter is about the closest to Heaven as you can find on this earth… and as someone who believes, according to my faith, I will go to Heaven when I die, I am pretty sure that there is duck hunting in Heaven!” Needless to say, the crowd loved it.

It wasn’t all jokes and one-liners, of course. He almost got the crowd misty-eyed when he talked about his late father’s gun, and how fathers like to pass down memories to their children, and how he hopes to pass on his guns to his children. He concluded, “I can’t imagine any father saying to his child, ‘when I die, I’m going to leave you my PlayStation.”

When Huckabee responded to a question about UN efforts to restrict gun ownership by suggesting he wouldn’t be upset if “the whole thing broke off from Manhattan Island and started to float away into the East River,” he was greeted with people leaping to their feet for a standing ovation and roars of “YEAAAHHH!!!”

Of course, Huckabee speaking masterfully and wowing a crowd of gun-owners isn’t really shocking. If laughs and applause could be converted to campaign donations, Huckabee might be leading this race.

And this A+ from Jim Geraghty…

Basing my grades entirely on crowd reactions at today’s NRA “Celebration of American Values,” I’d grade McCain B+, Thompson A, Rudy B+, Huckabee A+. I will give Romney and Richardson C+s for their video presentations – they’re well done for what they are, but no video can command an audience’s attention the way a candidate in the flesh can. Duncan Hunter is scheduled to appear by video later today. Newt Gingrich is also expected to appear, in person, but unless he gets his $30 million by November, he’s not in.

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Friday Link Roundup

U.S. scientists have created a device that lessens the risk of injury for soldiers and others who must carry heavy packages or equipment.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers created an exoskeleton that can assume 80 percent of an 80-pound load carried on a person’s back, the scientists said. However, the current model impedes the natural walking gait of the person wearing it.

“You can definitely tell it’s affecting your gait,” said Conor Walsh, a graduate student who worked on the project, “but you do feel it taking the load off and you definitely feel less stress on your upper body.” source

Catholic students forced to wear the Islamic veil

It is happening in schools in the North of Sumatra. A Christian family raises the alarm, their daughters “have no other choice” but to dress according to Islamic customs. This is imposed by some local norms inspired by Sharia, which should only effect Muslim citizens.


A nail bomb exploded today inside a car belonging to a teacher at a leading Liverpool school, police said.

The explosion, shortly before 3pm, seriously damaged the vehicle parked outside St Edward’s College, a private Catholic school in West Derby. No one was injured in the blast. source


A former Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) analyst says documents recently made public during a terrorism trial in Texas reveal that radical Islamist groups in the U.S. linked to the Muslim Brotherhood represent both a security and military threat to the country.

Army Lt. Col. Joseph C. Myers, former chief of DIA’s South America division and senior military analyst for Colombia, stated in a recent article that the Muslim Brotherhood meets the new U.S. Army counterinsurgency manual threshold of “an organized movement aimed at the overthrow of a constituted government through the use of subversion and armed conflict.”

Since the Muslim Brotherhood conducts military training for jihadists around the world, its U.S. front groups should be considered as having “latent military capabilities,” he stated… source

Sirocco: A look at the rising storm coming at America from Saudi Arabia. source

I-95 plane crash in Ft. Lauderdale

Developing Story: Small plane crashes onto Interstate 95 near Fort Lauderdale. All southbound lanes of I-95 are closed. Southbound traffic is restricted to the shoulder of the expressway.

Watch Live on TV 7
Update: The pilot survived the crash and is at Broward General.
Breitbart has this video report:

WFFOT: Fake bomb at Logan Airport

A 19 year old female was arrested at Boston Logan Int’l Airport wearing a ‘fake bomb’. She is described as an MIT sophomore from Hawaii, wearing a black hooded sweatshirt.

more from msnbc

Star Simpson, 19, had a computer circuit board, wiring and a putty that later turned out to be Play-Doh in plain view over a black hooded sweatshirt she was wearing, said State Police Maj. Scott Pare, the commanding officer at the airport.

After a Massachusetts Port Authority official notified State Police about 8 a.m., troopers tracked Simpson down outside Terminal C, where they arrested her and later determined the device was a fake.

“… she’s lucky to be in a cell as opposed to the morgue,” said Maj. Pare.

Star Simpson is claiming that the fake bomb was “a piece of art.”

She is definitely a piece of work.

Good grief.

This looks like a good spot for the World Famous Friday Open Thread, a Free Speech Zone.

The WFFOT: Between a nutjob in Oregon putting a rattlesnake in his mouth, and a moonbat in Boston wearing a fake bomb at an airport —> Ron White is proven correct yet again. “You Can’t Fix Stupid.”

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