The Sun does not set on the British Empire

Facing the greatest threat since WWII, The Sun has decided to fight! Britain will not go quietly, huzzah!
“BRITAIN’S destiny is at stake today.”

Wake up Britain! Our proud nation faces the greatest threat as an independent sovereign state since the dark days of World War II.

We won that titanic struggle against the roaring guns of Nazi Germany.

But we risk losing an equally crucial battle without a shot fired or a voice raised.

Unless we start that fight today, Gordon Brown will sign and ratify the EU Constitution — the blueprint for a United States of Europe — within weeks.

We will no longer have control over relations with other countries, the defence of our nation or the right to run our own police and law courts.

This takeover bid will consign Britain to a bit part in a 27-nation federal state permanently governed from Brussels by unelected officials and unaccountable politicians.

Centuries of parliamentary democracy will be consigned to history.

And, disgracefully, that irreversible decision will be made by a tame Parliament utterly out of tune with its voters.

The Labour government’s record on the loathed Constitution is one of promises made — and promises broken.

It is the final link in a chain of deception by both Labour and Tory governments over the steady erosion of Westminster power.

Unless we act now, we will lose our last chance to have our say as a nation state in a referendum.

Once the Constitution — masquerading as a harmless-sounding Reform Treaty — is signed, the moment will be gone forever.

Columbia moonbattery

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad supports Iran’s nuclear program in spite of the United Nation’s Security Council demanding him to end it. He called for Israel to be “wiped off the map” and described the Holocaust as a “myth.” In Ahmadinejad’s Iran, homosexuality is a capital offense, women are legally stoned to death for being raped, and democratic activists are flogged in public squares.

Linkfest Haven, the Blogger's OasisHis government is waging “a proxy war” against the United States in Iraq, and against Israel through the Hizballah paramilitary organization in Lebanon, supports chemical weapons proliferation in Syria, and supports terrorism around the world.

The liberals at Columbia University have made the claim that by inviting Ahmadinejad, they will confront him with tough dialogue, and force him to answer difficult questions. President Lee Bollinger has resisted requests to cancel the event but promised to introduce the talk himself with a series of tough questions on a wide array of topics.

It looks like the liberals are going to get their way. Let’s see if they are as smart as they think they are. It will be nice for a change to hear liberals confronting real world problems and not venting against our nation, or blaming President Bush for all of the world’s problems. If they are unable to get tough with Ahmadinejad as they claim they can, then I intend to remind them of this shame.

Shame not from failure, but from arrogance.

Columbia Has Denied Request to Cancel His Appearance

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Please don’t eat the daisies dates

Life immitates Scrappleface……from Ummah News

Moroccan Muslims have responded with astonishment and fury after learning that Israeli dates are being sold at markets throughout their country.

Dates from Israel’s Bat Sheva produce company have been found on shelves in nearly every large city in Morocco over the Ramadan holy month. The packages clearly and boldly carrying the words “Produce of Israel.”

A number of consumers interviewed in the capital city of Rabat by expressed outrage that “Israeli dates” are being mixed with and sold among their own “Arab dates,” and accused local shop owners of being unscrupulous by allowing the Israeli produce onto their shelves.

Morocco broke official trade relations with Israel at the start of the latest Palestinian terrorist uprising in 2000, but non-governmental organization say ties between the two countries on an unofficial level remain strong, particularly in the field of agriculture.

This is a very slippery slope the Arabs are standing on. To eschew Israeli products would deprive their population of countless items and ideas, including things like polio vaccines…..

Plastic Blood

British researchers have developed a new type of artificial blood from plastic.

I am constantly amazed by the rapid progress of research and development in the health field.
It will be interesting to see if this development makes blood banks obsolete.


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